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Yah, Im new. You can check out my journel for more info. Wink Smilie
Hi Corganis. Welcome to Planet Tolkien. I hope you have a great time here.
Welcome, Corganis Smile Smilie Hope to see you around...
Hi there, and welcome Corganis! Waving Hello Smilie
Can someone help me, Im having trouble getting my avatar to work. Everything I upload dosnt show up. I know they meet the requirements.

Oh, and thanks for the welcome. Big Smile Smilie
Welcome Corganis! Pary Smilie

Do you get a message "picture uploaded" after pressing upload? Or another message? If it says "must be .Gif" or something similar, but you know it is .gif, then the error most likely is that you have upper case letters. It has to be *.gif, not Gif or GIF.

If you still have problems you can send the pic to Amari’ or Rednell ( or Very helpful girls! Smile Smilie You could also send it to me (, cause I'm really bored right now and could do with the distraction. Smile Smilie Don't know if I'm able to help though! Hehe! Tongue Smilie
I dont get any message at all. But I was talking to Rednell on IRC so shes working on it. Big Smile Smilie
Hi! Welcome to PTWaving Hello Smilie
Hi, peoples. I'm Elizabeth and I'm new Angel Smilie
Great! Make yourself at home here, we already have. Very Big Grin Smilie Tongue Smilie
Yep.... (plumps cushions and lounges on the sofa sipping red wine and watching TV) It's home alright.

Ach So yer slobbing Vee, whilst we Foolish Few Work our fingers to the bone!

Is the vino a'right?

Couches, Sofas, TV, cheap red wine; such wanton indolence is what makes our great nation so Blighted and Corrupt!

(*tongue firmly in cheek*)

Very Evil Smilie
Cheap red wine!!! Tis a fine Merlot. Not expensive, justly priced.

Working.... ha.... you.... ha!
Yay, Red did it! My avatar finally works.

Home, eh...

**Grabs a tv and plops infront of it**
Have you got the remote?
Hi Elizabeth. Waving Hello Smilie Welcome to Planet Tolkien. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
Aiya Elizabeth =)
I hope you enjoy being a member and if you have any questions then don't be afraid to ask. Angel Smilie
welcome to PT Elizabeth i'm new here to. Big Smile Smilie