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Yeah, a stormin' classic by David Lynch. And a mini-series that I haven't seen yet. You should read it Alyssa, it's the sort of thing that Tolkien fans normally like.
I saw the Dune books in the book shop, but I didn't buy them. Instead I bought Unfinished tales and the sil. Big Smile Smilie Should I buy them? Are they any good? Smile Smilie
Yes you should buy them, yes they are f***ing fantastic.
Two movies... I personally prefer the one with Patrick Stewart... just looked more like Dune (and Frank Herbert did consult on that film). I really didn't care for the scifi channel one. (I find scifi channel does a poor job at movies...)

The book is still my all time favorite fiction novel. If you haven't read it, you really should. It is much better than either of the movies. Very deep and full of things that move you. Very human.
there are so many DUne books to choose from, which should i read first?
Ummm.... DUNE!


(BTW, Don't bother with any of the Dune sequals... but go ahead and read the "house of" books after you read Dune. The sequels were just a sad example of a good writer going insane and his editor unable to resist the money that would flow nonetheless)
The current mini-series on Sci-Fi is kick ass, in my opinion anyway...
Well if Taz likes it, then I'm gonna go out on a limb and buy it anyway. I trust his opinion (though I don't know why)
Plastic, I wouldn't do that. Can't you try to rent it first, or check the website and see if they plan to air it again soon.

I did NOT like the Sci Fi Channel one, and I do not think it followed the book very well, though my memory of the book isn't that good. The actor who played Paul didn't do it for me (not many would after Kyle M.), but I'm a confirmed fan of the movie. I read the book after seeing the movie, and I loved it. I do recommend the original book DUNE. However, I never read the sequels, though I would be interested.

I could be wrong about the accuracy of the sci fi version, but I still found it lacking in entertainment value.

And yes, the Lynch movie does leave out elements from the book, but it's just such a wildly interesting movie. I think it was way ahead of its time in art direction/set design for science fiction. Shoot, before that we had Star Wars where everything was grey plastic, and then the Star Trek series, more of the same grey plastic. In Dune, the sets are made with real wood, real stone, real metal (or made to look like the characters lived in a world where those elements were still utilized), and I think that's realistic. Just b/c plastic is great doesn't mean we want to live with plastic everywhere in the future.

I really love that movie. It was almost the first DVD I bought after getting my DVD player and I've got 2 diskettes of the soundtrack - which is fantastic. [Edited on 25/1/2002 by Yummy]
Must agree on the Lynch one. Now I just have to find a rental shop that carries really obscure made for TV sci-fi. No sattelite you see, can't watch it on TV unless the BBC get it, which is kinda unlikely for another ten years or so. Maybe someone I know already owns it....
We want plastic everywhere in the future Big Smile Smilie
Have to agree with Yummy there - the movie was so much better than the miniseries. Sure, Lynch made great changes from the book, but it clicked somehow & I loved the movie.

Can't comment much on the miniseries since I didn't finish watching it. I was so disgusted with their take on the scene where Mohiam tested Paul with the gom jabbar that I switched the tv off.
You really have to stop doing that! Or you'll never see anything the whole way through!
Yeah, you should stay the course and watch the whole d*mn piece of crap; afterwards, your b**ching about it will have eight legs to stand on. Big Smile Smilie

No offence intended.
I'm trying, I'm trying! Finally finished the Mohiam & gom jabbar scene, but I must say it was truly awful. Will try the next ten minutes tomorrow. :P

I have to keep remembering that it's just a miniseries - not the book *or* the movie. Didn't like Jessica or Paul in the miniseries. And Mohiam looks like a Swedish au-pair (not that I have anything against them of course) instead of a wise old Bene Geserit Reverend Mother.
Swedish au-pair???? WOOOHOOOO! I gots to see it now :P
Well, not exactly. Smile Smilie But compared to Lynch's Mohiam she looks somewhat young-ish. See for yourself.

Just finished another 15 minutes. Paul's like a spoilt kid, Jessicca looks like a tramp, and the Guild Navigator looks like a telle-tubby (sp?) with wings. lol!
Just like I always pictured it!! Wink Smilie And Paul is just like a spoilt kid, that's the whole point isn't it?
Well, yeah, he's like a spoiled child in the Lynch film, too, but he was ridiculous in the Sci Fi one.

One element that I did appreciate in the Sci Fi one and in the Book, but which David Lynch didn't pick up was the role of the Emporer's daughter, who, as I recall, Paul marries in the end to keep the blood lines, while Chauni remains his concubine.
Paul on ly marries her to be Emperor... In the book, and in the movie, (the sci fi channel series gave her far too important a role...) it says "lets hope she finds solace in her studies." Making it clear she would never (and never does in the books) share Pauls bed or power...
correction noted. Smile Smilie
:o You mean she slept with Paul in the miniseries? :o

Gosh...must finish watching it then. In my wildest imaginings, I didn't think they'd tamper with that part of the story.
If this is true then I'm going to "pull a Golly" and refuse to watch it. I'm outraged! Mad Smilie
Nah...I skipped to the end. 'twas the same ending as the book, so you can safely watch it, Plastic. Smile Smilie

I must say that Chani looked like a throwback though...ugh. :P

I must say that Chani looked like a throwback though...ugh. :P

So did Paul! Give me the movie Paul and Chani anyday! I prefer to watch the movie version, which is very colorful, but not as true to the book (kinda like LOTR in a way, captures the "spirit").

