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What is the strangest 1.person you've ever met,describe them, you've ever been,or 3.thing you've ever done? Please describe in detail!

Rule:It has to be real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One Eye Smilie Orc Going Huh Smilie Wiggle Smilie
1. The strangest person I've ever met... err uh, myself! Heh heh, jus kiddin'. The strangest person... a named Timothy, from my school. He considered me his friend, and I only agreed so when he decides to shoot the school, I'd be saved, maybe. He threatened the teachers with gun and bomb threats. Very strange, I think he was gay, or maybe he was rejected by so many girls, he turned, or something, not that there's anything wrong with that.

2. ...strangest place... umm, Wal-Mart when people get their welfare checks! I'm serious! People will just run ya over. Then ya get these BIG women cussing each other out over big, plastic earings. It's hectic! and I really, really hope that no one took any offense from my comments.

3. strangest thing i've ever done... well, when I was a baby I ate a whole can of worms. I could tell you the dumbest thing I've ever done, but, you didn't ask for it, so, well, it involves a trashcan... and fire... and being at school...
Strangest person was a gentleman who goes by the nickname of Lockwood, for reasons I won't go into here.

Strangest place I've ever been... I don't think Ive ever been anywhere that I could class as strange. Unusual, yes, but strange... No.

Strangest thing Ive ever done... No comment.
1. Like icefang, me.
2. a musem, weird minitures of stick figures climbing out of two rocks.
3. dance a made up dance with my friends where you triwl around trying to hit the other person with your elbow, knee, or head.

ps icefang, are you new?
Yeah, kinda, but I'm learning! Heh heh, My dumb thing was I set a trashcan on fire in my G.T. (gifted and Talented) class. Not too gifted or talented, was I?
One word for IceFangs:

Well, there was a candle sitting on the teacher's desk. Me and my friend, whose name I will not mention, (Jacob) were playing with the candle wax. He stuck his finger in it, took it out, let the wax harden, and then hold his finger over the flame again, letting the wax melt off, all the while saying, "It's hot, it's hot!" I, um, set a kleenex on fire, then, when the fire got close to my hand, I um, threw it in the trashcan.

There were lots of papers in the trashcan, and, they, um, ALL caught on fire. Luckily, the trashcan was metal, so, it wouldn't burn, or melt, or something liek that. The trashbag roasted, along with everything in the can, so my teacher put it outside, to let the smoke blow away.

Thank god we (Jacob, me, and my teacher) were the only ones in there! To this day, Jake won't let me live it down, and the teacher will never light a candle in her classroom again...
There is a lot to be said for a cool head, Icefangs! At least you did not burn the entire school down. You would probably be the first to destroy a bulilding with a kleenex!
Well, then, maybe I be in the Guiness Book of World Records, as the "First idiot to burn her school down with a kleenex!"