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lets take any lotr name and create a funny spoof name for it.
i will start ...
name = Merry brandybuck
spoof name = Merrily brandedbutt

next name - frodo baggins
Orfo Draggins

Next name - Radagast the Brown

Raddagast the Brown : Raggedmast the Torn

next name : Aragorn
I wanna say "Aromagorn" but that's not my original idea. I found it somewhere, but I can't remember where...
Airagorn works too.

Next name:Minas Tirith
Minus Truth the home of the Gondorian Chapter of the Middle-earth Liars Club.
I'll choose Glittering Caves as Grondy's choice....

Flittering knaves

Next - Boromir
Boromir-Boareomire(it sounds funnier in my language)

Next-Dol Guldur
Dol Guldur can't be anything but Dull Guilder, which would have to be a tarnished silver coin since the gold ones stay bright and shiny.

How about Gandalf the Grey ?
Grindolf the Grain?

Next: Shadowfax

Shadowfax : Wittycrax

next Pippin

Next: Treebeard.

treebeard : (Freebeer)d

next : Elrond
here is a real name,yes someone is really named this---

richard grabber
louis lazanga
little person....
Rolling Eyes Smilie Shaking Head Smilie

there are alot more---my mom is a librayian

thats very gud pal . so lets get on wid this "game" . no name has been suggested so i will volunteer :

Elendil : Alamedeal

next name : Morgoth

( i guess this is a dead thread now . still i am posting coz i got nuthin better to do )

Sore-moth. Uh, next word- Legolas Theres a lot of options for this one!
I hope someone got that. No, I'm not one to go for the endless jokes on those last two letters...
Legless works too. Smile Smilie
someone said leg-o-lamb

and how bout

Ellen Dill. I believe Leg-o-lamb is from Bored of the Rings.

Smaug, or is that to easy?
Smaug on the water, fire in the sky.
Slog the Insufficient

Barliman Butterbur
Barberman Butterfingers. Ouch!

Ankle-gone the Black? Oh, wait....

Um, Durin the Deathless.
Darren the Neverending

Ioreth the Loquacious (talkative)
Yorthie-poo the Quaeritator

Borondir Udalraph