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Hey y'all! Anyone out there who's into anime? I like the comic books personally but I also like some of the movies. My favorites are Magic Knight Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura, Alice 19th, and Ceres: Celestial Legend. But feel free to talk about all kinds of anime here! I may not love it but I might have heard about it. Tell me about any new and interesting anime's too! I just love any and all anime!!!!! Big Smile Smilie Wolf Smilie
I'm still new to the world of anime, so my favorite right now is Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, although Shoujo Kakumei Utena and Azumanga Daioh look interesting too.
I absolutely love Anime! But my favorites are: Inuyasha, Yuyu Hakusko, and Wolf's Rain. I used to like Sailor Moon, and Card Captor Sakura, but They don't come on anymore, at least where I'm at.

You all are freaking me out............I'll just slowly back out of this thread and go somewhere else.

I can't stand those weird drawings by the way. Animated Wink Smilie
I wish I could draw like those 'weird drawings' but to each his (or her) own.

I happen to be able to draw a little bit of anime and its SO much fun! I used to like Sailor Moon too but then I kinda thought that Sailor Moon had a little too much power. So I dropped Sailoer Moon and went to Cardcaptor Sakura and Magic Knight Rayearth. I've heard a lot about Inuyasha but I've never tried it out......tell me if its any good Icefangs. And I've never heard of Wolf Rain...what's it about?
And to Stonehelm....phbbbttt!!!!! Tongue Smilie Just kidding!
Inuyasha is, like my most favorite Anime ever. I think it rocks, but one of my friends disagrees, he says Case Closed is better, I don't think so.

Wolf's Rain, is, well, I only started watching about halfway through the series, so I don't know what all exactly is going on, but here's what I gather:

Wolves used to poulate the planet, they were everywhere. Some organization started wiping them out. The few wolves left evolved, able to transform into humans, and now a group of them have taken something from this organization, and they're trying to take it somewhere, I haven't figured out where, yet. Sorry, that's all I know about it, but I just its cool that those people are actually wolves and can transform at will.

You can draw anime! That really rocks! I'm not very good, but, I always practice.

WOW!!! The Wolf's Rain sounds awesome Icefangs! I really do need to check out Inuyasha sometime......I have another friend who loves it and I'm really not sure what it's about. If you used to like Cardcaptor Sakura you should SO check out Magic Knight Rayearth! It's the COOLEST (especially if you like CLAMP). Anyway I can draw a little bit of anime. I used to draw a lot of pictures of the characters from Tenchi Muyo but I don't so much anymore. And I'm definately not pro or anything.......but i do try Ha Ha Ha Smilie Wolf Smilie
Ack! Anime lovers! And no friends in sight! Hey, uh, Stoney? What door did you use as the exit? Orc Going Huh Smilie

(Hee hee...I hate the shows but I'll draw the "real-life" anime, which is basically using anime concepts to make drawing humans a little easier and more comically. Anyone who remembers my "toilet" avatar can testify to that. Wink Smilie Other than that, please remove anime from my sight!!!! Aaaaahhhh!!)
Dad works on a platform in the North Sea and taped a few (of what I now know is) anime movies for me when I was younger. All there is of anime I've seen lately is pokemon and beyblade (ugly, stupid and why on earth do they have fangs?? ) and digimon. Very Mad Smilie Only made to make kids spend all their money on stupid expencive things. So Angry Smilie

I did practice to draw amine-like before, but that was for the love of the legend of Zelda series for Nintendo 64. I have the movie Ghost in the shell (or is it 'a shell'?) on the server somewhere, I like that sort of anime 'cause it looks real. There are Dragonball manga books in the stores. Hate that kind.

I'll draw the "real-life" anime, which is basically using anime concepts to make drawing humans a little easier and more comically.
Same here Smile Smilie Began to make a picture of the ladies in the Quest and they are faceless and looking very toilet-avatar like. Wink Smilie I was better at drawing both real and anime-like before..

Stoney, Nil, this isn't the tread for us, we're to old for this. Though I would probably have LOVED it when I was younger. *follows Nil to exit*
Akira is one of my favourite films of all time. If you haven't seen it, go out and buy it immediately, if not before. Perfect Blue is good as well.
Akira is one of my favourite films of all time.