Oh and break me off a piece of the movie Gurney Halleck (Patrick Stewart!!!)
Agree 100%. I preferred all the actors & actresses from the movie, they had more class. Sean Young over the miniseries throwback Chani wossname anytime. Sting was the better Feyd, Patrick contest at all. Hmm...let's have a mini-poll then:

Dune Character - (Movie / Miniseries) (scores out of 10 only)
1) Paul Atreides - Movie Paul was a 'precocious' budding Mentat-Kwisazt Haderach, M/S Paul just a WASPy brat. = (7/1)

2) Lady Jessica - Ugh. The movie Jessica was majestic. Who was the cocktail waitress in the M/S? = (8/0)

3) Duke Leto Atreides - Movie Leto was dark & brooding, which won him this one. But William Hurt wasn't too bad - the best out of a bad bunch. = (7/6)

4) Duncan Idaho - Didn't like either one, so this is my 'be nice' vote. = (5/5)

5) Gurney Halleck - Patrick Stewart vs. an Eastenders reject? No contest. = (7/1)

6) Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen - Sting was a lousy actor...but sigh. It's Sting, innit? The M/S guy was...unfortunate & a lousier actor to boot. = (7/2)

7) Baron Vladimir Harkonnen - Go Baron! = (7/3)

8) Alia Atreides - Alia was *so* creepy it's unreal (10/4)

9) Rev. Mother Mohiam - Movie Mohiam was superb. M/S.... worst performance I've seen in an 'actress'. = (6/0)

10) Chani - Sean Young vs. throwback. Need I say more? = (8/1)

11) Stilgar - Can't remember miniseries bland that he disappeared. = (7/?)

12) Beast Rabban - Rabban was an evil clod...M/S was just a clod. = (8/5)

13) Thuffir Hawat - Loved the bushy eyebrows! Again, can't remember M/S bloke. = (7/?)

14) Piter de Vries - Can't remember the M/S guy = (7/?)

15) Sandworm - Movie worm got 10 cos it looked scary, yet sacred and worm-like. M/S worm got 10 'cos it looked like a...ahem....let's say it's phallic shaped. Big Smile Smilie = (10/10)
My only comment is that when I first saw the movie, Patrick Stewart did not in the slightest, fulfill my vision of Gurney Halleck. That is not saying he didn't carry the role well; I just couldn't see him in it, even after the film was over. I've since grown to accept him in it.
I'm going to agree with Ungy on all points, except to give Piter a 10 for the movie.. (he plays Wormtongue in TTT BTW).

I think Patrick Stewart did a great job on Gurney. Not one of my fav characters in the book, but definitly more fleshed out... interesting in the movie.

There wasn't much you could do with Duncan, he dies so early and you only know how close he is with Paul through Pauls thoughts and you can't do that well in the movie...

1. Dr. Kynes was fabulous in the movie too
Max Von Sydow... just the name makes me quiver (he was a great Emperor Ming BTW) and he was only up against a cardboard cut out in the m/s I think.... (8/2, because at least the cardboard cut out had blue eyes...)

2. Princess Irulan - in the movie, her role was proper, a pretty face in the background... doing history fill in's, etc. In the m/s she's like trying to take over as Emperor or something! That scene with Feyd, where did that come from??? (9/1)

3. Stilgar - he was exactly the way I imagined him in the movie! He was... well... wierd in the m/s (10/4)

There is just no comparing Lady Jessica's or Duke Letos!!!!

Now... I know, haaving been around actors quite a bit (spending a good part of my youth in So. California) there are good "no name" actors out there. Why is it sci fi channel manages to find every reject in the nation to do it's movies? I heard from Jerry Doyle (of Babylon 5 fame) that they had such screwed up management of films that he actually walked out of a movie he was supposed to guest star in. (He says they shot one take and used it for all they could). I fear for my beloved Sci fi channel, better they stay out of film making and stick with the re runs!
Saw the movie before I read the book and I can't ever see Patrick Stewart as anything other than Picard, sorry. And Al from Quantum Leap as Dr Yueh? Too many commotations in the Movie cast, but I ain't seen the M/S so I can't really comment.
Plastic - I saw that my local video store has a copy of the Sci Fi network version of Dune. Perhaps yours would be willing to stock it for you, as opposed to you buying it?
It's gotta be worth a go I s'pose, but they are phenomenally useless.
I've seen both the mini series and the film and i have to agree that the film is far superior for many reasons but mainly Sean Young (phosatgidhb- sound of ross drooling over the keyboard).

