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I was just thinking about this, it is probably covered in the book. Why is it that every race as far as the good guys goes, get consumed by the ring just by looking at it(Men, Elves, etc) But Hobbits seem not to be tainted by it even while holding it or putting it on? Then all the bad guys like orcs n stuff, don't even sense it, when they are truely evil and would desire such a ring. I assume there not smart enough or something? From what i gathered, Smeagol was pretty much a hobbit, him and his friend in the boat, went bat crap crazy just looking at, and they tried to kill each other on the spot and Smeagol did. Why dont current hobbits go crazy? It just seems to make no sense that frodo n sam don't instatly go mad, while everyone else does. and that all the evil bad guys excluding the 9, don't even notice its power when its right there next to them.

Hm.  I think it has to do with the state of the being before the ring shows up.  I think the ring can "immediately" tempt a person to do only those things which the person has already considered doing before the ring ever showed up.  

And the long-term effects of the ring vary by species.  Dwarves and Hobbits in general seem very resistant to the rings of power in that the long-term effects take a very long time to fully corrupt them (and it is questionable if any Dwarven ring of power ever fully corrupted a Dwarf).  

Men and Elves seem to be much less resistant to long-term effects (Elves more so, Men less so.  Wizards, while being technically Maia like Balrogs and like Sauron, have chosen to "incarnate" as Men and so are subject to all the weaknesses inherent to Men in this respect).

Notice that at the end of the RoTK, (in the book, in the Scouring of the Shire), Frodo claims at one point that no Shire-Hobbit has ever deliberately killed another Shire-Hobbit.  [Corey Olsen harps on this point in a few of his podcasts].  

The culture of the Shire is THAT sheltered and THAT innocent.  When Bilbo finds the ring and the moment arises when the ring manages to suggest to him to kill Gollum, Bilbo pities Gollum instead - and the ring has to settle for tempting Bilbo to be secretive and possessive when (according to Gandalf) Bilbo would normally have been open and honest.  I highly doubt that the idea of killing Gollum would ever have crossed Bilbo's mind (even with the ring's help) had he not first heard about the dwarf and goblin wars, the dwarve's ideas about revenge, and had Bilbo not first-hand seen how trolls were out to murder him, and how orcs were out to murder him, and how Gollum himself was probably planning to murder him.

Elves and Wizards and Men have probably contemplated doing a lot of things that affect the world in a way that Hobbits from the Shire haven't got the education or experience to even think up.  The ring has very little source material to use on a Shire-Hobbit, and you have to remember that Frodo was probably one of the best hobbits in the the Shire.  Had the ring ever gotten to, say, Lotho, we may have had a repeat of Gollum (given enough time). 

As for orcs and other evil creatures - they sense a hidden power when the ring is near.  And they fear it.  But unless they are high enough up on the food chain to have had a ring of power (like all the 9 Nazgul did), they're not going to recognize the source if the ring isn't in plain sight.

yeah that makes sense. When it comes to species and stuff, i don't know much of their backrond, andd need to read more of their anthology, to understand them.

I know i can't explain nor define the things they do, or compare them to what we as humans do, and be accurate. Thats like comparing our military and nazis.

Taking our ideologies, and trying to compare them to the hobbits to explain them, is the best i can do to understand them.

I just got the hobbit book, and spent like $100 on itunes getting every book from Tolkien, cause i love the LOTR, and should probably read the books then ask questions.


Ah, but we love answering questions and showing off how we see the books!  Read and ask questions at the same time.

Happy reading!