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Hello and welcome to PT. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.
Your English is fine. Wink Smilie
Welcome to the site, ANIRON_UNDOMIEL. I hope you have a great time here.

What is your native language, if you don't mind me asking?
Hey! welcome to PT! your english is better than mine. and i am from the US! LOL. Hope you have fun!

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Valedhelgwath, i don't mind)))) Russian.
Hello ANIRON_UNDOMIEL, hey don't worry about your english I've been living in an english country the one that invented it actually and mines not brilliant, just pretend its a new dialect of english, thats what I do. Mine's called the Northern Monkey Dialect!

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Welcome Aniron_Undomiel!
I do belive this is the best Tolkien site around, and I spell things wrong all the time so don't worry about it. Big Smile Smilie
ANIRON_UNDOMIEL: Welcome to our forum. Happy Elf Smilie

Do not worry about whether we can understand your posts, if we can't, we will ask for clarification and you may do the same with ours. One of the fun things about Planet-Tolkien is we can learn about each other as well as about the works of Tolkien.
Welcome,welcome,welcome!!! Big Smile Smilie
Please wipe your feet before entering and be sure to check out the chat.
Hi and welcome! You will definetly love it here, your english is great btw!