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if you could do something really implusive what would it be?

For some strange reason I just wanna braid Elrond's hair

EDIT: if you must know, I was braiding my daugthers hair while watching a movie
Er... no comment.

Just Elrond?? What about Galadriel and Legolas!!?? And good ole Gandalf has pretty long hair too!! I'd kinda like to brush out Gimli's hair!! And put some lotion on his face!! Okay get the Queer Eye for the Straight guys over here to clean this guy up!!!

Just Kidding!!!! I'd like Gimli to stay good ole Gimli!!! Dirty if he is!!!
Something impulsive? Hmmmm.... like pushing Arwen off a cliff. And then impulsively pushing Eowyn off as well.
Well Hobbit, I had thought about braiding Gandalf, Galadriel. Legolas, Celeborn and Gimli's hair too but I figure it's only fair to share the braiding urge with others.

Vee, I that would be funny to see lol
And it would, of course, leave both Aragorn and Faramir footloose and fancy free!

I watched FOTR itching to wash Aragorn's hair but when I saw him in ROTK all clean and washed with his hair trimmed he didn't look as sexy. Maybe us women like a bit of primitive in our men.

First of all, implusive??

Whatever, i'd like to tear off Gimli's beard, Legolamb's wig, Arwen's see-through gown.

And blow up the Edoras set, although that's more explosive than implusive.
Hmm... Maybe I'd bleach and then tie-dye the Ringwraiths' 15 yards of cloaks (each); that'd be hilariously stupid to watch; the Many-coloured Riders chasing after Asfaloth.

Also, I'd dye Saruman's hair black to get a picture of what he once looked like.

How about turning a fire hose on the Durin's Bane?

Additionally, Celeborn's hair was supposed to be silver. The actor portraying him (Martin Csokas) wore a long wig, but his dark hair still showed for inches at the roots of his hair. At least dye it! I mean, Brad Dourif had to shave off his eyebrows, why can't Csokas dye his hair? That's the only one I actually didn't make up, here and now. Though I have wondered what a pic of Curun’r 'L’n with black hair would look like.

what about shaving off the hair on the hobbits feet and giving them a pedicare!! Have you seen their toe nails!!! I like the idea of pushing arwen off a cliff but then Aragorn could probably never love again and that would just be pointless!!! But if we pushed Eowyn off the cliff before Faramir and her met that would be very clever but in a very evil way!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I'd like to teach the orcs to morris dance...and sing Abba records! CAN YOU HEAR THE DRUMS FERNANDO!?
What about Saruman's army of Orcs linedancing?
heehehehehehe!!! That's funny!!! What about Saurumon and Gandalf dancing together!!!
Both wearing long dresses!

The band would impulsively play a tango.
I feal exactly the same way as vee, push Arwen into the infinate abyss of Kazzad Dum, and listen to her skream untill she goes horse! Aragorn will get over her, when he reallized how many psycotic humanoid type women are drooling over him!
Here's something implusive....

Getting Gollum a lifetime membership for Hair Club for Men
A short lived membership then.

How about a bit of topiary on Treebeard - shape him like a swan or the tower or Orthanc....

Abba... hmmm!

"impulsively muses at the prospect of casting Eomer as Benni Anderson, Aragorn as Bjorn-Ulvias, Eowyn as Agnatha and Arwen as Anna-freid" - then having them all gayly slaughtered at the hands of Saruman's effete, yet fiercely competitive Uruks of the Y.M.C.A. (Youth of Mordor's Cabaret Army) Very Evil Smilie

oh and i'm a newb btw... "HELLO TOLKEIN FOLKERS!"
Hahahahahaha! Laughed so much I had to cross my legs......

Lord Aelric, I like your sense of humour.
Glad you appreciated the jiggery pokery.."dances a lil jig"

dont like being serious, too many oh them in this bleek and cynical world "injects self with a dose of idealism" Very Mad Smilie
Felt like clapping Eowyn's mouth shut when she started singing the horrible song.
Felt like eating conies and po-ta-toes after seeing Sam's delicious soup (stew?).
Felt like punching Faramir's Men after seeing them beating up helpless Gollum.
Felt like messing up Legolas's always picture-perfect hair after every battle.
Now here's something really implusive.... (and I blame tv commerical for this idea Very Big Grin Smilie )

Convincing Gimli to dress like garden-varity yard gnome, take him on a backpack tour of Europe and send pictures to all his friends with a note saying,

"Do you know where your garden gnome is right now?"
THE ROAMING GNOME! I love those stupid comercials!
So do I! Even though I've never seen one! Does it matter? I know now! (Sort of) Another thing impulsive. GO up to Radagast and say: "You know, brown has never worked for me. You should try black. Who cares if its evil? It's slimming, and you are soooo fat."
(And then dodge the zaps of his staff)
Something impulsive? Hmmmm.... like pushing Arwen off a cliff. And then impulsively pushing Eowyn off as well...

HEY that is not nice at all....PJ got my bf off the cliff already what is it with you people and cliffs?god..... anyhow....
if i were to do something impulsive.... I would either tie Aragorn to a chair and keep him there.... so he wouldn't leave me.... or killing Eowyn so she's stop flirting with him!!!.... :P kidding! Actually.... if I could do something impulsive... I would... take the ring from frodo and put it on a branch of a three where he's too short to reach, it would be so funny to see him jumping around to get it..... heheheheheheh
I meant to post this here (as another implusive mood/idea) earlier, but forgot too Rolling Eyes Smilie . The first one brought to mind by one of Vee's replies

Enjoy (Aragon: "Encountering the shampoo girl") (Men of Gondor: "Lost")
've really nothing against you, It's Liv Tyler I can't stand. How can anyone be so darned pretty, and stand to make girls like me look so darned plain! That is not nice.
I agree with you, she is very pretty, but I'll tell you something. I got hired to play Arwen at a fair, and I didn't want to do it, because I knew everyone would notice how bad I look, when compared to her... even when not compared to anyone. I didn't want the part, but all my friends, who woul have worked with me, came and told me "You are a million times prettier than her, we know you, and once you get to know someone, your way of looking at them changes, you only see the good sides." That meant so much to me. I do believe I look as good as her, if not better Wink Smilie, because I learned that it doesn't matter at all, when people who judge me on my looks only think, what matters, is what peope who love me see, people who care.

Hear hear, Arwen! I agree. Who's to say what's beautiful and what isn't anyway?

Hmm, my impulsive act?? While waiting in line for Return of the King, go up and hug the orc a few feet in front of me. Would've looked weird, though, since I was dressed up as an elf. Very Big Grin Smilie
Um... I'm the only one in my town to dress up as anything for the movies. I like to play dressup. Cool Smilie Angel Smilie Girl Smilie
You're right, Arwen! And, please, don't ever say such things... you are beautiful and that's the end of it! So saith Feanor, greatest of the Noldor, and dares anyone to contradict him!
HAHA! I would love to do a bunch of things. I would like to ride upon Shadowfax, Stand at the top of Cahadras, Walk in Moria, teach orcs manners, and make out with legolas!
i think i would just take the ring an take over middle Angry Elf Smilie

Its mine Pwecioussss *kicks Tulkas in the Nutz, snatches ring* ...and My Middle Earth now 'Muahahahahahha'

*mutters* Pesky Valar...

Mad Smilie

earth Waving Hello Smilie
you carnt snatch it off me because i put it on my finger then i cut my finger off and ate it

therefore if you want it you will have to cut me open (but please remember you will be trying to gut a Valar Big Laugh Smilie )