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Thread: Wherefore Proggy?

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I chatted with Prog for a few minutes after the Bilbos-Study session Sunday. He has been working muchos overtime and hasn't had much time to spare us lately.
Nice to know he's still around in spirit then, at least. I was worried he'd left us.
Here I is! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Whuss goin on m' brotha's? Long time, no chat!

Yeah, Grondy pretty much has it nailed. I recently changed shifts (7am to 3pm Good Morning Smilie ) and also taking on a lot of overtime. Makes for nice paychecks but doesn't leave much time for posting... or much of anything else, really.

I'll make sure to litter the forums with some of my trademark bland, white bread posts this weekend Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

'til then, Namarie.

PS - Thanks for noticing I was gone Wink Smilie
Glad you're still with us, I was getting worried that you might have got bored of us mate. I'd been missing a certain amount of dry wit about the place, hopefully you'll get your head round the new hours soon and kick back in.