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Oh you must be Joking! What a ponce! And Extreme were crap, and his sig Guitar was awful, and he looked like a timotei advert!
This is sort of off-topic so I'll start with a drool. Ooh, Legolas, yum! But, okay now... Orlando Bloom.

He makes a great elf, and he's pretty as all-get-out, but has anyone else noticed he CANNOT dress half the time? He must be color- and pattern-blind! There are some candid photos that keep turning up on Ebay (not sure where they were taken) where he's wearing a weird dark blue jacket, a shiny (shiny!) red and white striped shirt and a paisley tie. It's a train wreck of an outfit. And I've seen him in polka dots, in orange, in oil-slick grey... Someone help him!

And he looks so young! We're the same age, and I feel like a dirty old lady for thinking he's... decorative (in case there are kiddies reading Wink Smilie ). The boy barely looks legal!

Sure does make a good-looking elf, though.
There is no off-topic in the taverns, Jehanne. Smile Smilie
It's habit, I'm afraid, Grondie. I fear you and your mighty off-topic-post-ax!
Kinda like Sean Bean myself. No reflecrion on his character, I just think he makes a really sexy Boromir. I never pictured Boromir looking that cute! I even like the beard!
I'm still on Gabriel Byrne. Can't help it, but the man oozes sexiness like other men breathe! :P :P :P
I agree with both of you, Allyssa and Tommy! But then I'm not that picky. There are lots of good-looking actors in the world, despite the bitterness on the Legolas thread. Smile Smilie I wonder if that's not a big part of why I liked Boromir for once. I was more forgiving 'cause he was sexy? No, that makes me shallow- it was nothing to do with looks at all! Wink Smilie
well, in keeping with the LotR actor drools...I've had a crush on Elijah Wood since he was in "North" way back in 4th grade...miserable movie, but I loved it. (I was 9, ok?) Big Smile Smilie

I dunno who Gabrial Byrne is. What's he been in?
He's a wonderfully shaggy Irish actor who's made some good movies (Excalibur, Miller's Crossing, Usual Suspects, Little Women), some bad ones (Cool World, Mad Dog Time, Stigmata, End of Days, although he was good in that one) and a lot inbetween (Into the West, Smilla's Sense of Snow, Man in the Iron Mask, Enemy of the State, briefly). He was married to Ellen Barkin for a while. And he's terribly, terribly sexy.
I agree with Jehane. Sean Bean did such a good job of Boromir, that I liked him better after seeing the movie. I never once pictured him as sexy...just kind of big and dumb and irritating. I finally saw past the "full of himeself" bit and saw the man who was under tremendous pressure to do the impossible and save his beloved home.

Very touching character and final scene... Sad Smilie
You don't like Stigmata or End of Days? But they're great movies! Better than Excalibur anyway, and Little Women.
Actually, I didn't dislike Stigmata, I just thought it wasn't great. It had some interesting ideas though. And I hated, HATED End of Days. Little Women makes me cry every time. I'm a big sap. I cry at ATT commercials too.
Oooooh Plastic.... saying anything's better than Excalibur... isn't that like saying TOlkien wasn't a great writer...LOL.

Sean Bean did make me like Boromir for the first time (since reading ROTK, when you find out what kind of pressure he's been under). I loved how he was with the hobbits, though I did miss his "I told you so"'s in the movie.

Orlando Bloom does indeed make a great elf. He is very handsome. I even liked Elrond, thought he was very sexy (especially in the war scenes), but when I saw the elves in Lothlorien, I thought I was back visiting San Francisco... kinda creepy to find that many pretty men in one place. (no offense to pretty men). Makes a poor California desert rat feel quite... plain.

But I found the hobbits the most apealing. I couldn't look at Frodo without (as someone mentioned in another thread) wanting to adopt him as a son, but Merry and Pippin were quite.. apealing. NOt sexy, but they did get to me...

And Aragorn. Wow. Never even was attracted to him until Viggo got a hold of him. Wow... I give him four point five drool buckets out of five. Tongue SmiliePTongue SmilieP.5
I think it's just like saying that the majority of fantasy films are really really bad! (Labyrinth, Never-ending Story etc. etc.) They end up being way too moralistic and American for my tastes. Only fantasy movies I really liked were The Dark Crystal and Willow, though mostly cos of the Lucas thing and the Henson thing.
I actually liked Neverending Story and Labyrinth (of course, more eye candy for me). What about Hawk the
Was that the one with Rutger Hauer turning into a bird (or was it a dog?)
Never ending story is great!! and the 2nd one, and the 3rd..... Smile Smilie
Was that the one with Rutger Hauer turning into a bird (or was it a dog?)

Ladyhawke... he turned into a wolf, Michel Pfifer turned into the Hawk and Matthew Broderick played the theif. That was a good one. I've got that on DVD. That was a good low budget fantasy film (a lesson for others?) If you have a good story, you can go far IMO...
'Eye of the Tiger' and all the other Sinbad movies. How about them? 'Dark Crystal' was awesome. 'Willow' was fun. Smile Smilie
Yay!! Ray Harryhausen! Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans etc. etc. and all the Sinbad ones of course, truly great fun!!
So which one was Hawk the Slayer then?
Jack Palance as the bad guy/knight/king and some prince and a really lame elf who was edited when he shot arrows so that his hand never went to the quiver. It was really corny, but I thought eveyone saw this movie... guess it's just one of those "Gen X" things
Totally failed to see it, sorry Smile Smilie May not have been so popular over here? What year was it then?
And what did you think of legend? with Tom cruise?

It's nice but willow will always be one of my favorites
I think Hawk the Slayer came out in the 70's when there wasn't much for young fantasy/sf lovers to see. So it did pretty good at the box office, but it was really lame!

Legend was really visually beautiful, but the story and the plot just couldn't hold it all together.

My fantasy video/dvd Library has:

Princess Bride
Dark Crystal
Hercules (season 3,4,5)
Xena (only the really good eps, mostly with Autolycus - I'm a Gabby fan)
Records of Lodoss War
Chronicles of the Heroic Knight
Young Hercules
Dune (both incarnations)

I can't think of anymore right now...
/me looks in the thread, shakes his head, slips on some drool and leaves again with a slight limp

[Edited on 27/12/2002 by Taz]
70s eh, only saw the last three years of that decade, explains why I don't know it. And I'd forgotten Krull, haven't seen it since '86, so it's probably not as good as I remember...

Ooh! ooh! I almost forgot 4 buckets of drool :P :P :P :P for bruce willis for his role in north!! he makes a reall cool bunny
As far as Gen-Xers go, I don't remember that movie - Hawk the Slayer, but I do remember the Beastmaster. For some reason, I would always watch and enjoy that movie on TNT when they played it, then on TBS when they played it there. Doesn't it have a spinoff now?

Ok, here are my favorite male actors:

Orlando Bloom just made the list nearly at the top, but I only want him as Legolas.
Ron Livingston (Captain Nixon in Band of Brothers)
Viggo! Been a fan since he played Lucifer in the Prophecy - excellent
Russell Crowe as Maximus, sigh.
Rugter Hauer as Etienne de Navarre in Ladyhawke (such a shame that his career took some downturns.)
Kyle Macglachan (sp?) in Dune - MEOW!
Gabriel Byrne
Tom Conti (funny dark haired English/Irish actor whose hair just makes me flip)
Cary Elwes (from Princess Bride and Lady Jane)
Mel Gibson (he's starting to look his age a bit, but damn, in his youth - mad max, Gallipoli, etc. he was out of this world)
Oh, Elijah Wood - Those eyes, though I have to admit, I feel like a bit of a pedifile. Frodo isn't much of a sexy character, but he tugs at my heart strings.
Hugh Jackman - WOW
and the list goes on.
And Bruce willis, of course!

