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Thread: IMO PJ will SKIP these parts in ROTK

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Some of the Scourging will be left off

I hate to be the guy to break this to you, but we already know there's gonna be no scouring at all. The bit in the mirror of Galadriel in FOTR was PJ's little nod to it. Sorry. As to the others, we can still only speculate, though the palantir will be gone.
Personally, I really want to see, Frodo at the Morgul gate when the Witch King seems to "smell" him and the ring, though I don't hold out much hope.
Sadly, I have to agree with you Elros that the majority of the things you mentioned will probably be left out of ROTK. On a positive note, hopefully some of those scenes will be included in the extended DVD version of ROTK, and I have heard that PJ has stated that ROTK will be the film that is most like the book (crossing my fingers).

Also, Plastic I'm with ya on the Witch King scene. If PJ leaves that out, I'll be very disappointed. The first time I read the book (and even still), Tolkien made me feel like I was out there in the darkness with Frodo, and Sam. I could feel the tension, and suspense of the moment throughout my entire body!
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I don`t know what I want included because I haven`t got up to ROTK yet. I only started reading the trilogy today.(29/1/03) Cool Smilie I`ll read it eventually though. Big Laugh Smilie
What about the Houses of Healing?
The quarrel between Gorbag and Shagrat?
The gift of Arwen to Frodo?
Saruman being cutthroated by Grima?

and so on, and so on
Any missing parts in ROTK are a loss.
Yeah Elros, I also have a strong suspission PJ will leave out Ghan-buri-ghan; and he'd better not leave out Gandalf and Aragorn's trip to Mount Mindolluin - I think that event is of great symbolic importance.

I agree with Stonehelm too, but we all know that there's no way it will be entirely true to the book.
There isn`t a film on Earth that isn`t exactly like the book! There will probably be a lot of changes as usual. Sad Smilie
There isn`t a film on Earth that isn`t exactly like the book! There will probably be a lot of changes as usual. Sad Smilie

I beg to differ, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone made absolutely no changes from the book, excepting that it cut a few bits off for times sake, there was not a single surprise.

Also Spiderman, at the end anyway, followed my old 1978 annual to the letter, so while the rest of the cinema were gasping at the Goblin's Glider impaling him, I was waiting for it to happen. Shame really...
Here is some good news for all of us that have been worried about scenes being cut from ROTK; there will be a special 10-minute preview of ROTK released in theaters in March (PJ is finishing it up now). It will be attached at the end of TTT, and I have heard that the trailer will feature shots of the following scenes,

According to "SOME" this is what PJ's list is said to include:

Aragorn handing the brooch back to its rightful owner, Pippin.

ride of the Rohirrim (I’m assuming this means on the road to Isengard)

Merry pledging his sword

Pippin approaching the palantir

shots establishing Gondor

the meeting between Faramir and Eowyn

establishing shots of Pellenor fields

the mouth of Sauron

Aragorn walking up to the palantir

Pippin riding with Gandalf on Shadowfax

shots establishing moments before the battle at the black gate

Aragorn in his Gondorian armor, riding into battle

the Paths of the dead

"minor" shots of Shelob
they do not want to show too much...


FINALLY THE BIG FINALE, I have possible dialouge to go with this one...

Frodo and Sam by the crack of DOOM, SAM: DESTROY it Mr. Frodo! FRODO: no... I will not destroy it! THE RING IS MINE!!!

I got this information from a website called At least we now know that the palantir won’t be scrapped entirely, and that we will indeed be getting some of what happens in ’the road to Isengard’, and ’the voice of Saurman chapters’ (thank God). Here are a few other postThreadIDbits I have come across, I have read that ROTK will be 3.5 to 4 hours in length, and that supposedly New Line has told PJ that he can take all the time he needs to finish the story in ROTK. I have also heard that apparently PJ, and Co. were very unhappy with a lot of the original footage that was shot for ROTK (in terms of the directing, and the acting), and that almost all of the actors will be returning to New Zealand to do some major re-shoots before ROTK comes out. Hopefully, the film, and all of us who wait with such eager anticipation will benefit from these re-shoots, and not the other way around.
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I haven`t seen Spider Man and okay maybe a couple of films are very close to the exact copy of the book.
I would have a hard time believing that the Grey Havens would be cut out entirely as it seems to me (thankfully) that PJ has been going out of his way to emphasize the Elves leaving for Valinor. It won’t surprise me if we get some skimpy version of it in the theatrical release of ROTK, but I think when the extended DVD of ROTK comes out, we will hopefully get something somewhat worthwhile in regards to the Grey Havens.
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especially when legolas builds his boat and sails off.

That got relegated to the Appendices in the book, there's no way you're gonna get to see it, though mind you, so did most of the Aragorn/Arwen stuff PJ's been dredging up, and given Leggies current popularity, maybe he will stick it in?
I've been searching around for news about RotK, and I found a few things. The Scouring of the Shire is supposed to be in the movie, but Jackson says it will be "handled differently", (not sure what that means). Also, there will be more about Faramir and Eowyn meeting and they will show their wedding (this sounds strange to me but that's what I found). I learned from a couple different places that RotK's running time will be around 3 1/2 hours, (or "however long it needs to be"). That's about all, of course there will probably be more sometime in the next 300-some days! Hope you found it interesting...
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