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Post your pet's name (hopefully a LOTR one) what kind of animal it is, and why you chose the name. Below is mine.

Animal: hamster
Name: Luthien Tinuviel
Why: She's a dark colored fancy hamster, so she's really pretty. Also, Luthien was said to be a nimble Elf, and my hamster is REALLY nimble.
We had a dog named Frodo last year. He died, some problem with his brain.

Yes, I'm sure that was the kind of post you were looking for. We have two dogs now, Olive and Leo.
Animal: A shpeckledy-wab (A rabbit)
Name: Speckles (I wanted to name him Felagund, but the family flatly refused to call him 'some silly name from your obssession')
WHat he's like: He's the cleverest pet you could ever have. I taught him to stay (or so I thought), so whenever I left my room and said 'stay,' he would stay in the very same position until I got back. When I walk into my room, i always kick the door open. Then for some reason I didn't. I saw Speckles jump back up onto the bed and get in the same position. He even took care to arrange his ears. I jumped in and yelled 'aha!' and he swapped the position of his ears. He thought he had arranged his ears wrong, and so been found out. He'sh sho shweet, my shweet shpecklesh!
I know he's not LOTR, but, I wanted to post him anyway...
Name: Cocoapuff, nickname: Cocoa
Animal: Half rat terrier, half dachshund (weenie dog)
What he's like: Cocoa is, in my all-important opinion, the sweetest, smartest little doggie in the whole world. He is five, almost six years old. He's dark brown, with a darker stripe down his back, big, floppy ears, and a stub-tail. I think his big, brown eyes are kawaii!!!!
Name: Dumper (also has been known as Bilbo and Half a pint of guiness)
Animal: Rabbit
Why: because before we trained her she kept crapping all over the house

N: Turnip
A: Guinea Pig
W: Good word

N: Cheese
A: Duck
W: Check out his brothers name

N: Quackers
A: Duck
W: Bad sense of humour

N: Porridge
A: Rat
W: she was creamy white

N: Syrup
A: Rat
W: She was brown and more of a bad sense of humour

N: Sprout
A: Rabbit
W: Tradition

N: Biscuit
A: Guinea Pig
W: He was biscuit coloured

N: Humbug
A: Guinea Pig
W: He's black with a white stripe and more tradition

N: Yoghurt
A: Guinea Pig
W: White and you get the point

N: Chip
A: Rabbit
W: He was inherited when my cousins emmigrated to australlia, they have a lack of imagination and copied my tradition of naming all my animals after food

Please not all the guinea pigs are also known as Mr Pig. But as my Uncle, dad and I are all also known as Frank this may go some way to explaining this.
Wow Ross, you have a lot of pets! Cat Smilie My brother wants to post that he has a hamster named Hilts (from the Great Escape) named so, because on the way home from the pet shop, he chewed through the box. He also escaped when we were gone for three days (we found him in the bathtub and he was crazed from hunger and started hissing) and he escaped again at a friends house. I used to have a Gerbil named Frodo (named because he had a gimpy paw; Frodo of the Nine-Fingers) who died last year. And my other brother would like to mention that when I was seeing ROTK opening night, he let Luthien out of her cage. She chewed on my violin, shredded alot of the carpeting, and ate Suzuki Violin Book 6.
We had a dog named Frodo last year. He died, some problem with his brain.

Yes, I'm sure that was the kind of post you were looking for. We have two dogs now, Olive and Leo.

I have a dog called Leo too, yellow Labrador, bit daft but a wonderful pet....have christened 4 new goldfish after the 4's Boxer dog is called Gim, short for Gimli!
Well I do have a Cat Smilie cat named Strider that's it from LOTR I do have all together 7 cats, 2 dogs, 3 rats...I tried to name them all on here but it got messed up and I have to many to rewrite!!! Smile Smilie
I shall name all my animals and describe them. (Warning, this will be a very long post).

I've already done Speckles.

Name: Easter (I wanted to call him Turambar, but Mum flatly refused and named him Easter).
Animal: A coney.
Description: He's black and white, and he's real sweet. But he's stupid at everything except how to jump up and open the door at the top of his cage and jump out.

