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Here's mine. I don't think it's as long as that though:

The Hobbit
The Lord of the rings
The Silmarillion
Unfinished Tales
Map of Middle Earth
Map of Beleriand
Various maps I got off the internet
Fellowship of the Ring extended DVD
Complete History of Middle Earth

Okay maybe mine is quite big, considering that there are 12 History of Middle Earth books! Big Laugh Smilie
My list is sadly quite small, but I plan on expanding it as soon as I get my grubby little paws on some cash.

The Lord of the Rings (all in one book)
The Fellowship of the Ring (in separate volumes)
The Two Towers
The Return of the King
The Hobbit
The Silmarillion
The Fellowship of the Ring Dvd (I'll be getting the extended version soon)
The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack
The Two Towers soundtrack
2000, 2002 & 2003 calendars illustrated by Ted Nasmith
Ringwraith action figure
Saruman action figure
Legolas action figure
The Lord of the Rings Official Movie Guide
Two Fellowship of the Ring posters

Actually when I look at it all written out, it does seem like a lot.....But I MuSt HaVe MoRe!!!! Very Mad Smilie Very Evil Smilie
I just can't.... Maybe when I've got more time.
Here's mine:

LOTR paperback one volume edition
Unfinished Tales
The Silmarillion
The Hobbit in English
The Hobbit in Dutch
Robert Foster's Guide to Middle-Earth
Poster: Gandalf the White
Poster: Eye of Sauron
Poster: Frodo and the Ring
Fellowship of the Ring video
Fellowship of the Ring CD
Two Towers CD
Bored of the Rings (does that actually count?)

That's it. Sad Smilie Must get some more soon. Disturbed Smilie
I just can't.... Maybe when I've got more time.

Yeah, me too.
My collection:
Lord Of The Rings (collectors edition, very pretty if I do say so myself Big Smile Smilie )
The Silmarillion
The Unfinished Tales
Robert Fosters Guide to Middle-Earth
The Atlas of Middle Earth
Tolkien's Ring
Tolkien: Author of the Centuary
The Monsters and the Critics and Other Essays
The Fellowship of the Ring VHS
The Two Towers Visual Companion

and I borrow The Letters of JRR Tolkien, Tolkien: A Biography and The Hobbit from various places if that counts...

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Here is mine.

Lord of the rings ( paperback vesion)
LOTR (hardback version)
LOTR ( hardback illustrated version)
Hobbit (hardback)
Silmarillion (hardback)
Unfinished tales (paperback)
Book of lost tales 1 (hardback)
Book of lost tales 11 (hardback)
Lays of beleriand (hardback)
Shaping of middle-Earth (hardback)
Lost road and other writings (hardback)
Return of the Shadow (hardback)
Treason of Isengard (hardback)
War of the ring (hardback)
Sauron defeated (hardback)
Morgoths ring (hardback)
War of the jewels ( hardback)
Peoples of Middle-Earth (hardback)
Tolkiens ring by david day (hardback)
Tolkien and middle-Earth handbook ( paperback)
J.J.R Tolkien, artist and illustrator. (hardback)
LOTR official movie guide (hardback)
LOTR, FOTR visual companion (paperback)
Journeys of Frodo (hardback)
Realms of Tolkien (Tolkien inspired art, hardback)
Tolkiens world (Tolkien inspired art, paperback)
LOTR, FOTR 2002 diary
LOTR, FOTR 2002 calendar by Ted Nasmith
Tolkiens dragons and monsters book of postcards.
Tolkiens Middle-Earth book of postcards.
2 sets of collector porcelain plates featuring art by Ted Nasmith from Danbury Mint. 12 plates in each set.
Map of middle-earth
LOTR, FOTR, exended DVD set with book ends.
LOTR, chess set.
2002,FOTR film calendar
2002, FOTR film official calendar
1994 Tolkien calendar. (Michael Kaluta)
1997 Tolkien calendar. (John Howe)
2001 Tolkien calendar. (John howe)
LOTR jigsaw.
Ralph Bashki's version of LOTR on video, LOL
Double sided film poster.
Several magazines etc... with LOTR articles in and such.
Short hardback story book based on Ralph Bashki's animated film version.
Burger king models and transparencies to go with them. One of Gandalf, one of Legolas.

