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Wow - those pics were amazing, thanks Elfstone. I especially liked the Smeagol/Gollum transformation, a nice taste of what's to come, I can't wait!
I`ll have a look, Elfstone. If they`re as great as you say they are, then I`ll probably enjoy them!
I'm so sick of Liv/Arwen I could puke...

I suppose the next pic will look exactly like her calendar page - Return of Arwen! *and the King...*

and why is there a pic of Galadriel? What paramount importance did she play in ROTK? This just sucks...

well, at least I have less expectations for the movie... so I should be pleasantly surprised when it comes out.

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Yeah those a great pictures. Is that Anduril that Aragorn is holding?
I believe it is Stonehelm, and I'm glad you and Arwen Evenstar liked the pics.
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Is that And’ril that Aragorn is holding?
Hooray! Narsil, the Sword of Elendil, the Sword that was Broken, has finally been reforged, into And’ril, the Flame of the West, and Aragorn is finally carrying it into battle. Cool Elf Smilie
In TTT when Arwen is seeing into the future and she is standing by Aragorn's tomb, is that Anduril that Aragorn is holding also?
Yup, that has to be Anduril!
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Shouldn`t this be in ROTK section?
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As you can probably tell, this is turning out to be just another bad hair day for me. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

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Hey, here is a new ROTK pic!
Cool, I like Aragorn's new outfit, makes him look more like a king he will become. That's the White Tree right?
and the seven stars
And it looks like someone washed Aragorn's face and hair too.

In answer to Namo's rhetorical question in the under Elves at Helms Deep thread under The Two Towers where he asked:
I wonder what other surprises brings "The return of the king" movie... Dwarves at Pelennor??...
I expect we will see Arwen sailing up the Anduin in Cirdan's Swanship which she commandeered from the Grey Havens, having decided not to sail for Valinor. She will bring the banner and the reforged Narsil; accompanying her will be the Twins, a motley band of Dwarves ('The Time Bandits'), and the entire cast of the WWII. Elk Grinning Smilie

She and Aragorn will the meet on the field of battle where he had arrived earlier with the Rohirrim, having been too chicken to tred the 'Paths of the Dead'. Thus she supplants another male character who meanwhile has found his uncle dead, his sister almost so, and Merry wandering around wondering what to do. So Eomer packs them all off to the 'Houses of Healing', and leaves the fighting up to Aragorn and his newly arrived Warrior Princess. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Faramir, who now arrives on the back of a captured m’mak takes one look at Arwen, falls off its back, breaks his leg, and is
also hauled off to the 'Houses of Healing' where his old Nanny, Ioreth, introduces him to the also bed-ridden Eowyn, 'The Slayer of Nazg’l and other Endangered Species'. Cool Elf Smilie

Please God, don't let this happen! Ignore Smilie

it sounds very plausable :P but maybe pip and merry are carried of home by treebeard instead of being taken to the battle, there treebeard meets some nice entwives etc.
Cool new ROTK pic Stonehelm, thanks for the post. I especially enjoyed the touch of the white tree of Gondor.
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