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Been reading Tolkien lately for about 20 years now... time to see what is going on here.

Looking for info on the 'books', just try and ask me. I'm an avid Tolkien book collector.
Nice being here!!
Nice to have you here. Welcome!
Yeah, welcome to PT, Beren. Hope you enjoy your stay at this fine site!
Welcome to PT Beren! I look forward to reading your posts and seeing you around here! Happy Elf Smilie
i'll try and do my best Wink Smilie
welcome to pt beren
Welcome to P-T Beren, it is neat having a Tolkien book collector in the membership. Happy Elf Smilie

May we pick your brains? Our Works List needs a lot of work, as it is complete only in the titles and ISBNs of the editions listed, and the H.O.M.E. series has yet to be updated. Use the Contact Information form at the bottom of the menu there on your left if you would be interested in providing us a more definitive list.
ok i see what you mean... indeed needs some work. There is more we can put in that list. OK, i'll try and find some time later in the weekend to look into it.
Hope to find time, since i'm in the middle of moving to my new house (and the houses old and new now both look a mess, .... otherwise remind me later please! I'll be glad to help out)
Welcome Beren and thank you for wanting to help us. We really appreciate it. Smile Smilie
Your site looks... wow! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Okay Beren, and thanks. Happy Elf Smilie

It's no wonder your houses are a mess, you've spent a lot of time building your marvelous site. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie