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Hi Im New

Pary Smilie

How do you write vowels in elvish?
'e'..... 'i'......

Very Big Grin Smilie

Welcome to PT.
hi vilyon im new too and btw vee forgot a and o and u ithink when ahe spoke of elvish vowels so i just thought id add them Animated Wink Smilie love, the marshwiggle
As far as I can see there are only two vowels in 'elvish'.

Welcome Vilyon!
Ahh the vowels... they are explainde to some degree in the appendixes, but...
I know has links to Tengwar alphabeths.

Let me know if you figure out how to write two vowles in a row, like ie in Amari’. Exploding Head Smilie
In the tengwar
Tengwar is the name of the elvish alphabet yes.

Faaar down on the Ardalambion site there are plenty of links on the subject.
Klick here ---> Ardalambion
Thanks Amari’ Happy Elf Smilie
Heehee, I'm on lesson three on already. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I can say weird things like: "The people under the one king and queen and the willow and the horses under the maiden." It's fun. The one king!!!! Mwahahahahahaha! (If you haven't noticed already, I'm a freak, and should be locked up in a yellow padded room.)

We all live in a yellow padded room!
A yellow padded room!
A yellow padded room!
We all live in a yellow padded room!
A yellow padded room!
A yellow padded room!

(Vee and virumor think that yellow padded room isn't as catchy as yellow submarine, but they're just normal, unlike me, so don't listen to them)
(Vee and virumor think that yellow padded room isn't as catchy as yellow submarine,

How dare you suggest that Virumor and I agree on anything!

hi i'm new um i've never written a post thingy before and i'm new to the website so i had a few questions
1.i was wondering how do you change your location? or can you not do that.
2. how do you get a picture next to your post?
3. what is a signature?

i couldn't find any of this stuff on the HELP thing

Hi Adweena! Welcome to P-T! Jumping Flame Smilie

1. Don't think you can do that. Not yet, anyway. The site is under construction, so perhaps later?
2. The picture next to your post is called an avatar. You'll find more info on them in the "help" and in several threads on this forum. (You'll have to find a picture yourself. Google Images is a place to start, unless you already have one in mind)
3. A signature is a pice of visdom(?.) that appear at the bottom of your posts. As the site is under construction, it has not been activated yet.

Hope this helps! Smile Smilie

Welcome t Planet-Tolkien, Adweena.

1.i was wondering how do you change your location? or can you not do that.

Unfortunately, at this point in time you cannot change your location. That might be a feature that will be added in future.
2. how do you get a picture next to your post?

The picture is called an Avatar and you will find it in the Help and FAQ's under the "A". Your avatar must be a 70 x70 pixal .gif and you upload it by going into My Account/Edit Your Profile. If you cannot size your picture to the proper specifications you can sent it to either: or
Either Amarie or myself can size your pic and send it back to you for uploading.

3. what is a signature?

The signature feature has not been activated on the site yet. A signature is just a quotation that you really like. Some people chose a famous quotation that reflects something about them.

I hope this helps.
Enjoy your stay with us.
In Fellowship,

My name is Celebistar and I am new as well. Does your name mean anything in Elvish? Mine means "silver wizard". By the way, if you are still curious about vowels in Elvish, they are called "Tehtar" and there is an excellent book called The Languages of Tolkien's Middle Earth that will help you with stuff like that.
Hello Celebistar! Waving Hello Smilie Nice of you to join us!

My name doesn't mean anything in Elvish, only in norwegian. However most of the other names seem to be Sindarin/Quenia inspired.
Mine just means 'V'.

Wiggle Smilie
Hello Celebistar and Adweena, i hope u enjoy this website. but i dont know much of elvish, Celebistar. My name doesnt mean anything.
Wee!! New members Happy Elf Smilie Welcome you two Smile Smilie Hope to see you name means Spirit Maiden..Sadly,when I registerd I failed to take in account that Fea means ugly in spanish. *giggles*
Hi, I'm new and thought I'd say hey to everyone. My name is Ithildin, which (correct me if I'm wrong) means Twilight. You can call me either one. I'm sure I'll see some of you while rping, so see you then. Elf Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Tinuviel_ithildin Waving Hello Smilie I hope you have a great time here.
welcome Tinuviel_ithildin, I hope to see you around. Smile Smilie Smile Smilie
Hey Tinuviel_ithildin, welcome to Planet Tolkien!!!
i found an avatar but im wondering how do you size it. it is 90 by 90 pixels. if not i can find a new one. please help me. Angel Smilie
can it be smaller than 70 by 70 pixels????????????????????????//
found an avatar but im wondering how do you size it. it is 90 by 90 pixels. if not i can find a new one. please help me.

