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Well, I now have no irl friends, I always spend all my time reading Tolkien, on the internet (PT of course) or studying quenya. I have stopped speaking my mother tongue and I am going to have surgery on my ears to make them more pointy. I threw away all my clothes and am now mostly wearing clothes from the movies and a grey elven cloke, with a brooch that looks like a leaf from Lothlorien. I've started using bow and am learning the techniques used for a sword, so I can fight back if I'm being attacked by orcs or such.
So I guess you could say it changed me a bit, but nothing drastic.
1) someone told me to read them, so i did
2) they don't affect me i just think it are good books
3) maybe but i don't know what that could be
They helped me get through a bad stay in hospital and I a m fiercely defensive of the works of Tolkien.
Naah, Ross you're just offensive on the movies (the way it should be).

you belong to the 3 horsemen of the aPJocalypse too.
Why yes I am. Muahahahahahahahaha
1. By a friend.
2. I’m not sure about that one ._.
3. alot
1: My brother checked them out at the library but I got to reading them first Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
2: I now know I am a hobbit cross elv,and more....
3: Yes,about friendship and courage and I now have a better understanding of good and evil,I'm sure I've learned more but I have yet to realize it. Cool Smilie

(great topic,Arco) Big Smile Smilie
1. I found them in paperback in a ferry terminal as I was heading to the airport on my way to Spain. I had never heard of them before (this was in 1967) and I only bought, much to my later regret, The Hobbit and FotR.

2. Well they lead me to read them at least fifteen times and to lust after more of the genre of which there was a dirth in the late sixties. My library formed a local Mythopeic Society which helped until the librarian left for a better job. And finally they lead me to P-T and you lot.

3. Tolkien was a genius; I was a romantic; and there are a whole hoaf of like-minded people that I've met here at P-T.
I got introduced to lotr at first when we rented it when it first came out. My mom fell asleep on the couch but i stayed up to awtch it. i loved it. The scenes were beautiful and i loved the fantasy of it. I watched it again at my friends house. But when ttt came out, i failed to watch it when it came out so i started reading the books. Sometime in april, i saw it on ad in one of those movie theaters that show movies that arent in the theaters but not out on video so i had to see it. And finally a couple of days ago, I finally finished rotk. Its gonna be an awsome movie! I cant wait!
They affected me greatly I now have to minature head rugs sellotaped to me feet and go on long journeys every Thursday night. Wink Smilie but now some strange bloke from down the road keeps following and asking for the Precious
which is gettin' quite worryin' cause he hissin and gurglin' now.
1) How often have you read the various works of Tolkien?

I read LOTR for the first time in Dutch in 2001. Then I read The Hobbit and in 2002 I read LOTR again but in English.

2) Briefly what you thought of each one?

LOTR is fantastic! The Hobbit was good, but not special.

3) Did you have any preconception before reading the books of what they would be like, and if so, how accurate was that preconception?

All I knew was that it was about a boy who had to get rid of a ring. I expected some kind of knight tale and wasn’t much interested. When I saw the trailer of the movies (the very early trailers in 2000) I decided I had to read the book first, before seeing the movie.

1: How were you first introduced to Tolkien's works?

I was sharing the office with a male colleague, who later became my boss. He had a screensaver with drawings about LOTR and when I asked what it was, he told me about it and said I should really really read it.

2: Did they/how did they affect you? (see #3)

Yes, they did! I was fascinated about the story of LOTR. Even when the book was finished, I couldn’t let it go. It was like some part of me still was in Middle Earth. I wanted to discuss it with someone, I still had so many questions and so many emotions left. Normally I discuss books with my mother, but by then she didn’t read the book yet. I couldn’t turn to my friends either, because they don’t lose themselves in books like I do, they don’t become one with the story, but keep a distance. My husband never read a book in his life so I started looking on the internet and one day I came across Planet Tolkien. That was exactly what I was looking for. All this information and so many wonderful people. Some of them even became very dear to me. I guess every day I think about the story.

3: Did you learn anything from Tolkien's pieces?

I found in LOTR my idea of friendship, which most people I know, don’t share. I learned that even if you feel small and insignificant, you still value. I realized that if Middle Earth would exist anywhere on this planet, it wouldn’t survive long, because many on this planet became dependent of wealth, money and power, disconnected from true values of live, missing the beauty surrounding them every day. I also think if Sam would live in this world, he would be used and laughed at. I was very pleased those things didn't happen in LOTR. Everybody is accepted just as they are, even Gollum. To me LOTR is like a mirror for our own soul.
1: How were you first introduced to Tolkien's works?
2: Did they/how did they affect you? (see #3)
3: Did you learn anything from Tolkien's pieces?

1: Ironically enough I saw the movie first...then I read The Hobbit which my friend advised me and then well...I’ve been on that road ever sinceBig Smile Smilie
2: A lot! I was kinda depressed before I met LoTRWink Smilie....but I found my mate but seriously it touched me deep within which is very hard to do to a guy like me.....
3: Alright I learned how to create a ring of evil and dominate all life....but seriously....I don’t know....maybe I have but it just sank in naturally that it didn’t get noticed and filed before entering my mindTongue Smilie

1: How were you first introduced to Tolkien's works?
2: Did they/how did they affect you? (see #3)
3: Did you learn anything from Tolkien's pieces?

1) Can't remember
2) Not sure, I think they made me very tired, and I dropped off to sleep no worries that night.
3) Yes, never attempt to eat sandwiches and read a big all in one hardcover LOTR at the same time, you get cramp in your reading hand, if you must eat, buy 3 seperate copies of the trilogy, it is easier on your wrist.