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well, mine isn`t that freaky...

I woz doin a show wiv some of my mates at skool and I told my mate to keep her shirt on underneath a costume so it would look betta, she did it and I have loads of witnesses! afyter the show had finished, she woz takin off her costume, she needed help coz it woz a lil tight, so we all pulled off the costume knowin she had the t-shirt on underneath, when she got the costume off, it woiz gone, we looked EVERYWHERE! that happened over a year ago, we still haven`t found it...

I have another one, it didn`t actually happen to me, it happened to my mum...

She woz washing her hair once, in the bathroom, she had the door not completely closed but just open a crack...She heard a little girl call out, " mummy" mum opened the door and nobody woz there except the darkness...She checked on me(I woz bout 2/3 at the time) and I woz asleep...she checked on my brother and so woz he, my dad woz at work and we had no pets at the time. She has told me this story a couple of times and says, " it freaked me out completely! "

Well, they`re quite boring, but there they r! Big Smile Smilie
Mmm,I have not had anything too freaky happen so far,just the usual bed shaking when you're not even moving,or seeing little ppl run across the kitchen floor(probaly hobbits,right?). Well there was this one time I was in a private cemitary at night(kids,for your own sake don't go alone),when I saw these two ppl walking together,hand in hand,even if I was just seeing things it was still quite the event. I ran home cryin' because I was so scared,I never did tell any of my family in fear of getting the dum spanked outta of me. It's one of those 'You'd have to been there' type of things.

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My ex-wife has this thing that has followed her around since she was a child. Each time she moved house, which was quite a lot when she was younger because her Dad was in the RAF, it would turn up and visit her. From what she told me, it would only ever turn up once at each place, but always within a few weeks of her moving in.

About a year prior to me dating her, one of my friends was around her new house when it turned up. They were just sat having a few drinks when this presence came into the room and sat in one of the chairs. He said they couldn't actually see it, but the presence was so strong they could follow it around the room.

I'd always wanted to see a ghost, or whatever these spirits are. I always thought that if I did, I would be cool about, not freak, and would say "Hi". Anyway, a few weeks after she moved in with me, it turned up at my house. We had been in bed about half an hour when I sensed something near the bedroom door. I peeped in that direction, but all I could see was an area of really dark shadow, darker than the rest of the room. I could really feel it staring at me though, and I must admit, although it didn't feel benign, I was terrified. Hardly daring to breathe, I just lay perfectly still and tried to pretend to be asleep. All the while, I could feel this almost "electric" feeling eminating from that corner of the room. It just stayed in that one position, looking, for about half an hour after which it went.

I thought my wife had slept through it because she didn't stir, but the next day she was in a really strange mood. When I finally confronted her about what was the matter, she told me that her "visitor" had been there that night but that I had slept through it. I just asked her whether that had been it stood near the door, and she knew straight away I'd been awake too.

I only ever saw it once, but that was enough for me. It must be quite freaky for her, though, knowing that each time she moves house it's going to turn up.
I still remember when I was about 5 years old, I was laying in bed, when I felt air passing my face everytime I had breathe out. First I thought it was my own breath, bouncing to something and coming back to me. So I opend my eyes and searched what could send back my breath. I didn't saw any obstacle near my bed that could cause that. Then I thought maybe the window was open, but it was closed. THen I hold my breath to see if I still felt it. And it was still there. Very regular, like breathing, I felt air going over my face. it made me afraid, so I called my mother. She switched on the light, checked the room to please me, then told me it was probably just my imagination and that I should go to sleep now. I turned, facing the wall, but still, the breathing was there. Finally I covered my head with my sheets and fell asleep.
my Favourite horro movie is Aliens (aliens but with the best humans can throw at them yet they still get a kicking)
Is any one going to a fancy dress. I'm going as a dead soldier. I'm going to wear my Camo's and put fake blod trickling from out of my hair and mouth. Mwauahahahahaha. i'm not going to take any of my guns though as I don't want to be arrested!

As for the scarry paranormal thing I saw my great grandma on the night she died only to be told the following morning she had died. Apparently this happened to my mum with her great grandad. You may not belive me but I don't care. Good thing for an atheist to be visited by a spirit.
hmm...these r freaky stories...i`m glad nufin like that has happened to me!

could some1 plz remind me of sumfin?

Atheist means: Believer in God/non-believer in God?
Atheist means: Believer in God/non-believer in God?

Atheist are persons who don't believe in God sheryl...

Is any one going to a fancy dress. I'm going as a dead soldier. I'm going to wear my Camo's and put fake blod trickling from out of my hair and mouth. Mwauahahahahaha. i'm not going to take any of my guns though as I don't want to be arrested!