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Wow that is much! Luthien79
Hmmm... I feel somewhat inadequate now Big Laugh Smilie

The Silmarillion (papreback 1st edition)
Unfinished Tales (paperback)
The Hobbit (paperback)
LotR (3 in 1 paperback)
Tolkien- The Illustrated Encyclopedia by David Day
Hobbits, Elves and Wizards by Michael N. Stanton
LotR: FotR DVD
LotR: FotR Extended Edition DVD box set
JRR Tolkien: The Origin of the Rings VHS ( Thumbs Down Smilie )

and an unmentionable or two on my hard drive Big Smile Smilie
I`ve got:
FOTR video,
LOTR trilogy(paperback)
Legolas poster (SIGH........) It says on it:

A TTT poster with the following characters on it,
*King Teoden,
*& Eowyn.
I`ve also got printed pics from the internet, from both FOTR and TTT.
Not much is it, but it doesn`t matter.
I have a display of some of my friends work on my wall and I made a info poster on TTT and FOTR. That`s also on my wall.
I`m going to get some more things though. Big Smile Smilie
Oh, yes, I'm very much a collector of things I like.

When I get going, there is no stopping me. I used to be a member of the fantasy and sci fi book club. I collected most of the books then. I got 11 of the 12 history of middle Earth series as a christmas present off my dad and paid ’150 for the lot. No. 12 volume came out later and I bought that straight away.

Also, does Bored of the rings book count? I have that too.
I don’t think so.
Why buying that book?
I have a relatively humble collection:

The Hobbit - Collector's Hardcover Slipcase Edition
The Lord of the Rings - Hardcover Alan Lee Illustrated
The Lord of the Rings - Paperback (John Howe illustration of Gandalf on cover)
The Lord of the Rings - Paperback (Movie edition, Nazgul on cover... it was a gift)
The Silmarillion - Paperback
Unfinished Tales - Paperback
J.R.R. Tolkien: Architect of Middle Earth
The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien
Parma Endorion: Essays on Middle Earth (E-book edition)
LOTR: FOTR DVD Widescreen Edition
LOTR: FOTR Collector's Extended DVD
LOTR: The Two Towers PS2 videogame

And I'm on my way to getting the History of Middle Earth series... can't believe that the index to the series is a separate book by itself...
Okay after doing a lot of rooting in dusty boxes etc, here's mine....

Books by Tolkien
The Hobbit
Fellow of the Ring
The Two Towers
Return of the King
The Silmarillion
Unfinished Tales
Book of Lost Tales part 1
Book of Lost Tales part 2
The Lays of Beleriand
The Shaping of Middle Earth
The Lost Road
The Return of the Shadow
The Treason of Isengard
The War of the Ring
Sauron Defeated

Other Books about Tolkien’s work
Complete Guide to Middle Earth - Robert Foster
Complete Tolkien Companion - JEA Tyler
The Atlas of Middle Earth ’ KW Fonstad
A Tolkien Bestiary ’ David Day
Tolkien’s Ring ’ David Day
Meditations on Middle Earth ’ Karen Haber
1995 Tolkien Diary ’ John Howe
Tolkien’s World. Paintings of Middle Earth ’ Artwork from the calendars
Lord of the Rings. The Making of the Movie Trilogy ’ Brian Sibley
The Two Towers Visual Companion ’ Jude Fisher
The Two Towers Movie Poster magazine

Tolkien Calendars
1993 ’ Alan Lee
1994 ’ Michael Kaluta
1995 ’ John Howe
1999 ’ Alan Lee
2000 ’ Ted Nasmith
2001 ’ John Howe
2003 ’ The Official Two Towers Calendar (They got me the wrong one)

Middle Earth Role Playing
Lord of Middle Earth Vol 1 (The Immortals: Elves, Maiar and Valar) ’ Iron Crown Enterprises
Lord of Middle Earth Vol 2 (The Mannish Races) - Iron Crown Enterprises
Lord of Middle Earth Vol 3 (Hobbits, Dwarves, Ents, Orcs and Trolls) - Iron Crown Enterprises
Treasures of Middle Earth (a Compendium of Magic Items) - Iron Crown Enterprises
Middle Earth Campaign Atlas - Iron Crown Enterprises
Large Colour Map of Middle Earth - Iron Crown Enterprises
Large Colour Map of North Western Middle Earth - Iron Crown Enterprises

