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Thread: any of u read "Wizard and Glass" Stephen King ?

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I never liked Stephen King, so nope! Smile Smilie What's it about? Smile Smilie
isn't it part of a series? Because I remember seeing it and I was going to read it, but for some reason I didn't, and I think it was because I would have had to get through a whole bunch of other books. Or maybe I'm just thinking of something completely different.
well its a pretty complex book...u dont actually have to read the others in the series....this is the last one
it's a pretty good book, complex and very paradoxical.
hmmm...maybe I'll give it a try Big Smile Smilie
Doesn't sound like sth I would like. Big Smile Smilie
It is a good book. It is part of the dark tower series. Its about a man and some companions he picks up trying to make it to the "dark tower", where the tower is the centre of the universe and there are gates at the ends of the world watched by guardians that are nothing more than giant robotic animals. Its really interesting if not strange.
nope, can't say that I've read it! Big Smile Smilie
That is the greatest series, LOTR dosen't count as a series b/c it isn't one. If you haven't read it and have a very mature mind, you should read it. I read it and it totally changes my perspective on the world. So far my favorite book in the series is Wolves of the Calla. I'm serious, you should read it.
Dark Tower! I love Stephen King! You can't read any of them before the Gunslinger, though, or you'll jump right into the middle of the story. I just read Skeleton Crew. Any more king conversations, and you'd sure as heck count me in!
Fornit some fornus
I love the Dark Tower series. Sometimes i like it a.most as much as LOTR, even. In Wizard & Glass, Roland the Gunslinger talks about his past to his 4 companions, whilst the company is approaching a mysterious emerald tower, representing the emerald city in the Wizard of Oz.
I would love to but my dad doesnt like me reading anything by Stephen King Sad Smilie Oh well,maybe when I am older.
I've never read any Stephen King Books all the movies I've seen advertised that are based on his books would probably give me nightmares!!! Hehehehehe!! I've never read a book that gave me nightmares!! But I don't know if my parents would want me reading that either!!
My dad really doesn't have contole over what I read, because I have my mom's tast in books, and they live on the opposite ends of town. I'll give myself nightmares, and enjoy them. I love to be scared!
there's only one stephen king book you wanna read; Pet Cemetary. It's the only noveI l've read that scared me so much I nearly couldn't finish it! I did eventually finish and like all stephen kings, the end is rubbish....well the last few chapters are good but the last page is a waste of space.

the copy i read came from a 2nd hand shop and it fell to pieces half way through reading, i literally had to read a page at a time, as none of them were bound together, but i still managed to keep on reading, just cos it was so damn scary! Shocked Smilie
I love his books and can read them over and over but Pet Sematery is the only one I'll never read again - it scared the socks off me!!! Super Scared Smilie
I loved Pet Cemitary. I liked Kujo a lot too. Did anyone else manage to get their hands on that?
There seem to be a lack of King fans around here....
I'm a fan of Stephen King, but I haven't read the "Dark Tower" series yet, been trying to find the first and second in the series...

Has anyone read "The Eyes of The Dragon" also by him? It's a fantasy story, but I haven't been able to get a copy of it so I don't know whether it's good or not. "Pet Sematary" wasn't scary when I was reading it, but it's disturbing because it stayed in my mind after I've finished it. I thought "It" was way scarier, I started being paranoid of clowns everywhere! Paranoid Smilie
Don't get me started on clowns!! Horrible idea, I'd love to slap whoever thought of them. The problem I had with Pet sematery was that there wasn't a happy ending. I know, I know he doesn't really do them, but the ending of that one was so much darker, I felt. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who has yet to read it but the ending really troubled me.
The Eyes Of The Dragon was a superbe piece. I couldn't put it down! As soon as you get into it, your adictid and it sucks you in deeper and deeper untill your eyes are bulging out of your sockets, your palms are cols and clammy, and you CANNOT BE DESTRACTED, OR ELSE! Talk about suspence!
I didn't read that one per say, but i read a lot by Stephen King, "the Dead Zone" is the best ever of his works... also "The Dreamcatcher" is pretty awesome.

I liked Dreamcatcher, but I'm not a big fan of the alien books. Steveo just has a way with words, more like telling the story than writing it. I don't know manny other authors who do that.