I liked Akira too, that film was really one of the big ones that helped pave the way for all of the anime that is out there today (which I admittedly know nothing about).

I used to watch a show called "Battle of the Planets" when I was a youngster here in the United States, and that show was a translation of a series that ran in Japan in the early 1970's called Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, which ran for a grand total of 205 episodes., and is really the "grandmother" of all anime today.

The original series was revolutionary in its day, starting a whole new genre for ’team’ shows, and dealing with concepts and issues no other animated show had ever tackled at the time. Battle of the Planets was created using 85 episodes of the first Gatchaman series, which ran for 105 episodes. Animations of 7-Zark-7, the Ready-Room, and several space and planet shots were added to BotP by an American animation studio.

Anyway, I still love the BotP series I grew up with, but now that I’m much older, and know the truth about the show’s origins, I much prefer the original Science Ninja Team Gatchaman episodes because they are much more adult oriented in story and content. Gatchaman is really the only ’anime’ I watch.

I have an enormous respect for all of those incredibly talented artists out there who labor endlessly on all of those shows, but other then my sense of childhood nostalgia for Gatchaman, I’ve just never had a real interest in anime, and I definitely don’t have the spare time or cash to get into it. I’ve got my hat in way too many rings as it is right now anyway!
Elf Winking Smilie
Well to tell everyone the truth I'm more into manga than anime (which is like the movies and the TV shows....I actually dont watch a lot of TV Boring Smilie ) I read SO many comic books though! They practically take up an entire shelf in my library...but they do get kinda expensive Sad Smilie

I'll draw the "real-life" anime, which is basically using anime concepts to make drawing humans a little easier and more comically.

I'm like Nil and Amarie I guess. I like drawing real people but in kinda comical style. A friend of my Aunt told me that you can tell the Japanese anime from the American anime(which, no offense, mostly stinks) because of the giant detailed eyes. Those are the FUNNEST to draw. I hope no one here minds but I think I might have draw Merry in an anime style.......I hope that doesn't offend any Merry lovers. Orc Smiling Smilie Wolf Smilie
OH! And that's awesome that you used to watch the "grandfather" animes Elfstone! I wish I could have seen how anime started!
Sorry im with Amarie,Stoney and Nil on this one. Just cant handle anime. See yaa.
’walks to the exit’
I'm not sure if I'm into anime or not (I don't know the exact definition to decide)
So I think I'll just leave...
*tries to find the exit door*
*suddenly screams at the top of her lungs*
"There are 10 doors and I don't know where each one leads to!"Elf Confused Smilie
I'd like to help you out Nitaprob8, but I don't know where you came in. Orc Grinning Smilie

I have watched some on the techTV/G4 cable channel and a few of the series via Some of them are good and some are very bad, just like all forms of media. One can see how the genre has evolved towards the better with the passage of time.
Just to help you out Nitaprob8, anime is more of the movies, TV shows, and media/merchendise based on the Japenese artwork. The Japenese comic books are just called manga. Everything else is anime. I guess I should have been more specific when I started this thread....hehe. Big Laugh Smilie ( 'Cuz I like the manga much better anyway.....oops)
I love Manga and Anime, it doesn't matter whether it's drawing or reading it. Some of my personal favorites are Mars, Peachboy, Cowboy Bebop, The Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Demon Diaries, Ceres, Alice 19th, Inu-yasha, Ranma 1/2 and most of all....Fushigi Yugi. I've read and seen lots so it's gettin' kinda hard to keep all of them straight but if any1 has read any good ones lately, let me know. I would also like to some other people's drawing, if u feel comfortable letting me look at them. Just send them to !!! Hope I haven't violated any rules by publicly posting my e-mail. Oh, well.
Hope I haven't violated any rules by publicly posting my e-mail.
Nah, just be aware that there are a lot of strange people out there. But you are a big girl and I'm sure you've heard it all before. Wink Smilie