Send the avatar to me,I'll resize it:
Smile Smilie
Thank you for the welcome Lady Feawen and Stonehelm. I'll look forward to seeing you around. *Bows to both* I'm just going to go with Ithildin for my name, though. Too many other Tinuviels. Shaking Head Smilie
Hello everybody new and welcome!!
I'm quite new myself only been here for about a month or so.
My name is just a name and the appendix in TLOR has some languange help.
HEY! welcom to to PT. see ya around!
I'm a few days new,myself,and I must say how very refreshing this site is,and thank you to the good people that contribute themselves to it-us Tolkien folk must stick together!I hope to speak to you all!
hi guys i'm kinda new here . wud like some help for greater participation in in this classy forum
Hi Ayan, welcom to Planet-Tolkien. Happy Elf Smilie

Click on 'Help and FAQ's' in the My Account Menu at the upper left and most of your questions can be answered there. If you still have a question, just ask it, but try to put it in an existing topic that is similar. The top of the forum is about the website and its usage, the middle is about the books and the movies, the taverns are about anything in general. I'm sure someone will answer any question you have.
ladyfeawen i don't know how to send it. can somebody just tell me how to resize an avatar please.
Hi and a big welcome to all of you. Waving Hello Smilie

Adweena: Your avatar will not load if it is not a 70x70 gif. You can send it through e-mail to LadyFeawen as an attachment and she will resize it for you, then return it to you as an attachment so you can upload it. She has posted her e-mail in response to your earlier post. I will post it again. Smile Smilie

You need graphics software which will reformat picture files in order to resize your avatar. I use Sierra SnapShot.
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Ayan. Waving Hello Smilie I hope you have a great time here.
thank you rednell im trying to send it. Cool Smilie

by the way does anybody know any of the elf, men or dwarve ringbearers? any help will be appreciated

I have copied this into a thread of its own under History of Middle Earth/Other Ringbearers
hello, im absolutely 100%new to this lovely website.
Welcome to PT, Thorongil. I hope you really enjoy your stay with us. Waving Hello Smilie
Birthday Smile Smilie WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME!
In response to Adweena (welcome to PT btw Waving Hello Smilie ), here ar the ringbearers that l know:
Moderator Smilie I have copied this post over to a thread under History of Middle Earth/Other Ringbearers. If you wish to respond, please post in that thread. Thanks Moderator Smilie
Elven Rings:

Nenya the Ring of Water was carried eastward from Eregion by Galadriel, who crossed the mountains and settled in the land of L’rien. Narya and Vilya had already been sent into the north by Celebrimbor, and were in the safekeeping of High King Gil-galad.Galadriel kept her Elven-ring throughout the later years of the Second Age, and the duration of the Third. Gil-galad gave his rings to lords in his service - Narya to C’rdan at the Grey Havens, and Vilya to Elrond, who used it to found a haven of his own against Sauron in the midst of Eriador - Imladris, that Men came to call Rivendell. C’rdan, too, passed on his Ring, to a Grey stranger who sailed into his havens out of the West, who would come to be known in later legends as Mithrandir, or Gandalf.

Dwarve Rings

Of the Dwarvebearers l only know 1: The Last Ring of the Dwarves. It was originally given to King Durin III of Khazad-d’m by the Elves of Eregion, and it remained in his line for thousands of years until it was inherited by Thr’r, the King under the Mountain at Erebor. It was during Thr’r's reign that Smaug descended on Erebor and drove the Dwarves into exile. Long after Erebor's destruction, Thr’r passed the Ring to his son Thr’in, who dwelt for many years as an exile from his ancient home. At last, Thr’in set out on his own ill-fated Quest of Erebor, but he was captured by the spies of Sauron, and the Ring of Thr’r was lost.

Men Rings

The Rings of Men were of: Kham’l, Murazor (the Witch-king himself), Dwar, Ji Indur, Akhorahil, Hoarmurath, Adunaphel, Ren and Uvatha.

l hope l helped you out Smile Smilie
welcome Thorongil! enjoy PT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Waving Hello Smilie
Moderator Smilie I have copied this post to a thread in History of Middle Earth/Other Ringbearers. If you wish to respond please post in that thread. Thanks, Rednell Moderator Smilie

thanks gildor
does anybody know what the names of the mens rings and the names of the ringbearers so i can match it up and thror's ring name please
Okay, it seems there is a long list of new members in this thread that I haven’t had the chance to properly greet yet, so with that said, hello and welcome to PT Vilyon, Marshwiggle, Adweena, Celebistar, Tinuviel _ithildin, Ainulindhe, Ayan, and Thorongil!

Hope to see you all around the forums, and I hope you all enjoy your time here! Happy Elf Smilie
i'm sorry ladyfeawen i cant send it i dont know why ill try again Very Sad Smilie i wish my stupid email will work i want an avatar really bad. i might just see if my dad can do it with his email.
i have the picture but i dont know how to get it to my email
i have the picture but i dont know how to get it to my email

Open a new mail as usual. On the tool bar you will see a paper clip icon, which is the attachment tool. When you click it, it will open a browser into your hard drive. Browse through this until you find where you have saved your picture, then click on it to attach it to your email.
welcome and have fun!
I see long lists of new members appearing in the box to my left .... today we have Acheron, Parzifal, Gilanna, Durin, Aragorns-my-love.......... not to mention the ones over the past month! I hardly see any of them posting in the forums so I have to wonder, are they figments of my imagination, just shy, someone messing about.....

Show yourselves in the forums!
They might be doing what "we" always complain they are not doing - reading the old posts before posting something new! Tongue Smilie
Nah, can't see that. Besides how long can it take to read a few posts.....?

Come on Newbies! Post!
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