Middle Earth Role Playing Modules (including colour maps) from the following areas:-
Mirkwood and Rhovanion (4)
Bree and the Barrow Downs
The Grey Mountains and the Withered Heath
Ered Luin and Lindon
Fangorn, Rohan and Dunland
The Entwash
Far Harad (4)
The White Mountains
The Misty Mountains (2)
River Running and Dorwinion
Forithilien and Udun
Sea of Rhun
Pelargir and Lebennin
Minas Ithil

The Extended FotR DVD
LotR Cartoon - Ralph Bashki
Album, Music Inspired by LotR ’ Bo Hansson
About 40 LotR Trading Cards
Poster of Gandalf, Frodo and Bilbo

And that’s about it for now, although I’m sure I’m missing a few bits somewhere.
WOW! T*H*A*T I*S M*U*C*H!!!!!!
My list is very short
(But it will take me closer to rangers-status):

Lord of the rings (three books in one)
The hobbit

Fellowship of the ring DVD
Extended fotr DVD (collectors edition)

The must-reads and must-haves for a Tolkien fan, haven't got time for more.. yet. Oh and i have a TTT-poster on our living room wall.
Okay here we go...

Lord of the Rings (3 in 1 edition, Allen.Unwin, first paperback 3 in 1 edition from the '60s somewhere, can't be bothered to check it's exact date right now. Much battered, dog-eared and dropped in the bath)
Lord of the Rings (another 3 in 1,Harper Collins hardback, Alan Lee illustrated, should cost loads, didn't though.)
The Hobbit (paperback cheap harper collins copy, also much beaten up and dropped in the bath)
The Hobbit (big Harper Collins hardback, Alan Lee illustrated again)
The Silmarillion (Big Harper Collins hardback, Alan Lee illustrated again, wohoo! A full set of 3!)
Unfinished Tales (Houghton Mifflin hardback, old and knackered)
Book of Lost Tales 2 (paperback, old dull white cover, Unwin)
Lays of Beleriand (matches the lost tales 2)
The Lost Road (matches the other 2)
Atlas of Middle Earth (the one so beloved of Grondy)
Tolkien- The Illustrated Encyclopedia- David Day (a bit rubish really, but sometimes useful)
Characters from Tolkien- David Day again (much the same)
Meditations on Middle Earth- edited by Karen Haber (very cool indeed)
So you think you know the Lord of the Rings? (Harper Collins quiz book- Xmas pressie from my sister)
Lord of the Rings- Making of the Movie Trilogy, Brian Sibley (another Xmas pressie)
Bored of the Rings (It is Tolkien related)

Fellowship of the Ring (PJ's theatrical cut on VHS, soon to be donated to my gf's kids)
Fellowship of the Ring extended DVD
Lord of the Rings (Saul Zaentz/Ralph Bakshi- 1978 VHS)
The Hobbit (Rankin/Bass VHS)
The Return of the King (Rankin Bass VHS)
The Two Towers DVD (ahem, cough cough, how did I do that?)

Other stuff
Nice Alan Lee set of pictures from Lotr (6 in all, on my living room wall)
John Howe Pelennor fields poster (also on my living room wall)
Loads of bits from the John Howe 2001 calendar cut up and stuck on the wall as well (some of it framed and masquerading as expensive)
Bunch of posters and postcards that came with Empire and Total Film in the lead up to both movies. Plus CD-ROM promotional materials for both movies, and nearly every magazine special that led up to the release, and the reviews of course (Empire, Total Film, Daily Mail specials, Sunday Times specials).
No toys or games though, not really my thing (though someone's bound to think it is eventually and buy me more junk to clog up my flat)

oh and 9 big scary dudes on horses that hang around outside my flat hissing "Bagginsssss, SSSShire...."

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Crikey, forgot some stuff...

BBC Lotr on CD (not recorded off of the radio honest...)
That Bo Hansson LP Val's got as well.
And many Zep albums with Tolien inspired stuff on it (and other prog-rock type stuff)
And a couple of my own things that are Tolkien based (sort of)

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