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Hi there

I am new to this website and just wanted to say hi to everyone.

Just trying to find my way around at the moment, looks like a very good site you have got here, it is nice to meet people who are of a like mind concerning the great works of J R R Tolkien.
Hope to speak to some of you soon Big Smile Smilie
Hi there Wrathofvalinor. I'm pleased you like the site. We are still experiencing a few teething problems at the moment, so a few of the sections are not yet activated. Bear with us though, and given time Taz will make this the best Tolkien site on the web.

I look forward to seeing you around.
Welcome Wrathofvalinor,I hope you enjoy your stay at PT and find yourself at home with our ever growing on-line community. Smile Smilie
Oh and Vale,IMHO this website is already the best on the web Wink Smilie
Hello, and welcome to PT Wrathofvalinor! Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome to P-T Wrathofvalinor, hope to see your posts around here. Happy Elf Smilie
welcome Wrathofvalinor and I hope you enjoy the show.,