I'm not going to a fancy dress, but my friend Wiggy is coming over for a sleep over. She's dressing up as a vampire and I'm dressing up as a cute 'lil witchy gurl. In other words its just an excuse to wear the shortest, tartyest skirt I own. And lime green and black striped tights.

Another scary thing that happened to me was when I was verrrry little. When I was a cute little tot, my darling daddy desided to have an affair with the lady over the road (*cough*Y-shaped coffin*cough*). Eventualy, after a lot of heart ache, Mum filed for devorce. One day, while daddy was doing a lot of crying and my poor mum was doing a lot of crying, I wandered into the room they were in (the kitchen). Mum didn't want me to see dad screaming his head off and definatly didn't want me to see her crying, so she sent me off into the living room to watch bag puss.
And there was a man there.
Sitting, bold as brass on the sofa, slouched against it with his legs crossed. He had a friendly enough face which, now I come to think about it, reminds me of AndrewDivoff (an actor). He was wearing a long sleeved checkered shirt, the kind you can buy at country shows and faded blue jeans. His hair was black and sholder length.
I was upset about mum crying and he asked me what was wrong. And the thing is I can remember talking to him, I can remember sitting in his lap and chatting away as if I'd known him all my life.
My mum and dad have no idea who this guy was. They remember argueing that day and me being sent out the room, but they don't know who this guy is. It was only mum, dad and me in the house that day, the only other person in the house was our black labradoor, Cherry.
I know its not creepy, because his was kind to me. What is creepy is that he was wearing the same sort of clothes my dad wears these days. Dirty, faded old jeans and a checkered shirt.

Halo, don't worry to much about talking to the dead. My grandma Boo used to work in the Catholic church as something similar to an exorsist. She would "cleanse" people of their inner demons.
She lives a couple houses away from me, and every time I go over there weird things happen. For example, it was her birthday yesterday, and as we were taking out the cake, we heard a clinging noise. My mom looked in her pocket, and her keys were missing. Everyone soon realized all their keys were missing. My grandma, mad this was happening on her birthday yelled something in Polish at the ceiling. "Clara give them back their keys!" We heard another cling and we saw all our keys piled in the corner of the dining room.
For me I consider this normal everyday stuff. A while ago, there was a creepy lady that would sit on the end of my bed and sing to me... Then I had my grandma bless me and the lady went away.
I totally believe in all paranormal things. Except aliens. My mother is from a very Catholic family that believes in the saints and angels, heaven and hell. But my dad's side of the family are different. My dad's mom is Native American (Peony, peonie, something like that) and his dad is Celtic, from Scotland. So they have their own beliefs.
For Halloween we celebrate Samhain. Samhain is a festival of the dead, when we remember those who have gone before and acknowledge the mystery of death. We celebrate death as a part of life, and I as I said before, I believe in the paranormal.
So keep the stories coming, I love hearing them!
Gee, you guys have got some creepy stories to tell!

Anyone ever listen to Art Bell on the radio? He has got some great weird stories that he has on his show. Some are a lot like the ones that you have just told.
Until I was about 10 or 11, I constantly heard voices everywhere. It seemed to me that my room was infested with these 'people' who wouldn't shut up, but no one else heard them. I guess it was just me.

once i was downstairs with all the lights out; the windows were boarded up and i was sitting in an old armchair, with my CD-player and listening to some really sad music, cant remember what; it was darker than pitch-black and i couldn't see or hear a thing. After an hour or two (I was bored and had nothing better to do), the batteries on my CD player juiced out and i was left in the darkness with absolutely no idea in which direction the stairs were or anything like that. So, I just sat there and fell asleep. Some time later, (o yeah, by the way a thunderstorm had been going for a few hours) i woke up and it was still thundering, but no light came through the window-cracks. I started to hear this voice. It was a little girl, crying over and over, saying "He's coming to eat me tear me burn me" She was practically screaming, and no one else in the house even noticed. Well, the REALLY freaky thing is that she was sobbing, and talking in GERMAN. And I don't know ANY German! So it couldn't be my imagination. Of course, at the time I had no clue what she was saying. But, I have an almost photographic memory for select instances. I went up to a librarian i knew in school the next day who was of German descent (well, i'm too but i dont know German) and asked if she knew German. When she said she did... I told her the phrase. She was... for lack of better words, 'deeply disturbed.' She wanted to know where I had heard those words, and threatened to send me to the office. But, I was only in 2nd grade or so (about 7 or 8?) and she let it go. Later, she told me what it meant. I freaked out. End of story.

