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And a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to you too. I'm going to watch many fireworks displays on TV tonight from all over the USA.
Yeah, Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow Yanks out there!!!

And everyone else too!!

Grill them burgers and hot dogs!

happy 4th of July to all! Hmmm hotdogs Wink Smilie I am looking forward to seeing the firecrackers up in town and the live local bands will be most likely playing..Not such a good thing, most of them are tone deaf. Tongue Smilie
Rebels, traitors! Tongue Smilie
Pshh! Brilliant plan it was! Big Smile Smilie Gather all the troublemakers in one area, and then "loose" the land to them! Good riddens! Big Smile Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Fireworks in summer sound just plain wrong! But I am assuming it is actually dark at night even in summer over there. In Norway there would be no point, "day"light all night through. Smile Smilie
The rebels turned out alright though, eh Ross? Very Big Grin Smilie Helped the motherland out of a few jams Animated Wink Smilie

I must say, there is no other country that I would rather have as a friend than Great Britian.
The British has succeded very well with winning the peace, both when winning or loosing wars. Great ability that. No grudges to spur hatred and further conflict. Both after loosing India and USA, amiable relations and trade very quickly returned. Probably had a Alexander the Great-fan somewhere in the Foreign Office. Smile Smilie

Yeah, you bunch turned out OK. Now, if you could just please, please reduce the production of country music and soap operas?? Tongue Smilie
I must say, there is no other country that I would rather have as a friend than Great Britian.

Yup, i have been noticing that this year.

Why is everybody forgetting France, in fact? Thanks to the French, the American revolutionists led by the clumzy general Washington, were able to defeat the English. Independence was declared in 1776, but only in 1783 the British were finally kicked out... (ironically, 6 years later the French king would also be downed in the French revolution). Also, it were the French who delivered the Statue of Liberty.

Yeah, you bunch turned out OK. Now, if you could just please, please reduce the production of country music and soap operas??

Heh, i'd also like to see the number of crap bands who come to Europe out of the US, decrease. Heck, there are 275 million ppl in the USA, and yet they have to come to Europe? *sigh* guess that happens when there are no Russians to push them back... Tongue Smilie
Yo wantink Russians? Me brink Russians! *opens vodka bottle* Looki! Russkis commink! Tongue Smilie

*breaks out singing "Rodinja"* (Russian/Soviet national anthem. Good too, me thinkink only anthem worth listening to for its musical properties)

*is overrun with bad Russian bands singing bad American cover country from the 70-ties* Oops!

Why is everybody forgetting France, in fact?

Because they refuse to learn english. Well, they are slowly starting to succumb now, but.. Traditionally the people on the net with the worst english were the French and the Americans(AOL). Now the French are improving! Tongue Smilie But since the French ban on non-french languages in conferences in France, "nothing" of international interest happens there anymore. French scientists are enraged over this ban, claiming it ruins the scientific community in France. I don't blame them.

Also, it were the French who delivered the Statue of Liberty.

Yes, made from Norwegian copper! Tongue Smilie We also donate the New York Christmas tree.Christmas Tree Smilie What does Belgium do? Animated Wink Smilie Oh, yes! Waffels and tennis players! Big Smile Smilie
What does Belgium do?

Like JFK once said : "don't ask what Belgium can do for you, ask what you can do for Belgium".

Scheisse, Norwegian copper?? you guys must be really proud...

So the French are learning English eh... hmm maybe that's the reason why they sucked in Euro 2004 this year. Who knows. Heh, next they will start to miss penalties as well.
Scheisse, Norwegian copper?? you guys must be really proud...

Hey! Norway is a cold, wet, dark place where the roads go uphill both ways! We get thrilled when someone takes interest in something we have: "What?? Something of value here???" Big Smile Smilie

Hmm.. JFK? Was it not him that said he was a pastry? Tongue Smilie Guess he got a few hungry looks from the German crowd for that... Wink Smilie

Well, my football skills hasn't improved much due to me knowing the Greek alphabeth. Anyone knows the ASCII-codes for those btw? Or Cyrillic? ♫
Pretty much every french person i know speaks english. It's us lazy arsed brits and yanks that need to learn foriegn languages.
Yes, the French saved our butts over 200 years ago and we reciprocated, twice in the last century. Can't we just say that makes us even, and now live in peace.

We don't want to turn this thread into a tirad about world politics.
Hee hee hee...I'm sorry, I couldn't help laughing when I read this particular thread. "Happy Fourth of July!" then "But if it hadn't been for us..." then "Ah, but we did..." "Gripe, gripe, but I'm not really griping and I'm not starting anything!" then "Yes, gripe, but I didn't just say that cause that'll lead into something else..." Too funny. I'll go now and you all can go back to your "non-politic thread." Wink Smilie

Oh, yes, and a happy (late) 4th to all of you!! Big Smile Smilie
This thread is getting seriously off topic. Moderator Smilie
Probably best to wait until July 4, 2005 to add you greetings as now day to day life has return to the same humdrum.