Name: Fred (We thought he was a girl, and I was annoyed because Mum said I couldn't call him anything LOTR, so I just just named 'her' Fred. Then we found he was a boy.)
Animal: A drake. (Male duck)
Description: He's white. He's silly, he grew up with chooks. We gave him a girl duck, and she kept sidling up to him (it was spring) and he kept running away.

Name: Bronwyn
Animal: A duck.
Description: She's Fred's mate.

Name: Greyey
Animal: Quail
Description: She's grey, and keeps jumping up real high and squeaking.

Name: Whitey
Animal: Quail
Description: Greyey's mate.

(We have five other quails, but we didn't name any of them.)

We also have 8 zebrafinches, but we didn't name them either.

We have 4 baby zebrafinches, but we didn't name them either.

Now for the deceased animals.

Name: Floppolio.
Animal: Rabbit.
Description: Really lazy. Very fluffy and sweet.

Name: Floppy
Animal: Rabbit.
Description: Thin, scrawny. Floppolio's mate, foster mother, and half sister. Mother of Easter.

Name: Princess Smoky Snowball
Animal: Dwarf Rabbit.
Description: very small. i never would take her inside because she would foul up my bed.

Name: Plato
Animal: Dwarf Rabbit.
Description: Snowball's mate. He fouled up my bed too.

Name: Frog
Animal: Frog
Description: Realy weird and fat.

Name: Frog
Animal: Frog
Description: Skinny.

(We had two other frogs, but we didn't name them.)

We had five fish too, but next door's cat ate them.

Told you this would be a long post. you're lucky id din't go into detail.
I have a dog called Leo too, yellow Labrador, bit daft but a wonderful pet

Olive is a yellow lab. So, daftness is a trait that both of out labs has? Does yours bark while lying down and then turn its head to see if you are going to let it inside?
Olive is a yellow lab. So, daftness is a trait that both of out labs has? Does yours bark while lying down and then turn its head to see if you are going to let it inside?

Mine tends to sit with his nose right up against the back door making slight whimpering sounds until you look outside and he tilts his head to look at you and gives you that all knowing look that if you dont then come around 2am he'll bark to go out and have a fake wee in the garden, have amad half hour run around then come back in, Labrador Payback
I have two cats, a Bull Dog and a Bull Terrier

I inherited the Bull Dog from a freind in the Military and he got orders to Afghanistan and I got the dog. I can not take credit for his name as he already had a name when I got him.
Name: Sam (after Samwise Gamgee)
color: Red Brindle and White
Gender: Male
This dog will be 3 in August and he is fat and lazy but I love him

I adopted my Bull Terrier from the Dumb Friends League in December 2002
Name: Marius (I am a fan of Anne Rice)
Color: White
Gender: Male
This guy is a total freakshow he is really hyper but he is one of the most loveable dogs that I have been around. I got him as friend for Sam and they hardly ever play together anymore. But they still like each other.

I got a cat in December 2002 he is just a cat but he is a sweetie and a little on the looney side but I am hoping that once he gets out of being a kitten he will calm down.
Name: Eomer
Color: Cream fur / his tail, and his ears are orange and he has an orange mask on his face
Named him Eomer becuase he has that light colored fur and reminded me of all the people of Rohan Blonde and rather nordic looking.

I just got a new kitten on Friday 04-06-2004 she is just the sweetest little girl and she is at that phase where she is so ugly she is cute, her ears are too big, her fur is all spikey but when she grows up she will be just as pretty as she can be,
Name: Fiona Arwen (mom wanted Fiona to be her first name)
Color: Brown Tabby /Khaki and White
Gender: Female

So you see all my pets are named after at least one literary character I think that is so much more original than something like tiger, spot or spike and I know that my pets all have the most unique names.
I have a cute 'lil English Budgie name'd Samwise who is getting quite old, a foal who's nickname is Nahar and a not so friendly garden spider aptly name'd Shelob. Elf Winking Smilie
The last pets I had were two rabbits, one called Odin, the other called Thoth.
I say Fea, I had a spider who's web was over my bed that I named the very same thing. Guess there is a shortage of spider names.
Well, I have five dogs, three cats and three horses, as follows --

Dog #1: Murphy (aka Murphaloo, Murphalurph, or just plain Murph)

Dog #2: Arcturus (aka Arcturius the Furious)

Dog #3: Gomez (aka Go-Go, or Goey)

Dog #4: as yet un-named, she's a little white Jack Russell-esque puppy with brown spots

Dog #5: also as yet un-named, she's a cream-colored Lab mix pup

(Have any suggestions as to the naming of the un-named ones?)

