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Well it is nice that people check out my thread but never reply.....why is it that people think my threads are boring??? 12viewed it but 0 replies!!
I'll reply Aule....

Sounds more like a nazgul to me... Orcs don't wear rings which is what made me think of that... But it's intirely possible for the Nazgul to feel the same way...They are inslaved also, I doubt they could enjoy it...who would enjoy not having a will of their own?...

As for orcs hating their master, that is definatly true... they serve him out of fear... that is true for both Morgoth, Sauron, Witchking, and anyone else who bosses them around.
Thank you Kaimelar! At least SOMEONE replies!
Maybe they cant reason any more.. It could be that they dont have a concept of misery or sadness...
Orcs ARE miserable!