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Me thinks that Tenzing Norgay had stayed back in Nepal and there was still a lot of prejudice in Britain back then.

I remember watching the documentary of their accomplishment in a theatre a year later, when I was in the eighth grade. My class went to Spokane and in the morning toured the Great Northern Railroad's Hilliard Yard (they still had the huge steam locomotives there) and went to the movie in the afternoon.
Cool! I guess they timed it so that it would coincide with the coronation of the Queen sometime around that time period.. a year before I think it was....
Tensing Norway was of the first to climb Mount Everest? I knew they travelled a lot but I never knew they'd been there too! Big Laugh Smilie

My best friend spent a year with Tensing Norway, hard work but lots and lots of fun. Cool Smilie
Ha ha, Amari’! That's Hillary-ous! Wink Smilie

Hm. A ten-sing-guy. You know how to play Gabong then? Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

I saw on TV that right now there are about 3000!!! people on the slopes of mount Everest. On their way up or down.. I think Hillary and Norgay must have felt a a lot stronger sense of achievement when they reached the summit, than the ones standing in line to have their picture taken now! Big Smile Smilie
Cool! I guess they timed it so that it would coincide with the coronation of the Queen sometime around that time period.. a year before I think it was....

The coronation of the Queen was actually the day after (50 years ago today) a year after she actually succeeded to the throne. A years worth of mourning is a nice thing to do for a Monarch you know. However, there's been no street parties today, whereas last year this time.....
ah.. I remembered the party from last year.. I didnt realize there was a difference between her assention ( that the right word?) to the thrown and her coronation... somewhere I heard that Hillary was the first person she knighted....
HILARY is a KIWI...born and bred...we are not BRIT's ...

jeez.... we are a COMMONWEALTH country but we are NOT BRIT's...we are Kiwis... he was as well as being the first person old Liz knighted , the first person to reach the 'Pole' Big Smile Smilie we are a country of firsts.

OK OK.. say it don't spray it sheeeesh!

I realize you have to give allowances for Kiwi's.. you are all just upset you aren't aussies! Tongue Smilie
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Wary Smilie Sorry Gimli_Axe_Wielder, but this is starting to veer towards politics even though your name calling was meant in good fun, some might not take it that way. So we all had better cool it before somebody gets their feelings hurt.

Remember: A nose bent out of shape hurts regardless of whether it was caused by words or a fist. Wiggle Smilie

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why you pesky little canadian-wanna-be dwarf you...I should fly over there and get you for that !!!!

Wink Smilie but I won't :-P because you are supposed to be a friend ..

Grondy, don't mind us, we are silly like this all the time.. nothign personal, no attack percieved or anything Big Smile Smilie, just wait till I get him on Yahoo next time, Wink Smilie I'll give him an ear bashing .. Big Smile Smilie
She started it! Tongue Smilie
heh, the day i wish i was an Aussie is the day England beats the Allbacks in a test(whoop, i better shut now, we play England this weekend and they look dangerous) Sad Smilie

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