Cat #1: Omar (aka Baby Omar, or Bright Eyes)

Cat #2: Six Toes (aka The Evil One, The Mean One, The Growly get the idea)

Cat #3: Kitzle

Horse #1: Bad Boy (aka Easy Boy, or Whoa Boy, or Beast)

Horse #2: Talanaga (aka Chica)

Horse #3: Moose

OK, so none of them have LOTR names...but maybe, if my family doesn't object (which they most certainly will, of course), the two new nameless puppies can have LOTR names. But Mom's like, "Um, let's name this one Tyke." Tyke? Even if she does look like the Buster Brown dog, she's a she, for Pete's sake! Another thing, Bad Boy is white, like the horse in the movie "Into the West", so I wanted to name him Tir Nan Og -- I mean, really, it would be so fitting -- but no, Mom always goes for the inelegant names. Arcturus was the only one I was able to name, and it was a good hard fight I had to put up to name him that. What did Mom want to name him? Elvis.


(P.S. I'm hello everyone!)
I have two burmese cats, Merlin (Pedigree name Merlin Spellweaver) and Gandalf (Pedigree name Illystyll Elventree).

You can see gandalf here: although I'm not sure how to make that a hperlink, sorry.
Nixie, you should name one of your dogs Huan. That's much better than Elvis, anyway.
I had a vicous an un-oririnally named rabbit which we called Brian, after my (second)cousin. Actually I'm not even sure if that was the reason we named him's been like 4 years so I'm not quite sure. He was quite agressive('cuz we never played with him when he was younger *sniffle*)and when he got older he had VERY LONG nails. Then his teeth kinda started to grow long too......he looked kinda like a mammoth I guess.One thing I remember the most though is that we would let him out out of his cage and let him run around in our backyard. Then we'd chase after him (I know I'm so evil Very Evil Smilie ) and while he was running I swear he'd do an Olympic jump to get away from us! It was like a foot in the air then he'd twist around in a full circle, then land on the ground and keep running at the same insane pace as before. Maybe I should have called him Old Man Willow.....but he was pretty young so that wouldn't have fit. Maybe I should have called him Carcharoth..... Wolf Smilie
I've got a Dog Smilie dog named Champ (like champion...).But it's not my dog so i couldn't give hime LOTR name...
'some silly name from your obssession'

I tried to name my hamster some lotr name but same above quote.
well now my hamster's name is arturo somebody that sells metal to my dad's scrap yard.
Well Randalllin, if you want your hampster to be more cultured, you could say you named him after the famous conductor of symphony orchestras, Arturo Toscanini (well he was famous in my boyhood and his conducting career spaned 68 years, not his life, his career). Teacher Smilie

I think that Arturo would be a more fitting name for a scrapyard dog. If I were one, I'd be proud to go by that name, and would wear it with honor. Now if your hampster was just a little bigger so he could be classified as a dog. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I'll give the name, type and description of my animals:

name: Lilly
Type: dog
Description: Shes a yellow lab shepard mix. She has the coloring of a yellow lab but the build of a german shepard. Shes so sweet she 13 and still acts like my mom. ( she'll lay on the front grass and watch me if I'm in the front yard.

name: Whitesox
type: cat
description: shes a blue seal point birman( my dad found out on the internet) We got her from my sisters vet we didn't name her whitesox but that suits her well having white feet. Shes funky She'll want you to pet her then she'll go run or start biting you. but shes my kitty i'm her favourite.

name: Eeyore
type: fish
description: gray bottom feeder hes cute

name: Sunshine
type: fish
description: mommy guppy shes orange. I got the name from my dads bird when he was around my age or a little older. Just died a couple years ago.

I have more fish but four don't have a name and the other two would take too long.
My aunt and uncle had a dog named Aragorn Boromir Bombadil,they just called it for me i normally like to name animals things like,Jose Quervo,Captain Morgan,Hopalong,and i named a mule Festus (any other Gunsmoke fans?)
Anomoly Blackpaw- female longhair black cat, original name was Point Singularity since she was small black kitten who sucked in things and destroyed them.

