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In the insert for the CD are the lyrics to 'The Missing' but it isn't on any of the track listings nor can I hear it on the CD.

"She never watched
the morning rising,
Roo busy with the
days first chores
But oft she would watch
the sun's fading
As the cold of night crept
across the moors
And in that moment
She felt the loss
Of everything that
Had been missed
So used to feeling
the spirit sink
She had not felt
her own heart's wish"

Sounds to me like it is about Eowyn but does anyone have any ideas as to why the lyrics are there but not on CD?

Then there is some in Old English.

I never noticed that before, the words are also on the bonus website material and are opposite a picture of Arwen in the booklet; however, being in Old English they should apply to Eowyn and should be sung in the background when she is standing outside the Meduseld looking into the distance (waiting for her prince to come).

I' m listening to the CD now in case they stuck the vocal in in one of the other Rohirrim themes. It won't be sung in Modern English is my guess, and then again, maybe they cut it from both movies, but it had already been sent to the printers.

I'll come back and edit this, if I hear it on my CD (the internet special edition in the leatherette folder wearing the bellyband.)
Thank you Grondmaster.

I only have the bog standard 3 cd box set with picture cards.
I couldn't understand the non-English words to the songs sung on my CD to know if they were the Olde English 'The Missing'. Maybe after Eowyn learns that Aragorn has taken the header into the river, she again goes outside on that windy rampart and sings this song and it got cut, or maybe it is there and we just need to watch the Extended TTT DVD again. Or maybe a choir sings it in the background in one of these scenes and we just missed it.
I have watched it again and listened carefully - nothing. I think your idea that it was a cut scene is the best.