The mini series did have one thing going for it though nudeity, but then again I am very shallow!
soemthing I did forget to mention was that F Herbert did consult on the movie version - NOT the scifi series (by which time he had passed away).
As a avid Frank Herbert fan and Tolkien I have to say that the Dune series and I have read all of them inculding his sons novels and Frank is up there with Tolkien he also created his own Universe and he did it brillantly. Now I know it is not like Tolkien in which he created his own creatures and languages and histories and some people would say that it is not as in depth as Tolkien world but now his son is continuing his work and delving into the histories (the bulterian jihad) we are finding out more and hopefully with more novels Frank Herberts world could be as big and complex as Tolkien. Also David Lynchs film is superb and one of my favourites.
As you were talking about the characters of the films before I have one character in mind that I don't think either got quite right. The Baron Harkonen:
In the Film he's sinister and sadistic, but he's also stupid.
In the Mini-series he has some intelligence maybe a bit too much but it's there, but he's just far too camp.
If I had to choose though I would choose the Baron from the film just because he's so vile.
I prefer the Baron from the mini-series, he's more like the one on the book.
i do not know if i saw the film or the miniseries,but it is like 6 hrs.....,and i admired the character of the guy of the desert....,do not remember his name,the one that accepts muadib to be part of them and the one who teaches him about the desert.....sorry but i could not remember his name.....
Stilgar, and that was the mini-series if it was that long (I've never seen it)
1. Dr. Kynes was fabulous in the movie too
Max Von Sydow... just the name makes me quiver (he was a great Emperor Ming BTW) and he was only up against a cardboard cut out in the m/s I think.... (8/2, because at least the cardboard cut out had blue eyes...)

He's also the Major in Escape to victory.
My dad started me out on the Dune books, and I love them! I started with the house books, does anyone know what order they all go in?
Dune is great!!! I like to think Tolkien created a past for our world and Herbert has given us a future! I'm currently reading 'The God Emperor of Dune' and it's awsome!
As for the books' order, I'm pretty sure you shuld start with the Houses, then proceed as: "Dune", "Dune Messiah", "Children of Dune", "God Emperor of Dune", "Heretics of Dune", "Chapterhouse Dune".
If I'm wrong, I kindly ask somebody who knows better to point you in the right direction. Wink Smilie

The dune Books are very good, But BUY The Lord Of The Rings and The Silmarilan. They are the best books that I have read. I have reread all of them countless times, and every time I do, I see something different. They are well worth the money.
Bugy's right, except I think you should burn the "Houses" books, or read them after, cause they're prequels put together by Frank's idiot son, and a lot like the Sil, are only interesting AFTER you've read the big exciting story first. Though in my opinion they're not even very interesting.
I'll have to check them out,sounds good.I hear theres a Dune movie,too,any good? Smile Smilie
'Dune' and 'Children of Dune' miniseries are rather good, when I think of it. They also prove, to some extent, that great books can be put on the screen without messing with the written events!
The music from 'CoD' was a nice surprise for me; I really enjoyed it!
So, Fea, when you make yourself some time, explore Dune; you won't be disappointed! It's the Middle-earth of SF writings!

Must disagree there Plastic the 'House' novels are a excellent read which do have to be read after the main novels cause you'd be lost. They give you a history on certain elements which were only mentioned in the series for example the whole Ixian revolt which was excellent and the training of Duncan Idaho and Gurneys trials on Geidi Prime.
Also the far prequels The Butlerian Jihad and The Machine Crusade are fantastic reads and fill in alot of gaps the rebellin against the thinking machines. The beginnings of the Bene Gesserit and the Fremen along with space folding. And the hushed Dune: The Battle of Corrin should be brillant.

I have to ask... does anybody else think that the Fremen are by far the most intriguing characters in the Dune books? They are so mysterious and strong!
Wow, Darous, I haven't read those prequals... I'm sure they're great! Makes you think 'Terminator' or 'Matrix' a bit, right?!
I've read the prequel house books and all of the true Dune series also the butlerterian jihad. I have to agree with Plastic that you should only read them after wards. The son is a loser, he has trouble inventing new characters so instead he uses existing ones. Howcome Gurney doesn't recognise Liet in dune if he was a smuggler with him? How come all of a sudden Mohaim is Jessica's mother when it actual says in children of dune who she was? how come they were so cack?
Wow so many fans of Dune!
I love the story so much... and comparing the movies, I agree with many of you, the older movie was truer to the story, and the newer Sci-Fi one had cooler effects (i.e. WURMS!). Awesome. I did like the "Children of Dune" new movie, though... maybe I just liked the actors more.
And did anyone like the music from the new Children of Dune? I thought it was especially good... Wiggle Smilie
Anywayz... see youze all around.
hehe LoL Elf Winking Smilie
LOL, Tinuviel, I really enjoyed the music from Children of Dune! It's good to know I wasn't the only one! I especially liked the bit when Chani gives birth to the twins and those who plotted against the Atreides get caught; that song is my fave from the movie!