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well I would hope so.. i always found the scouring of the shire a bit post-climaxian... a bit "dull" after such a thrilling part...
In the book The Scouring of the Shire was needed to make the circle complete and to show the comfortable Hobbits, that in their third age lives they took their way of life for granted. After Saruman usurped their freedom they knew what they had lost; they fought to regain it during The Scouring and hopefully valued it throughout the fourth age.

If they skimped on the life in the Shire in the movie then they probably won't need Saruman to take over the Shire in the third. Did Sam see the trees cut down in Galadriel's mirror? If not then The Scouring of the Shire will be out of place in the final film. *teacher

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Sam didn't. I hadn't thought about that yet, but now that you mention it, I don't think the Scouring will be in the film, no. But I hope they leave in the Grey Havens (they probably won't... *sigh*).
There were no hints towards the scouring at all. No Sam looking in the Mirror, nor the other hints that I've forgotten (D*mn, D*mn, D*mn!) that's why I'm taking these bets!
I've opened a book on whether or not the Rotk ends at the field of Cormallen, and they marry off Aragorn and Arwen, chuck their hats in the air and roll the credits. There will be no Scouring of the Shire, mark my words, all bets are non-refundable, odds can go down as well as up.

The whole lord of the rings serise never ends. The fans keep it going. Fan fiction! Yay Smile Smilie
no scouring of the shire??? thats like leaving tombombadil out of fotr!!! Smile Smilie
Yeah, they did that didn't they!
And what fan-fiction Halo?
"Fan Fiction" is the myth that fanatical readers of liturature, especially those of JRR Tolkien's great works, even exist. In his monologue on the subject, the renowned philosopher, Hiram Q. Marryat IV stated, "Is it any wonder... *teacher
Indeed lol! That's a good one!
I bet there won't be any grey havens or scouring in the last movie. But we'll just have to wait and see... Smile Smilie *sigh again*
I'm happy if they leave out the scouring of the shire. The story can exist without it but I think they will need the Grey Havens. It finishes off the whole "ringbearers club" idea that they emphasised in FoTR.

And I would like to see it.

I also cant wait to see what kind of fate P.Jackson dreams up for Saruman. Will he be eaten alive by his machines? or the Ents?

You cant leave out the Ents! Thats the most moral part - nature fighting back against evil.

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Yeah as said in the sil by manwe that the sheperds will avenge themselfs
I've remembered the other clue!!! Sam didn't get anything from Galadriel. Phew! Thank you.
No indeed he didn't. But didn't he need it at some part. I can't even remember what it is he got, but I seem to remember that he did need it somewhere.
I think the scouring should be in there, it's like a moral lesson in the end, and it makes sense. So why would they leave it out? They probably will, but anyway... Mad Smilie
I liked the end of the book so much, so I also think the Grey Havens should be in there. It's a good end, I couldn't make up a better one... *elf
Sam got a little box of Elf Fertiliser (not as bad as it sounds!) and a Mallorn seed to replant the shire after it got scoured.
Thanks, Plast. So if they leave out the scouring, sam won't need it. They will leave out the scouring then... Sad Smilie
Yep. Sad Smilie
Well, probably if they left out the scouring, they left in some other good stuff (what specifically, i can't think of just now, but I'm sure there's something)
Excellent points Jesi. I hope they do include it because it will allow Saruman's death to follow the book.
Uhuh. And I can't wait to go and see what they have left out... Smile Smilie
haha...i can't wait to go see it and come back here and watch everyone rip it to shreds...Big Smile Smilie
Big Smile Smilie lol
And it will get ripped to bits, and then loved, just like the Fotr has been.
At least, I do hope so. Smile Smilie
Don't worry, it's gonna be great.
Could be, but I thought it was all just a view of what would happen should Sauron have the victory. As there were Hobbits being driven in chain gangs by Orcs, which never happened in the book. Also he saw himself and Sam in chains, which also never happened.
I don't think they'll bother with the full circle anyway. Not Hollywood enough, it'll be more there and not back again!
And I really need to se that movie again to check the mirror of Galadriel bit properly. I was too busy being annoyed that they hadn't done it properly to pay attention.
I do wish Tolkien had used less similarity in naming his two LOTR villians. Saruman gets driven out of power in The Two Towers and goes to The Shire in ROTK. Sauron get his comeupance in ROTK and then the hobbits go home to Scour The Shire and the end of Saruman. Jesi probably just accidentally got the names crossed in her last post, but I thought I'd better point it out in case it wasn't accidental.
There are far too many problems with words throughout the books, giving everything at least three names for one! But the similar sounding villains is a really big ****-up!
which similar sounding vilans?? there's just one bad sorcerer isn't there???
Saruman and Sauron have similar sounding names, enough to confound the uninitiated anyway.
Hello all
Ending of RoTK.... Guessing here. My guess is JAckson is trying to be as "fidele" to the book as possilbe; What he has done is condense and assimilate several "minor" chaacters and incidents into one person/set. (Arwen / Glorfindel(Eowyn?) and for example the whole beginning when Frodo leave the Shire..
If he continues this I figure after Cromallen, they will start to return towards the Shire, and we'll have a really weepy and moving scene where Frodo will leave Sam at the edge of The Shire and will eave with Galadriel and ELrond and Gandlaf for the Grey AHvens. There Arwen and Aragorn and the other companions will wave at and Elven boat as it sets sail across the see with sun going down.
I don't think ther will be the scouring of the SHire - too complicated for the film - however we can imagine the 3 hobbits (ex-Fordo) returning home to a happy life but now that they're "adults" set on improving life in the Shire (end of circle, dramatic closure etc); Fordo has no part in this. He has had closure much earlier.
Saruman I belive will either be vanquished at Orthanc and or Helms Depp - or else he'll be kept in store as a surprise "ending" on the Comallen fields - sort of surprise awful. Or maybe he will just be sucked into the Palintir by Sauron and absorbed....!
I'm not sure if I want to proceed with dreaming what they might do to the ending. Shudder
P. Jackson will probably have Treebeard 'kneecap' Saruman at Orthanc and Grima is so p*ssed off then having to wait on Saruman hand and foot, that he tosses him out the window and Saruman goes splat and disappears in an oily little puff of smoke, that is disipated by a mild Spring zypher what just happens to be driving by on the way to her weekly perm. Big Smile Smilie

