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Thread: Katharine Hepburn Remembrance.

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My favorites were 'The African Queen' and 'A Lion in Winter,' but the western she did with John Wayne when they were both old f*rts was a lot of fun to watch. I was usually bored with the many films she did with Spenser Tracy as they were too much talk and not enough adventure/action. But then those weren't guy movies.

She was a grand old lady, even when she was young.
Yeah, it is always sad when one of the old great actors dies.

I remember that movie with John Wayne you were talking about Grondy, I always enjoyed that one.
Yes, tears were shed here for the great Katherine Hepburn. It was very sad.
I loved the best the her role in the "African Queen", Humprey Bogart was also very good in that film. One of my all-time favourite movies!