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You may not be aware of this, but in the town of South Woodham Ferrers, in darkest Essex (England) there is a housing estate in which all the streets are named from Tolkien.

I live in Lorien Gardens, in a house called Mallorn.

In order to educate some of my neighbours I wrote an article for a local free journal. The article can be found HERE, while the adventure that this article spawned can be found HERE.

Very good, liked the site.

Shame they had all those street names in Essex (no offense, i'm sure its a lovely place really Wink Smilie )

Question, Should they (the country n town planners) have originally named Milton Keynes - Mordor?

{oh and welcome to PT btw Mr Bob Waving Hello Smilie }
That's cool, I would for one would love to live there.
Hey! An Essex Boy! I'm a relocated Essex Girl! Used to live in Rochford. And I once knew a Robert Massey.... ooooh er... no, it couldn't be.

South Woodham Ferrers had the first local(ish) Asda store.
It's possible Vee... I went to school in Romford... although if you still describe yourself as an Essex Girl, then maybe not as I admit to being... well old enough to know better!
I use the term 'girl' loosely.

Not really had much to do with Romford boys - way too Essexy and Londony for me. Anyway, the Bob I knew was Southend born and bred.

Bob - keep seeing you coming and going in the chat room...... I pop in now and then but if I miss you again catch you another time.
Neat place-names and articles about them, Bob'z. Sounds like fun. Cool Elf Smilie

Though Bob'z, the next time you are traipsing through your bucolic countryside, you may wish to revisit the "Fellowhip of the Ring" at the terminus of "Elronds Rest". Happy Elf Smilie
I envy you deeply Bob! Orc Grinning Smilie
Thanks for the speeling correction Grondmaster. Sorted.
Ohh... the lucky people. *envy*

There is just on thing I found.
Arwen was an Elven princess, the half daughter of Elrond

Hehe. Half daughter? Would this involve cloning and surrogate fathers perhaps? Wink Smilie

I have to build that hobbit house. Have to! Probably my only chance to own a little piece of ME.. Still some years till it can be done, have to buy and fix up the main house first. I hope I don't grow up in the mean time. That would be terrible! *shudders*
I am happy to accept corrections and expansions to my original text... bear in mind that this was prepared for mere mortals, several of whom named their houses from The Hobbit because they couldn't be a**ed to read the full LoTR.

Never mind the fact that only about five people in a town to nearly 20,000 can pronounce Celeborn properly! This is in Essex after all!
I'm seriously thinking of popping down to Essex on the bike and stealing a street sign, it look good on my bedroom or toilet door.

"Enter At Own Risk"

"Mordor Place"

Juggling Smilie
Lord aelric: You better mind your back if you do: They have an active Neighborhood Watch that ride around on fel-beasts looking out for itinerant Nazgul who would filch their street signs.

The score to date: Filleted Filcher Fingers 47, Stolen Street Signs 0 Elk Grinning Smilie
I know the area, and while there isn't a mordor place, there are certainly places in the Withywindle that would fit the bill!