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::opes the door to the prancing poney, and looks around::
"Um hello im wondering if someone could give me directions.."
::a yong nice looking elf walks up to Quelleyavie` and says::

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Before he can answer the gruff Dwarf behind the bar says, 'Aye fair lassie, Grondy can help you out; through which door did you enter this establishment? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie If it's directions your after, there are role playing games in the Roleplaying Guilds under Guilds and Planet-Tolkien Roleplay under Misc. What'll it be?'

At which time the young the male elf who looks nothing like Ori Bloom has his say...
actually i was wondering if you could point me in the direction of the Shire...
::she looks alittle confused::
The young the male elf who looks nothing like Ori Bloom opens him mouth again, a bit surpriced to be interupted two times in a row. He kindly offers to escort the lovely Quelleyavie to where all the brave heros, dwarves, dragons, orcs and beautiful maidens start their journeys, and where companions for your adventure are always nearby.

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A young elf enters the room with a swish of his cloak. By his clothes and equipment he seems to be a mage(more like those from AD&D). Heading to the bar he smiles and politly bows to the beutiful elf maiden . Leaning his staff on the bar he says "Good evening master dwarf . I think i would like some feywine and to know who is that beutiful lady ?"he says pointing to the elf girl . Elf Winking Smilie
Quelleyavie smiles. And she walks over to the young Elf and introduces herself. Then she sits down at a table where there is a Hobbit by the name of Marigold Millbanks. She tells Marigold about the nice Elf who offered to show them the way. Marigold Smiles and graciously thanks the Elf who did so.
::Quelleyavie walks slowly over to the door to check and see if its raining.:: "I wish it would rain" She says to herself. She thanks everyone who was giving her directions ((she felt lost quite a bit.)) "i need some air." She smiles and leaves the prancing pony. As shes walking she notices something glowing. She walks cautiously over to it. "Hmm i wonder what this could be." She tries to pick it up. "Just a light i guess." She turns and walks back to the prancing pony, and stands in the doorway.
::walks over to Quelleyavie:: 'Why are you out here? What are you up to? If you want I'll leave you alone...'
The elf was just siting and drinking his cup of wine. But he was looking at what the woman was doing at the door.
*Amarie hangs an eviction order on the door*
Sorry folks, as the the gruff Dwarf behind the bar and the elf who looks nothing like Orlando Bloom was trying to say: No roleplaying in here. That takes place in the Roleplaying guild! <--- Click here, many RPGs to join or start a new one.

If writing stories and peoms you like you will find plenty of room for that in the Writers guild

This is such a big site, we have to keep it as tidy as we can.

If you want me to move these posts to the Roleplaying guild let me know.