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Someone mentioned losing a good friend the other day....... reminded me of some good friends I have lost along the way. So here is a thread for you to mention good friends who have come and gone.....

I miss Ads. He was my best friend for years. Then he fell in love and kapow! Ah well, he is married and in Ireland and hopefully happy. But I do miss him. Such a cynical bar steward. I do regret that it ended bitterly. I also lost contact with another mutual friend at the same time - CountB - wonder if he is OK?

So, who do you miss?
Well I had a really good friend on the puter for a long time. I wasn't able to get puter access for a year and when I came back I haven't been able to find him. He doesn't answer his ICQ and I lost his email addy. So I guess I miss him. His name is Martin.

Other than Martin..I would be missing my kitty friends that have passed. Cool Smilie

Great Forum Vee!
Felicity. We were friends for years. I even stayed with her when she got really bad nits, and I got them too, and we endured it together. I even sat beside her when i didn't have them and she did. We never fought. We were friends from Standard 2. Then I got moved up again and had to go to Intermediate early. We were still friends. A year later she moved. *sob*
I even stayed with her when she got really bad nits, and I got them too,


i miss a good friend of mine too. his name is Ashish, and we spent a lot o good times together and wid other friends. he helped me increase my standard in my studies.but 2 years back his Dad passed away and he had to move to Delhi in India.

- A.J.: We got to know each other, but he got diagnosed with cancer and doesn't come to school anymore; I haven't seen him since and don't know how to contact him.
- Chad B. : We were really close; he was funny and liked the same things that I did, i.e LotR, but he moved to Florida a couple of years ago.
- Chad J. : We used to talk, and do things, but he's been hanging out with older kids now, and I don't see him much.
- Mike G. : He was the one that got me started on LotR; we used to swap notes in Tengwar during algebra class. Unfortunately, he got hooked on the Matrix after that, and stopped liking LotR; I don't see him much now since he usually spends a lot of his time with his new girlfriend.
- Mike S. : We used to always talk about LotR, and stuff, but he's also engrossed with his new girlfriend as well.
- Andr’: A few years back, he lived in the neighborhood; we used to walk around town and just eat hot dogs and crack jokes, but he moved out a while back and i haven't seen him since.
- Ricky: He came here from Buffalo, NY, but he soon moved out to another state; I don't even know where.
- Justin B.: He moved here, but quickly moved again. He was only here for a few months.
-Anthony: I only knew him for a year, but then he moved again.
- Geoff: He moved here from Washington 2 years ago, but I don't have him in any of my classes and I'm usually crammed with homework, so I don't get to see him.
- David: He got me interested in computers and code and everything, along with a bit of Mike G's influence, but he's sort of quiet, and I don't see him in any of my classes at school, and I'm usually too busy or too bored to do anything outside of school.

That's all I can think of right now...
I have a friend who lives in Iowa... One of my closest friends. We don't live too far away but I don't get to see her as much as I wish we could.. She has been always the type that wouldnt mind if I called her odd hours of the night, which reminds me, I think I'll call her (again) todayBig Smile Smilie
Chris In Love Smilie Hehehe, I see him and talk to him sometimes Smile Smilie But I miss talking and visiting with him regulary. He is a very nice guy friend.

I also miss Pulky/Lord_aragorn86 Sad Smilie Who was on MSN today but my computer crashed and when I got it running again, he was off.. and I had a poem of mine to show to him.
Well i never had more than a few good friends, and i dont miss them all that much.Thats all i have to say...
Ive lost and made so many good friends in my mere 7 years on IRC. I've also made, lost, and remade some too, haven't I Taz?

First of all, I won't use her IRC nick, because she is, or was, very well known, one of the founders of DAL, AND Sorcery. Her name is Debbie. She was the first person on irc to ever show me kindness, rather than "You're a n00b, go away!", if it wasn't for her, I would have given up on IRC long ago. Unfortunatly, life got the better of her, and she took the "ultimate solution".

Secondly, and somewhat suprisingly, Sinned, aka, Blacklord, aka, Dennis O'Neil. He was long my friend, despite his tendency to troll. He's still rattling around somewhere, but I miss his abrasive manner. He also kept me stable during some very tough times, letting me vent off on him.

Then there was Balmung, a gentleman who I knew for years on, who disappeared without a trace. A wonderful wizard of graphics. I thought I'd never see him again, when, out of the blue, he came looking for me.

Lastly, and most oddly, Peachie. I wonder what happened to her?
I miss alot of my online friends:

Kikkle- met on we became best buds. she told me she lived in ohio, very far away from me, then, I got grounded, or, well, permantely removed from furcadia
ScottyCF- met at we read each others' stories and poems, then, I had to get a new email address
Chris Brewer- met on we talked all the time, literally. He always called me *sob* hun, then I could no longer get on furcadia
Ryu- met him on, too. we met, became best friends then, i couldn't get on furcadia

there are many more, but i haveta go!