The above thusly keeps us from rubbing our fingers raw trying to scour the Shire in the final installment, as the damage caused by Sharkey's boys never comes to pass in that dimension.
I reckon you could be right there Huan, sounds about right. But there is an Eowyn, she's been cast and everything. And I really want to see Treebeard aiming a twelve-bore at Saruman's knees!
Fangorn uses neither a shotgun, nor a baseball bat, nor cricket bat, nor hockey stick. What he uses is the little hatchet he took away from an Elf that was using it to gather Christmas trees for Santa Claus. :P

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But you should always kneecap with a shotgun, it's so much more dramatic! Big Smile Smilie
Ladies and guys - please please please - all this violence.
So they're gonna keep Eowyn - mme changes the equation..?
Have to think about that. What will be the most difficult to accomplish (as it is in the book) is how to keep the two parallel quests going (Aragorn and company towards Rohan and Frodo/Sam and Gollum towards Mordor. This will be a real challenge in editing and in scenario. I'm really goona have to sit down and work out an outline of events for movie.
oops just realized we're in a ROTK forum. This I suppose should be in Two Towers
Uhuh. That's what I've been wondering about too, Ungoliant. In the book, it is excellently dealt with. You get to follow the parts of the fellowship in a clear order, so that you can still follow the different quests of Aragorn and co., Merry and Pippin, Gandalf, and Frodo and Sam. In the movie it might get confusing...
As for the scouring and stuff: I think Huan is pretty close, though I sincerely hope he's wrong... Big Smile Smilie I want to see the scouring!!! Smile Smilie
About Eowyn. What happens when (if) she and Arwen meet up after Eowyn throws herself at Aragorn? It will be interesting to see how PJ gets around that one! I hope he doesn't just omit the whole Eowyn infatuation thing, it wouldn't leave her with much to do. Except killing the witch king.
Do they meet up? When? Where? How? Why? What? Big Smile Smilie Let's see what PJ makes of it. Eowyn killed the witch king? What witch king? You got me all confused here... So, nothing new I guess... Smile Smilie
Tommy- The Witch King is just the head Nazgul, nobody new. And killing him (with Merry, of course) is Eowyn's shining moment (that's my girl! Big Smile Smilie ). And yeah, Eowyn does fall hard for Aragorn, like millions of schoolgirls everywhere (not to knock the guy- he's quite a catch). It'll be a tough scene for PJ, I think, since he won't want Eowyn to look foolish but also won't want the audience to be on her side over Arwen's. I think. I guess it will depend in part on how good Faramir comes off.

It's funny how many guys I know are praying for a big Liv/ Miranda cat fight. No way, I say! If I don't get to see Viggo (or Sean Bean, I'm not picky- alas for dead Boromir) with his shirt off, you don't get to see sword-babes mud wrestle! Wink Smilie
Nuclear Armaggeddon, would look great! Big Smile Smilie


And the Tower of Minas Tirith folded away much like the thunderbirds swiming pool. And there.. came forth a device of war much evilier then the ring its self it was a bomb. (whatch the word thing A-bomb Smile Smilie ) Suddenly denethor reapeard and screemed let middle earth b cleansed by light and up up up and away went the missile.

lol that would really be fun and give it a somewhat sudden and unexpected twist :P i Like the idea
Could we get Captain Scarlet to come in and do a cameo d'you think? Kind of a last ditch attempt to save ME from the eye of the myst-Saurons Big Smile Smilie (sorry for the pun)
Okay, I just saw the media packet for New Lines LOTR. It has shots from "Grey Havens" (with Sam and his daughter). So... any new speculation about the "scouring of the shire" and the ending? (I also saw shots of FOTR that weren't in the movie and will most likely be on the dvd release)

(BTW, this is one of the parts I really hated about LOTR and Tolkien, all the elves go off and it's just so easy for everyone to "go west"... what's the sense in that? No more elves, no more wizzards... no more sequals...)
But a great Village People song to finish it off with! Big Smile Smilie (d'you think they'll end the movie with it?)
okay, I have a little speculation... The movie will end with Sam telling his daughter about "Uncle" Frodo and the adventures and why he went away, the elves, etc.

What do you think? care to make wagers?
Well, that is the topic of this thread. Big Smile Smilie
My bet's still on Aragorn and Arwen getting married on the Field of Cormallen while he gets crowned and everyone smiles and laughs, then Merry or Pippin will do something really stupid and everyone will laugh a bit more, roll credits and Village People.
I think it wil end with frodo unable to throw in the ring and Sauron apperating in time claiming the ring and a mighty host of Sauron sweeping across middle earth to enslave it's inhabitans
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