[Edited on 25/1/2002 by Yummy]
Huh. Never could see the appeal of Bruce Willis, and now he has two drool-votes. He always looked, um, smelly to me. But then I've always liked Keanu, so who am I to talk? Wink Smilie
If you like Bruce Willis (and Fifth Element was a primo movie) do you like his "twin brother" Jerry Doyle who plays Garibaldi on Babylon 5? He gets mistaken for Bruce all the time.

And I too love Beastmaster, great cult classic. (there was a short lived t.v. series I believe) The same kinda thing for "Army of Darkness" (which I also have) and Krull... just cult classics that I enjoy watching when there is nothing "new" to watch.

Oh... and how about the guy who played Rochfert in Three Musketeers (the bad guy/ Disney movie), great voice, and Alan Rickman as the Prince of Thieves nemesis (I hated the movie except for him..).

Speaking of Robin Hood... what about the Eryol Flynn classic? Anyone like those classic leading men. Charelton Heston always made me kinda tingly.

I like Bruce too... something about bald men drives me crazy Smile Smilie
Ooh, hey, swampfaye, you glanced by two of my all-time favorites (not counting Errol Flynn, a classic)! Alan Rickman- there's just something about him (the voice maybe? dunno). And he was by far the best thing about Harry Potter, even if he was a bit "evil drag queen"-esque. And Bruce Campbell. I love him! So funny, so sexy, so willing to put up with horrible abuses for Sam Raimi movies! My sister got me a copy of his new book and had him sign it "Hey (jehanne), give me some sugar, baby!" Yay for Bruce Campbell!
...the Beastmaster .... Doesn't it have a spinoff now?
The problem with Beastmaster II or whatever it was called was instead of leaving it in the fantasy world, they created a rift in the space/time continuum and he and his nemisis travelled into the twentieth century. Ruined a perfectly good character and his fantasy world.

Fantasy and reality shouldn't be mixed, you are either in one place or the other and should loose magic when here and technology when there. Of course there have been many exceptions to my rule, and after all, what do I know, and who am I to be making any rules?. Wink Smilie
Indeed, the Masters of the Universe movie springs to mind as a notable exception Wink Smilie *chortle, chortle*
Manga 's Great! Tech+Fantasy.
look at warhammer 40K those characters look awesome! and they have tech and fantasy!
I forgot "Knights Tale"!
What's that movie with Sean Connery & Dennis Quaid...can't remember the name since I fell asleep halfway. Dragonsomething wasn't it? Was Merlin the sequel to that?
Dragonheart... story was good, lots of potential, but it really didn't pull through.
I liked Dragonheart...I think I've got it on tape somewhere...

did anyone read the books that were a sequel to Willow? Shadow Something...I think...
What's the deal with Bruce Willis was the question that was asked. Well, he's got a smouldering sexuality, and for me, he reminds me of a pal that I find terribly attractive, while Kyle M'gdldkan (whatever) from Dune looks like the other pal that I've got a crush on - wonder if there's a pattern there. . .

Another thing that Bruce Willis did was take an exceptional movie and make it even better - he did wonders for Die Hard, and the deal with that movie is that it was one of the first action movies that didn't have a big burly arnold s. type as the hero. Here was an average guy who uses mostly his brains to outwit the terrorists. I like that. And he's intelligent, so I like that aspect of his character, too. Then there's his whisper voice (when he whispers, sigh.). And he was so touching in 6th Sense.

Oh, and I need to amend my list some

Val Kilmer in the Saint
Heath Ledger - for a night of real disco partying
Sean Connery - as 007, of course
Pierce Brosnan as Thomas Crown
Micheal Wallace (I think that's his name - he was Rochefort in 3 Musk'eers, but he's a fairly skinny guy, despite his deep voice. Not much on skinny guys. Still he could talk to me over the phone - right? And his hair extensions are GREAT in the Crow)
hey does anyone watch that show, Malcolm in the Middle? The oldest son, Chris Masterson... :P he looks like Legolas but with short hair. It's great... Big Smile Smilie

hehe...Heath Ledger...I watched "10 things I Hate About You" at this flute sleepover thing...there were 21 of us drooling high school girls and 1 bored-out-of-his-mind guy... Wink Smilie
10 things I hate about you- was a great movie, and was a teenaged version of Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespear. Great stuff.
*mutter mutter* Teenage americanised crap *mutter mutter* bloody awful *mumble mumble*
what's wrong with 21 drooling high school girls?
Nothing, as long as you don't have to be in their vicinity. Big Smile Smilie
Excuse me while I drool, guys.