Well, now i think it was my imagination. Maybe i just didn't know i knew German. Yeah, right... my language-obsession only started AFTER i read LotR. Shocked Smilie Pixie Smilie Wary Smilie Disturbed Smilie Ignore Smilie
Sounds like dad killed Santa's raindeer! Big Laugh Smilie
I've awakened suddenly at night and felt that I could see a dark presence standing near the head of my bed. I've yelled, "Get out of here!" and switched on my reading lamp and nobody was there, buy I was really scared and felt someone or thing had been. Spooky! Super Scared Smilie

This has happened a couple times.
Well I've had a pretty unparanormal life, but a friend of mine I used to play with alot when I was little said he could hear what sounded like hoofs running in the hall outside hi bedroom some nights, and especially was the storage room (at the end of the hall) where his fathers hunting rifle hung a scary place, he saw glowing eyes and such. He was dead serious and it really scared him. The eye things I never really belived, but the sounds had him spooked. Kids are more open for these things, so who can tell if it's real or just their imagination?
Aaaiiii! Super Scared Smilie Thats scary Grondy! If I was you I'd sleep with a baseball bat or something!
Nevermind though, have a pumpkin. It'll make you feel better. *gives Grondy a jack-o-lantern Pumpkin Smilie*
Thanks Halo, but a pumpkin under my pillow is kinda lumpy. I'd sleep with a gun under my pillow except someone might get hurt unintentionally, so I just keep a dagger within reach.
A really big dagger I would think!

That would really be frightening to have a dark shadow near the bed at night!
My dad keeps a Puma hunting knfe.
The scary thing is my grandad keeps a Webley gas pistol in his slipper but he has Glaucoma so is as blind as a mole. One Eye Smilie Super Scared Smilie
Oh, I forgot to mention this...I`m not the only one this has happened to either!

I`m sure u all know Christina Agulaira`s song: Dirty...well, when that came out it used to be one of my favourite songs...I played it nearly every night and I had it up nearly to maximum volume...I kept hearing voices calling out my name...I came out of my room and aked my mum, dad and bro if they`d called me, they said no, this carried on throughout the whole month, I kept hearing them and asking whetehr any1 from my family had called me.

Then I asked my friend to sleepover one night, I`d told her wot I had experienced and she said the same thing happened to her half sister. when she stayed over that night, I put the CD on and turned it up nearly maximum volume again, like usual, we didn`t hear the voices at first, but then they came back and we were so scared bc they were louder than theyhad eva been b4!

I turned it of straight away and I haven`t put that CD on eva since!
A really big dagger I would think!
A 15 inch stiletto that is only sharp at the tip of its pointy end. I do have an anti-werewolf blade that is wickedly sharp, and much bigger, but as it has no silver coating and I might inadvertently cut myself upon rudely being awakened at night grabbing for it, that I think I'll not depend on it to protect me from 'the things that go bump in the night'. Super Scared Smilie
One night I in my bed sleeping and I hear my dad yelling really loud "Jess,come here,help me!!!!" which woke me up,I was thinking maybe someone had broken in and was hurting him so I ran out of my room grabbed a large kitchen nife and ran down the stairs scared to death in just my nighties,but when I get there he is just sitting up mumbling to himself about some creature pinching his arm,so I thought maybe we had ghosts in the house and I didn't fall back asleep that night,or the next one.Still not sure what it was that had "attacked" him,probaly just a 45 year old getting night frites. Big Laugh Smilie Dunce Smilie
I often wake up in the middle of the night, and feel that there's a huge black dog staring at me, and breathing on my face. And then it turns out there is, freaky....

My gf on the other hand says that whenever I go out without her, she is awoken by the sounds of mufled swearing at night, and than a shambling tall skinny thing stumbles through her room and gets in to the bed, I've tried to catch him, but for some reason he's never there when I am....

my mum opened the door and nobody woz there except the darkness...

You're really growing on meee-eeeee
You all be safe tonight!

Don't do anything weird now, no howling at the moon or zombie walking!
Pumpkin Smilie HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Pumpkin Smilie
Angel Smilie HAPPY ALL HALLOW'S DAY!* Angel Smilie

* Also known as 'All Saints' Day'.

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Thanks Ringy!


And to you!!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! I can't wait to scare the pants off all the kiddies!!!
I was running a bit late on Friday, so I went straight from work to pick my son without getting changed first. I'd only been home about 15 minutes when I got a knock at the door from some trick or treaters. When I opened it, they took one look at me in my uniform (which looks a bit like a police uniform) and immediately legged it. I couldn't help but snigger to myself.
Lol Val Big Smile Smilie