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Very funny, feeling most unstressed now. Smile Smilie
oh those are cute, faye Big Smile Smilie
here's a new one (my weekends are very much in need of stress releif with all kids home and only one parent since dad works weekends!)

You'll like this one:
I've never heard of that Law before, but I have noticed it's effect! Big Smile Smilie
LOL Big Smile Smilie

That one's my favorite!
hehehehehe thats a good one :P
Best one yet. Smile Smilie
I need some new ideas... the weekend is coming...... got any?
Nope. But let's keep on looking, cos the previous one were great. Couldn't get the second one though... Sad Smilie Taylor's Law. LOL
I couldn't get neither the second nor the third... Very Sad Smilie
I could only get the first one, but it was funny!
Orc Going Huh Smilie What Grondy posted here, was moved to the Forsaken Inn to the post by the similar name where it belonged. Duh!

This post may disappear in a day or two. Moderator Smilie

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