I have seen Akira now. It was ok, not bad at all, but I like Ghost in the shell better. Mostly because how the faces are drawn. But they had the same 'this is not the end, it is just the beginning of something new ' thing going on.
has any1 seen Mizayaki-Spirited Away, Yu Yu Hakashu or Princess Monanoke? They're some of my favs. I remembered some other mangas I've read. Here they are: Kare Kano, Raganok, Rebirth, Vampire Game, and FruitsBasket. 4 any1 who hasn't read Fruits Basket, cuz if u haven't u are really missing out.
Actually I've seen Spirited Away by Miyazaki, too. I really want to see Princess Monanoke but I've never actually sat down and watched it. Someday I will. Have you seen Castle in the Clouds too? If you have, is it any good? Oh by the way....I LOVE ALICE 19TH AND CERES!!!!!!! I Love You Smilie Yu Watase (the woman that does Ceres, Fushigi Yugi, and Alice 19th) is SO GOOD! I can't get over how perfect some of her pictures are! If I could drawn that well you woudn't see me in this little town with barely enough money to buy a cheap CD....*sniffle* Anyway if you like Yu Watase, Arwen Evenstar, she just came out with a new series called Imadoki! Nowadays. I've read it and it' a little different style than what she usually does but it's good nonetheless. And another funny series that just came out is called Instant Teen! Just Add Nuts! It may sound strange but its actually pretty good and the art is excellent! (most of the time...... Ha Ha Ha Smilie )
My family has just watched Spirited Away twice already this weekend (rented a video). My young teen boys really like Naruto, but since we don't have cable or satellite television we rarely get the chance to see many examples of anime. We have noticed some Saturday morning cartoons are now anime, such as Teen Titans, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Shaolin Showdown.
I love InuYasha, Wolf's Rain, and Case Closed. Hmm...I don't know if Case Closed is an anime, but it's so cute! Only problem is that i live in an area where anime is shown on television often. dern. Sad Smilie
Hey Acheron,
I'll have to check those out, I'm a big fan of Yu Watase. Btw, has any1 here read Wish or Chobits? I think they're meant for girls, but all of my guy friends have absolutely loved them as well. Those of you who have anime shows on during the day, u are sooo lucky. Where I live, it is only on from like 1-4 in the morning, which makes it like impossible to watch.
I have a ton of friends who have read Chobits but I've never read the whole series myself. I read the first book or two then decided it was too.....suggestive I guess. I don't know. I just wasn't impressed with what I saw in the storyline. Same with Wish. It was a really romance driven storyline and I only like th eright kind of dramatic romance in my anime storylines. The art is excellent for Chobits though. I'm not sure about Wish. Since it's CLAMP's first series, I assume it's only so-so. I still am partial to Magic Knight Rayearth and Cardcaptor Sakura as for my CLAMP classics. If you like watching anime, Arwen evenstar, then I would suggest buying some DVD's, especially since you can't watch it on TV. I like the DVD's better than watching anime on TV, except for the Tenchi series. Those were great on TV. If you like CLAMP or the kind of storyline that CLAMP usually does then I would suggest watching this DVD series called Pretear. I've only seen the 1st DVD (cuz I'm too poor to but the others right now! Sad Smilie ) but it's really good. So try it out or at least look into it! Wolf Smilie
thanks 4 the advice Acheron. Actually, I've seen quite a few DVD's, including Pretear, Fruits Basket, and Fushigi Yugi. on, I remembered some of the other mangas I've read. Angelic Layer, Love Hina, Ragnarok, & Witch Hunter Robin. I think that Angelic Layer is by Clamp but I'm not sure.
Yeah Angelic Layer is by CLAMP. How was Raganok though? I've seen the books at the stare a lot of times but I never thought about buying one. Are they good? Is it like action or fantasy or what? Just curious. Big Smile Smilie So you saw Preater Arwen evenstar? Have you seen the whole thing? Is the end satisfying? Orc Grinning Smilie Who is your favorite character? I happen to like Sasame and Goa (Goh?) the best. Himeno and Hayate are cool as well but I REALLY DON"T LIKE Muwata. She kinda annoys me. Wiggle Smilie
Raganok is awesome. It's kind of a mix between action and fantasy. U should read it. I just saw the first couple of episodes and I can't really remember any1's name in it, but my fav. character is the dark-haired guy who was in love w/ the previous Pretear. what's his name...i can't remember. oh, well. definitely read Raganok though. I loved it. if u like it, read Rebirth and Vampire games. They're both really good too.
I'm doing a project for something in which I'm drawing a whole bunch of diff manga/ anime styles, including chibi's so i'll post my best ones when i'm finished if anyone is interested, just PM an e-mail and i'll send you the drawings
OOOOH! I wants to see them! Big Smile Smilie I'm drawing a sort of comic strip with varying peices of anime that blend into one storyline. Most of the art is similar to the woman who does the Ceres and Alice 19th anime series. I LOVE her art! In my opinion it is some of the best that there is out there. I could send the beginning of it to some ppl if they want to see it too. My computer is crappy though so I may not be able to get it to anyone any time soon. But I want to see your stuff Arwen! Do you like drawing chibi-style? I've never been that good at it. Sad Smilie Wolf Smilie
Um, I don't get to read manga, because my dad hates, and therefore won't buy me any, and we don't live near enough to a mall, or some other large store where it might be sold, for me to want to spend my saved-up allowance total of sixty dollars, that took forever. I would much rather buy video games... But LOVE Case Closed!!!!!! Conan is Soooo cute!