1) Orlando Bloom in FotR = :P :P :P
2) John Malkovitch c/w wig in Dangerous Liaisons = :P :P :P
3) Val Kilmer in Willow = :P :P :P
4) Brad Pitt in Interview With a Vampire = :P :P :P
5) Antonio Banderas in Interview With a Vampire = :P :P
6) that vampire with long dark hair in Lost Boys = :P :P
7) Oded Fhrer in the Mummy = :P :P :P :P
8) Paulo Maldini from AC Milan = :P :P :P
9) that Tarabas bloke from The Cave of the Golden Rose = :P :P :P
10) HW Elrond = :P :P :P :P :P
11) President Vladimir Putin = :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
Orlando, right you are.
HW Elrond, yes indeedy.
Oded Fehr, absolutely!

Vladimir Putin?

LMAO.... Putin?? I didn't even realize Antonio Banderes was in "Interview"

Tongue SmiliePTongue SmilieP Four drool buckets each for:
Hugo Weaving in FotR
Bendon Frasier in the Mummy
Oded Fhrer (Is that the maji?) the Mummy
Antonio Banderas in Zorro
Sean Connery in Red October (vroom vroom)
Patrick Stewart as Picard
Jonathan Frakes (with moustache/ without he's just another girly man...) as Riker
Hugh Jackman in X Men

Tongue SmilieP:P Three each for:
Orlando, Viggo and Sean (Boromir) in FOTR
Val Kilmer in The Saint
Justin Whalin (as Jimmy Olsen) in Lois and Clark
Elijah Wood in FOTR (okay, I'm coming out as a hobbitphile!!!)
Bruce Willis in 5th Element
Jerry Doyle (as Garibaldi) in Babylon 5
Bruce Boxleiner (as Scarecrow) in Sacrecrow and Mrs. King
Timmothy Dalton as anything...

(Piecrce Brosnan is a girly man!)

honorable mention to all the other hobbits Wink Smilie
Yeah, Oded Fehr (is that how you spell his name) was the Mummy magi. I saw Mummy 5 times just to drool over him. Big Smile Smilie

Oooh. I liked Timothy Dalton as Mr. Rochester (drool) in Jane Eyre - the BBC series. Came out in the early 80s...from then on I didn't mind having to read Jane Eyre for school.

Vladimir Putin is the sexiest man alive. 'kay, he's kinda short, but check out those blue eyes. I looove the way he speak Russian - very intellectual sounding, unlike his predecessors. And the lips....and of course, his mysterious KGB background. Plus he's President & soon to be dictator. Drool, drool. I've only liked two short-haired men in my life - one is Putin, and the other I married. Smile Smilie

Putin is definitely one man that I would vote away my freedom of speech/press/human rights for. Big Smile Smilie Russia here I come!
Putin - kinda short and kinda dangerous. Yikes, Girly! Your crushes are interesting. I was highly impressed, however, at the news conference he had with GWB in TX with the school kids - hilarious.

Pierce Brosnan is NOT a girly man (in the movies), in interviews, he's ridiculously full of himself (for a skinny guy) Smile Smilie

Yeah, Putin's interviews usually are hilarious. I'm supposed to be writing a paper on his clampdown on the media for my Russian class, but I always get distracted whenever I watch his interviews. Maybe I ought to write about Yeltsin instead, no chance of being sidetracked there.

Brosnan is far too skinny to be a Bond. Dunno why they picked him. Dalton was so much hunkier.
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