Spider Fu- another female cat, when she was small she liked to climb up things and was actually witnessed hanging upside down on a few occasions, hence the spider name

Ginger the Hutt- used to be a skinny ginger colored cat, has over time become somewhat larger. often sleeps in a pose reminiscent of the more well known Jabba

Salamander- quite large red and white ex-tomcat who rules the garden and barn with an iron paw. aka Mooska or Salamooska

also acquired a rabbit last year. Big black lop found wandering in the fields down the road that someone from town must have dumped out in the country. Spent the winter in the house with the cats, who were all terrified of him. So he earned the name Gromph Baenre, after the deadly dark elf arch-mage, as well as a new hutch outside, allowing the felids to live in peace.
I have a dog, Sweet Pea, because she is the sweetest dog I've ever seen. I also have a cat, Friskie. I had 2 other cats but they both died last year. Nobody would let me name any of my animals after LOTR so, I have names ready in my head for new animals lol.
I have one dog named Snitter, and some fish (cichlids) named Mango, Slimy, Gerri Sizzler, Hecubis and Blue Boy.
I did have a dog I spent about 3 years training as a working dog, she was really fantastic too, if a little too excitable. But she ran away while I was in the states. Her name was Raena.

I have a Dwarf gourami who I've had for a couple years now, I named him Pete
and a ram who had one eye when I bought him, subsuquently he swims around the tank lop sided so he can keep and eye on everyone, He's quite staunch and doesn't let his disibility get him down, I named him Lefty

My sis has two turtles named Gizmo and Murtle the turtle, when we first got them they where really shy, but we feed them in a seperate container so's not to make a mess of their tank and they've gotten used to us, all you have to do is put your hand in the tank at feeding time and they'll swim right into it.
OOO turtles are sooo cute! I've always wanted one, but my mom said the only pets she ever had were turtles and she's sick of them.
I still have my stupid, fat, ugly, smelly, cancer-filled, blind, deaf dog that has recently celebrated her 14th birthday. Big Smile Smilie
First, in reviving this thread, I would like to say to Melian: Hecubis is the best pet name I have ever heard, and also one of my favorite lead character's names in a great Kids In The Hall sketch!
(Okay, that was not irrelevant or anything...). And it is cool that you also have cichlids.

My pets are as follows, no joke, I am running a pseudo-farm here.

cats: Hermoine, Milo, and Number Two. Frodo just left us recently. Sad Smilie
fish: betta-Red the Pirate; cichlids-Big One, Flubbeesha, Mr. Flubbers, and Fobby.(names courtesy of my children).
birds: (parakeets) Superman and Jenny.
turtle: John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt.
bearded dragon: Charles the Third
We used to have a rattlesnake named Pete that my husband caught, then we found out it was illegal to own a wild one, so he set it free out in the desert again...I guess a rattlesnake is not the best pet to have in your garage if you have children anyway...not that it was free...
Also we had a huge tarantula that I HATED that eventually "escaped" into the desert as well-I know, shame on me...I HATE spiders...I put it back into its natural habitat, though!
Well i wanted to call my horse Estel, but decided against it a people might think i'm wierder than i already am when i tell them that it means 'Hope'.... in Elvish. So, yeah, i called her Socks instead. I've also got a mutt called Asher (which i hate), two cats called Darcy and Jet, a rat called Astra (i did have 3 but the other 2 died), a guinea squig (lol) called Rusty and about 50,000 fish. We used to have a squirrel called Rocky as well, but we only had it for a week and it died. I found it on a busy road next to a 6ft wall. I couldn't leave it there cos it was really young and was on a road. We think it was only 2 weeks old. Awww. I took it to my uncle's house and he kept it in a box with an incubator and stuff, and it was dead tame and friendly and it'd chase you round the house and crawl up your leg to your shoulder. It was so sweet. But, yeah, it died after a week cos it had some sort of infection or somethin Sad Smilie Ah well..
You can tell i love my animals by looking at my relationship with Darcy, my fat cat. Darcy just loves to spin round on my comuter chair and get catapolted off the end of the seesaw. No, actually, he doesn't. But he never complains cos i think he got brain damaged when he fell off the bedroom windowsill. Hmm...
when one of my friends was a little kid his brother held their cat up to their astro vans exhaust crawled in and when the chevy started it shot out and hit the garage door! the cat let out a weird screech when it hit the died a month later of "unknown" causes.(i think brain trama was a factor)
Me thinks the latter two posts are filled with cruelty and I really hope you were kidding; if not I hope you have learned not to do that again, and that no one will imitate you. Orc Sad Smilie
I have two dogs, both Maltese X Shih Tzu and they are named Miss Bliss and Miss Bella. (I know they're not LOTR but my mother named them) The oldest one is a Tricolour and the youngest one is black and white and grey.
I think having a pet is cruel. You go to a pet store and "buy" a pet, as if it's some kind of furniture, then you bring it home, cage it and give it food everyday. There is no other reason for the pet to live, except than entertaining you. You take it from nature, where it belongs, and isolate it from it's kin. It's against the nature and cruel.
Well, Firkraag', that doesn't allow for uncaged pets such as cats and dogs. IMHO, owning a dog or being owned by a cat isn't cruel if that pet is given adaquate shelter, nurishment, love, medical care, plus, in the case of a dog, exercise. But leave any one of those out and yes, then it would be cruel and inhumane.

