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Thread: The Bands of Middle Earth

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Does anyone listen to music inspired by or named after Tolkiens work? Especially metal and prog. Whether good or just funny.

Here are some to start you off,
Burzum (Feat Count Grishnakh)
Ephel Duath
Blind Guardian (Nightfall in Middle Earth)
Rush (Rivendell)
Blind Guardian.
Burzum is ok, so are Blind Guardian.
I've only listened to Blind Guardian and I like their stuff!
Have you heard the concept album 'Nightfall in Middle Earth' about Morgoth and the Silmarils?
The mighty LED ZEPPELIN... *MOSH!* Super Scared Smilie Super Scared Smilie Super Scared Smilie

Immigrants Song ..LED ZEP III

Black Mountain Mist... practically all the lyrics are fastooned from the Tolkien influence, Plant and Page big LOTR fans as well as "other" things (better not mention on a "family" site, eh?)

For those born post 1985, ask your dad or your dad's dad!
Thumbs Up Smilie

Oh and Any Prog ROCK bands like Hawkwind (Moorcock rather than Tolkien), Jethro Tull etc...
I am sure it mentions Gollum and other things Middle Earth in Led Zeps 'Ramble on' and theres another ballad by them thats all about Middle Earth, I can't remember what its called but I'll look it up. Orc Smiling Smilie
I've only listened to some of their songs from 'Nightfall in Middle-earth'... that's why I said I like them in the first place! hehe