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Hello everyone! I need some help translating some English into Elvish (Sindarin to be exact) and then getting the calligraphy done for a tattoo design. If anyone can help or send me in the right direction, please email me ASAP! I'm not opposed to paying a little for this service!

LoL, what is is that you are planning to tattoo on your body?
Wink Smilie
I find it kind of funny, the whole tattoo thing.
But that's just me. Very Mad Smilie
Why strange? I had a tattoo written in elvish, around my arm, it was the writing that was on the ring. But i had to take it off when i started playing in the tennis team... they didn't approve tattoos... and it's the best team around, so it was a sacrifice i had to make, but i'll get it done again as soon as im out!

*Points Peredhil*
Write a PM to Peredhil about your problem, i'm sure he'll help.
this site is really good
you should probably like, learn a little elvish before tattooing it all over your body...
i can try to help though, i know relatively much about sindarin, and a little about quenya
elvengirl2788 if you still want help

Go to It tells you Sindarin, and has a course on QUenya. I think you should do Quenya, but I'm not you. It's the greatest. (You know, the whole Valinor language) But maybe, seeing as it was splken by the Noldor, who were doomed by Feanor.... Anyway, go to Then you're all sorted. Big Smile Smilie