Cat Smilie Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie Duck Smilie Wolf Smilie Tigger Smilie Cat Smiling Smilie Chicken Smilie Cow Sleeping Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie
Being a dairy farmer I know that there can sometimes be a very fine line between caring for an animal and animal cruelty.
for example, is forcing an animal to stand on concrete for an hr at a time while you suck milk out of it cruel?, and that said is keeping it lactating for 9 months at a time, well after it should have dried up cruel? especially since cows these days are breed to milk off there backs(meaning that a cow will use her own bodyfat to make milk untill she is a bag of bones).
For some unbeknown reason I've always seen keeping birds in a tiny cage increadibly cruel, but not been bothered by fish in a tiny fish tank, why?, is there a difference?, i tell myself that birds are a lot brighter than fish, and that fish don't know they are in a tank. But that's rubish, I think we sometimes overlook animal crualty and at other times are too sensitive. I think as long as the animal is happy , it is not exactly cruel, but we should take a good look at ourselves and decided whether keeping certain creatures is moral.
A single goldfish in a bowl... I don't like that. I feel sorry for it. Fish in a well kept aquarium is something else. We have a 80 liter tank, with plants and stuff, but I still feel a bit sorry for the fish. We'll get a bigger, nicer tank for you when we move to a proper house, I promise! I think it is easier to pity a bird in a cage than a fish in a fish tank. We are used to see birds fly around free and sing. But how often do we really see fish in the free unless you are a diver? And who hasn't heard that a goldfish' memory only last one second? Bull! Oh the things we say to ourselves to make us feel better about the things we do...

But to belive animals think and feel like we do, is as bad as beliving they can't think or feel at all.

I think as long as the animal is happy , it is not exactly cruel, but we should take a good look at ourselves and decided whether keeping certain creatures is moral.
I agree.
I have a horse called Dynur fr’ Vatnsleysu.
I've just bought a new horse from iceland, and it doesn't have a name yet. (!) Kind of planning to call him S’rius or something. It wouldn't feel right to call an icelandig horse "Shadowfax" Wink Smilie Though, it would have been cool..
If it doesn't have a fax machine you could call it Shadowphone......... hee hee

Welcome to PT, btw!
Nattf’ri: You could translate "Shadowfax" to Icelandic or the ancient Norse seeing as how the former is probably Danish; or the Elvish or Rohirrim equivelant even. That way, those that care enough will know, and those that don't, won't know the difference. Happy Elf Smilie
I think Skuggf’ks would be the right name. Not quite sure... Welcome to PT! I love the icelandic horses. I adore them!
Or something like Skuggfaxi.. or just Skuggi. Maybe i'll use one of them.. It's probably best to have a look at the horse first Wink Smilie haven't seen it yet. All i know is his colour Rolling Eyes Smilie

Thanks Amarie Smile Smilie