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Hello, I'm curious what scenes people would add to the LotRs movies (Jackson, or if you prefer, Bakshi). The rules are that you can add up to one scene per film/book - so choose carefully. Also, the scene must be consistent with either Tolkien canon, or the version of the story told in the film (ie: does not contradict - so it could have happened). You may draw from material in both the LotR books and the Silmarillion. For example, a scene in a LotR film that references characters or events from the Silmarillion. So, what scenes would you add?

In the first Jackson's LOTR movie I would add Tom Bombadil, in the second the little talk Sauron had with Pippin (exactly as it was in the book), and in the third the death of Saruman.


btw interesting thread, even though I'm not overly found of the rules I would actually like to change a lot in the movies

FotR: Tom Bombadil TTT: Gr’ma throwing down the palant’r TRotK: Saruman's death


       I would like to see a scene from Durin’s folk that might take place at the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen. In which Gandalf is talking to Gimli and Frodo “If not for a chance encounter with Thorin one evening on the edge of spring in Bree”. Gandalf explains.... Without the bravery of the dwarves and the destruction of Smaug there would not have been a Queen of Gondor. "Dragon fire and savage swords in Eraidor night in Rivendale". it would tie the Hobbit movies to the Lord of Rings movies.  

I would totally re do the climactic scene of the Witch King's confrontation with Gandalf. I hated the PJ version in the special edition of TROTK.

My version, set in the same place atop Minas Tirith has a matching of power. Gandalf stays the Nazgul Lord with his white power of light, extinguishes the Witchkings flaming brand and holds his ground. Doubt enters the Witch King and from below we hear the horns of The Rohirim, causing The Witch King to leave Gandalf. And attack below.

This is pretty much what happened in the book. Accept for the location and would have been a much more powerful and meaningful scene.

For sure Brego, I was so disappointed in that scene. I mean, if you're not going to show anything worthwhile...why show it at all? What was their intention? To show the Witch King is stronger than Gandalf? Pretty evenly matched IMO. But then be killed by a woman on the battlefield. Feminists must love this story because it suggest women are stronger than Gandalf!!

I wish he would have elaborated more on Sam's journey with the ring. They had like a 10 second reference to it and it was such a critical part of the story. Oh is taking out the stair case scene an option? Also how in the films Sam sort of hesitates when he hands the ring back to Frodo, whereas, IIRC, Sam hands it back without any hesitation, showing his strong will and dedicated friendship with Frodo. It also further suggests each character in ME has a path of their own. Why didn't Sam take the ring the whole way? Because it was not part of the ultimate plan. His part was to help Frodo. Perhaps if the roles were reversed, Frodo would have succumb to the temptation of the ring and attacked Sam or try to steal it?

I'm sure there are plenty more that will come to mind, but this is definitely one of the most important IMO...

Agreed Baltogs. Sam wore the ring for quite sometime after he "borrowed it" from Frodo. Would have liked to have seen him running around Shelobs tunells and sneaking passed the watchers.

I regret my previous post. I would like that, in all three movies, Sauron is not just a giant eye. I wish they hired a real actor to play him.

I didn't like the eye on the tower either but I think it was a good idea for the in the palentir.

I don't agree.

Sauron should have been shown in a semblance of a man especially in the palantir, because that is the only part of all the three books where it is directly stated that he has a body (except for a few sentences of Gollum - in immense fear, he says that Sauron's Black Hand is lacking one finger).  

The Eye in the books should not have been taken so literally as Jackson took it. In the books it was used more as a symbol of Sauron's constant presence and a toll for inducing paranoia.

In the sudden visions of the Eye that Frodo had, it was appropriate to use the Eye only, even though I must confess I would have preferred a real eye. I think it would have been scarier. I always saw the LOTR as a more scarier tale than Jackson made it.  

I actually liked the idea of the Eye, however I think it could have been executed slightly better. The eye if Souron is simply a metaphor regarding his powerful presence how Else would you portray a feeling on film? It's a difficult one.

Of all the parts left out in the movies I most miss jolly old Tom Bombadil. Though it would take well over two hours to sucsesfuly describe the queer land and it's happenings it was one of my favorite parts of the books.  Next I would want to spend more time in The Last Homely House before ever one went home.  It would be interesting to see all those men. elvs and dwarves dinning the great hall and dancing, singing, and enjoying the whole thing.



I would also love to see "sharky" end it would be cool!

I just saw the two towers (finaly) I would definatly change Aragorn falling of the cliff, it was perfectly unasked for.

If I could add a scene it would definitely be in "The Fellowship of the Ring" when Frodo meets Gildor in the Shire.  I find Gildor to be a very interesting character.


There is one scene that I would love to take out though.  When Gandolf and friends first arrive in Rohan to speak with King Theoden.  They are without their weapons and the fight scene breaks out.  Ah is so cheesy!  I must confess that I cringe every time that I see it!   I think I am having flashback's and my PTSD is flaring up thinking about it...

I'd love to see Barrow-downs - the whole chapter in the book is so spooky and mysterious, I'd love to see it on screen (even if I'm not a fan of horror movies). That would perfectly suit the atmosphere of unknown stories, untold legends, forgotten kings so characteristic for the LOTR books. It relies on the actions from the past chapters, so I guess it would have to include Tom Bombadil.

As much as I'm intrigued by Tom's character, I don't think it would suit the story the way PT wanted to portray it. Tom is a bit 'out-of-this-world' with his ease with the Ring and cheerful singing. I can see how it was left out.

Ok tom Bombadil Tom Bombadilloblush