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Try this...its really cool, only takes a minute *I'm not sure if this will work with European phone number, since there are 7 digits long)

1. Key in the first 3 digits of your phone number into a calculator (not the area code)

2. Multiply by 80

3. Add 1

4. Multiply by 250

5. Add the last four digits of your phone number

6. Add the last four digits of your phone number again

7. Subtract 250

8. Divide by 2 at last

Is it your phone number ??

An extra digit in the middle.... but all the right numbers.
I Same here! Nice one though...
I got my number, all right, with no extra digits or anything, kinda cool, that is...
One 7 to much.... but quite good Smile Smilie
I got my # right on Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Thats a neat trick
That's an awesome trick, very cool. I got my number and my friend's on the first time. Dog Smilie
mine was off by 3 digits...
got it!! *yea* interesting thing. got to find out how it works. =) that's a job for a boring saturday. :p
I found this little neglected thread and tried the fomula and...voila! It works! Try it, you guys and gals, kind of a funny little thing. I love stuff like this...
Here's How It Works

Let us say your phone number is 1234567 so we fill in the numbers

((123 x 80 +1) (250) +2(4567) -250) /2 then mulitiply first two terms by 250

((123 x 80 x 250) +250 + 2(4567) -250) /2 next cancel out the 250s

((123 x 80 x 250) + 2(4567) /2 next devide by 2

123 x 40 x 250 +4567 then and do some easy muliplication

123 x 10,000 + 4567 a last bit of multiplication

1230000 +4567 and sum it up

1234567 Voila!, it will work for any seven digit number
Worked for me too. Very cool.
Arghhhhh! Grondy beat me to it... As soon as I started reading the original post I was thinking to myself "Ohhhhh I just have to post the mathematical solution". It's still a neat trick, even if it can be explained with simple math. Wink Smilie
It worked with me too. A very nice trick, where did you learn it?Big Smile Smilie

Wow, nice!
Indeed a neat trick
really creepy
Nah not creepy, it's just plain old math, like the way Grondy explained it.