Wolf Smilie (aroo...)

I'll send you the drawings Acheron. Just PM ur e-mail...I should have them finished by Nov. 2nd. I love drawing chibis, tho I'm not as good at Chibis as just regular manga. Anyway, anyone else who wants to see them, just send me ur e-mail. oh and I'd love to see ur work Acheron, and anyone else's, just send it to
I love to watcy Trigun, that is my all time favorite anime. I also like to watch Rurouni Kenshin AKA Samurai X, Yu Yu Hakusho, G Gundam and Big O. I love all the music that is played in the background.
I luv all of the ones of those I've seen. I like the music too, tho the lyrics sound funny in when translated into English.
Yeah that's the thing about anything that's originally Japanese: it's really hard to get or it doesn't sound the same when it's translated to english. I really like the anime soundtracks and I try to buy them whenever I can. But it's hard to tell which ones will actually be good because they never let you listen to them unless you have like an Mp3 player (which I don't Very Sad Smilie I'm so poor). I have the Ceres: Celestial Legend soundtrack, a Rayearth Greatest Vocal Hits, two No Need Tenchi C.D.s (one in English one instumental), X: Original Soundtrack, .Hack video game soundtrack and just a band that's Japanese called Gackt. All of them are great except for the X sountrack. It's creeeepy! Super Scared Smilie But I REALLY REALLY REALLY want ot get the Dance Dance Revolution Max CD! I absoulutely love trance, techno and dance and the Japanese have the best types possible. So if you like Anime and happen to see some soundtracks, try them out. Most of them turn out to be quite good. Orc Smiling Smilie Wolf Smilie

By the way Arwen, my e-mail is
i like anime. I LOVE YUGIOH!!!! Which is an anime. I started a thread about it, but no one liked it. I have never heard of most of those weird animes you lot have listed. I just know Cardcaptors, Yu-gi-oh, Duelmasters, Megaman, and Pokemon, if that's an anime. And my friend can actually draw manga. And she's a member here, althuogh she doesn't log in very often. Her username is Snowgum.
I never got into the Yugi-Oh just because I thought it was a little childish and a repeat of Pokemon and Digimon and all the other popular kids TV series. I like Pokemon for awile but that got kinda old and then I started looking into Cardcaptors and other manga. That's when I really became a fan and started doing some of the art. It's so fun to draw them! It's WAY better than regular still-life art and stuff like that! Wolf Smilie
I agree Acheron. Oh and the pix are taking a lil longer than i thought..i'm trying out some new techniques and styles so it's taking more time. Big Smile Smilie
Okey dokey! My pic still remains in the corner of my room, gathering dust. I really should start working on it..... Wolf Smilie (Arooo! I'm responding to the call!)
I like both manga and anime.My favorite in anime is naruto and in manga I guess it is one piece.
Has anyone seen the sequel to Ghost in the Shell which recently came out?
Finally something interesting! what's it called?
Never heard of it. WEEEIRD. I'll ask my freakish anime-friends about it. Everylunchtime - the same place. In the far table of the library. The anime-freak table. But they're really not freaks. They're cool. And they're weird. AND THEY'RE MY MATES!!!!!!