I will henceforth delete any posts which are not related to "Happy July 4th", which is now past and thus the thread is no longer relative.

Moderator Smilie I hope that you don't mind that I took the liberty to condense your two posts here Nell. It seemed like the most organized thing to do. Elfy Moderator Smilie
Why not just delete the whole bloody thread? It appears that we can't even have a civil conversation about a holiday without bringing our personl thoughts and grievances into it.

With all due respect it just makes me sick.
As the date is now past, this thread is no longer necessary and will be locked. Next year if someone wants it reopened, PM a council member with your request.

Moderator Smilie
The following is a message for all PT members concerning this thread.

On 7/9, unfortunately in the heat of the moment I made some insensitive, and inappropriate comments in this thread that I deeply regret, and have since apologized for.

During our last Council meeting, another Council member here asked me if I would be willing to delete my post containing the inappropriate, and insensitive comments I made if two other members here would also be willing to do the same.

For my part, I gave my word that I would gladly delete my post, but that I could obviously not speak for the other parties involved. Since that time, I have received a PM from one of the members expressing their desire to have their posts deleted in this thread as well.

I’m also taking that members suggestion of deleting a certain number of posts that occurred in this thread after my regrettable comments, essentially restoring this thread to where it was before the trouble began.

In addition, I’m not deleting certain posts that occurred before my comments that I originally took some offense to because I have received a PM from the other member who made the comments explaining what their true intent was. I now realize that the comments made by this person were made in jest, and definitely were not intended to be malicious in nature. I also sincerely thank that person for sending me the PM!

I have received permission from fellow Council members to un-lock this thread to delete the posts, and then I’m going to leave it un-locked. I know that Amarie had intended to post some stuff in here talking about an event she was recently involved in, and I’m sure we all would like to afford her that opportunity. It would also be a most welcome, and pleasant way for this thread to return.

It is my great, and sincere hope, and the sincere hope of the entire Council collectively that we can all put this unfortunate incident behind us, and move on with all of us here working together to make PT the best it can be!


4th July....... I prefer May the 4th............. Star Wars Day.

Wiggle Smilie
Awww... keeping it open just for me. No pressure huh? Wink Smilie

Well 4th of july was the third and last day we performed the local outdoor viking play this year. It's my eight year in a row and I love it.

It is a beautiful play and every time you see it you notice something new and it is never dull. The music and scenery is magical. Click here to get read a bit about it on the official site. I've got some pictures on my site Amas site. There are three pages of pictures, you have to click on the small images to see more. One day I will even add text under the pictures. Wink Smilie (I am the one in the black dress and white sheepskin)

We had lots of sun that day and many people came to see, just look hereSmile Smilie We get quite warm in our costumes but it is worth it.

In the break between the shows we get food and drink and get our make up refreshed if we need it. My brother in laws young niese Cornelia came and sat with me and my friends, borrowing my sword and chatting. She was one of the village kids this year. She is of course facinated with us who get to run around and shout and scream and burn and fight and have swords! She told us that the day befor her mom (also in the play) had fixed her hair and she had played viking. And her mom said. "And who did you pretend to be?" and she got a bit shy and pointed at me! She had been my character! So adorable!!
And Vee? Goats that kill to! Very Big Grin Smilie
Look at them horns! Moderator Smilie
I was disappointed in the lack of goats and horns - the only horns I saw were on a door. It looks very Edoras. You can see the influence that Rohan has had on the Vikings.... now about Karl.....
Karl looks pretty hot in his cow pants doesn't he? Hehehe Smile Smilie

Vee, if you haven't seen any goats or horns then you haven't clicked on the little picture that says "the play". Here. I'll help you. Pics from the play. I will make it easier to move between the three pages. .....some day. Tongue Smilie
(Star Wars Day?i havnt heard of that,and im supposed to be the ultimate Star Wars fan)

nice to see one of my threads has survived,i got a kick out of that whole unfortunate conversation if it wasnt locked i was going to make a joke that might have brought the thread to a differnt topic but its too late now,and elfstones way worked pretty well(going to see the viking pictures)not sure where that is and i havnt seen the play but that is a GOOD location.and the viking army(im assuming its an army)looked very accurate (i have a little knowledge on medieval civilization)
A few years ago I was in America for the Independence Day Celebrations.
We heard that the fireworks were fabulous....HEARD being the operative word....
Unfortunately we missed actually seeing the display because we were facing the wrong way!!!!! Got The Blues Smilie ROFL

Vee, if you haven't seen any goats or horns then you haven't clicked on the little picture that says "the play".

Aha! I see a goat with horns and what horns they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Lady galadriel. Happy Elf Smilie If you ever get caught facing the wrong way again, get out your pocket mirror and watch over your shoulder.

Personally, I like watching the all the fireworks displays via television and I've even got one of our local Seattle stations: to quit taking the cutesy art shots; to quit zooming in so that all we see is smoke and camera glare; and to stay mostly back a ways so we can see the full expanse of the display. It only took me three letters covering two New Years Eve Celebrations and one Fourth of July display to get these incorporated.