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Do you really think Hollywood is desensitizing the world's youth? (um, it's tough to tell without a tone of voice, but that's a legit question, not sarcasm) Do movies have that much influence on society, at least as far as violence is concerned?

I'm curious what other people think, since it's such a popular media topic. (one line answer for me, which I can expand at will- No, I don't believe movies can be proven to be a major contributor to the "desensitization of youth", or can unbalance a balanced mind.) Sorry to try and start a philosophical discussion on a fluff thread, but I'm curious.

One more question- did anyone see From Hell? I wanted to, but I never got a chance. Is it worth the two hours?
Never heard of it.
yeah, me either...what is it about?
This is Friday the 13th part 10 (X, aren't they clever, nice and futuristic sounding), yes? It's the distant future, Earth is no longer habitable (of course), so humans have colonized space. A colony gets two cryogenically preserved bodies, defrosts them, and surprise! one of them is Jason Voorhees. Who promptly stars killing colonists. Not really my thing, so I can't say I'm looking forward to it. No offense meant, Halo.

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Oh right, another one. But the so-called "Final Friday" was absolute sh*te. If they'd just left it after they made "The Final Chapter" It would have been a classic like the Hellraiser trilogy (How can you top Alice Cooper as Jason's dad?). As it is it has become the bench mark by which all god-awful bollocks slasher films are measured.
Alice Cooper was Jason's dad? I only remember the soundtrack he did for Jason..'86 I think....didn't know he was in any Jason movies.

shhhhhhha shha sshhha..*
Yeah, I got that soundtrack. Got "Teenage Frankenstein" on it great song, sh*t film. I think he got to be Jason's dad in number 4, the so-called "Final Chapter" but to quote Alyssa, I could be wrong...
I do not enjoy slasher movies, there's enough bad stuff in the real world without having to make-up more. I think the Hollywood demons are just trying to desensitize our youth, toward making this a worse place to live. Sad Smilie
Not even the original (and best) the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Its a classic! I spent most of my misspent youth watching slasher movies and it hasn't done me a bit of harm.
Oh? :P
I was wanting to go see that as well, so I can't give you an answer yet. Keep hearing wildly differing views on it, it's either really sh*t or fantastic.

As to Hollywood desensitizing the world, definitely no. Maybe to onscreen fictitious violence, but when you see the real thing on the news, you don't feel any less sick because you watched all those Hallowen movies.
Just as my having seen Towering Inferno about 99999 times didn't stop my complete and utter disbelief and shock on September the 11th.
Yeah, I've found the same range of opinions on the movie- people either loved it or walked out. Too bad Heather Graham is in it. She's so... dull.

Good answer on the other question, too. Thanks.
erm.. trust me, us blokes rarely find Heather Graham dull! :P
Oh come on. She's not even that pretty! Her eyes are too far apart, she has weird teeth and her nose is really pointy. Plus she looks like she has about one functioning brain cell, if that. And if it's just her... other assests that are appealing, there are actresses with bodies that are just as nice or better who can actually act, without looking like they have to consciously remember to breathe!


Of course, that rant should be read with the knowledge that I fully plan to make Keanu my love-slave. Heh.
Of course, that rant should be read with the knowledge that I fully plan to make Keanu my love-slave. Heh.

Thanks ok Jehanne, we know that you have more than enough braincells for the both of you...but how to you plan to communicate with him? Are you good at decyphering grunts? Wink Smilie
Why would he need to talk at all? He just needs to look pretty... and follow directions. Big Smile Smilie
Heather Graham has a face! Never knew that.... no seriously, I think she's terribly pretty (how very polite of me, must be ill) and have seen Boogie nights a million times for that very reason (very often in slow motion Wink Smilie )