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Hey, remember me? I am the one who always writes long... very long and boring posts about the most unseen things in both movies and books.... yeah I'm the boring one allright! Anyhow.... I wasn't able to come but for journals for a while... and now that I'm back I just wanted to say hi.... and since I never really wrote a "new kiddo" post.... I'm writing one now.... cuz I do kind of feel like I'm new! ... so.... Hi....
May I be first to welcome you...... back.

Welcome........ back.

Very Big Grin Smilie
OTHER ME: "I think people started to hate your excessively long posts.... "
ME: "That's not true is it preciuos, I have friends here at PT..."
OTHER ME: "You don't have any friends, nobody likes you"
ME: "That's not true, I'm not listening"
OTHER ME: "You are boring, and make stupid comments.."
ME: "The Huruk Hai went up the water spout...."
OTHER ME: "You are annoying and repetive..."
ME: "Down came the raid and wahsed the Huruk out..."
OTHER ME: "They all hate you..."
ME: *Stars crying*

Hi Arwen. Welcome back Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome back Arwen! Smile Smilie
You're most welcomed back, My Lady! And stop saying those nassty thingses... get rid of your inner Gollum; Smeagol did it once, he can do it again, right, my preciousss, my love?!

Thanks you guys!
I love you all!

Wat a silly question Arwen, my love! Of course I remember u! I'll be the last person tyo forget u, love. And I don't hate u at all. Now that u r back and I am back, we shall rle again! Ready for it my love?
Yeah, how can we forget you and how on earth/middle-earth can we hate you? And you are not boring! You silly little elf. Smile Smilie
'Lo Arwen, glad your back with us!!
Welcome back, Arwen!! Your posts aren't boring - they are rather...intriguing. Big Smile Smilie

You know, I guess I never wrote my own "I'm new" post. Hmmmm....I signed up a year ago but never joined in until now. Look what I've been missing!!!!
Welcome back Arwen.