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Hey guys. I am really enjoying this community and am fascinated by Lord of the Rings History and Lore. I'd love to get to know everyone, just write me. Hopefully, I'll be able to spend a good deal of time here and put forward my ideas. I bring many good things to the table.
Thrain iii, you are among friends. Welcome to PT!!! If you ever need to talk, there's always someone here willing to lend an ear or a sholder to cry on.( I know from experience) We'er nice most of the time, and once we have you fattened up, we'll throw you in our pot and eat you!! Big Laugh Smilie Explore and have fun!
Yep - welcome Thrain iiii! Enjoy the site and maybe see you in the chatroom sometime if not already.

Someone put a pot of water on to boil.....

Wiggle Smilie
Hello Thrain iii, welcome to Planet Tolkien! I am sure you will have a great time getting to know everyone. Everybody here is as nice as they can be.
Well everyone but me..........i have a violent explosive temper im supposed to be in anger management for.but i find spending some quality time with my 30-30 Marlin to be the best stress releaver ive found.

welcome to pt thrain iii and when they try to cook you do what i do, act as weird as possible and summon the leprachauns to your aid.their cult refuses to eat crazy people and crystle caves is afraid of leprachauns.then RUN LIKE THE WIND!
I am not afraid of leprichons, I'm afraid of furbies, smurfs, and Quizno Sub Rats. Thraniii thanks for writing me hunny. You seem nice enough, maybe we spair this one??
Welcome to PT Thrain iii, glad to have you here! Waving Hello Smilie
Hi Thrain iiiii Welcome to PT hope to see you in the chat room Orc Grinning Smilie

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie

See Y'all Kiss Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien! I hope that we can build a friendship around here!
I have moved this post from the My Preciousssssssssss thread as it is more suited to here....

Lady_celebrian Posted Monday 20th September 2004 (04:48pm)

hey! im lady_Celebrian, seriously! i put my name through a elvish generator and said i was celebrian, although im kinda- not living- lol! i was married to elrond! ahh! sorry- im a bit hyper.

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Hi, Lady_celebrian, and welcome! Hope you enjoy PT and stay awhile. The FAQ and Help files may have answers to any questions you have about Planet Tolkien but feel free to ask if you can't find the answers.
im new here too
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Lady_celebrian, I hope you enjoy yourself around here. Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome to the site, Lady_celebrian. I hope you enjoy yourself around here.
A warm welcome to both thrain iii and lady_celebrian! hope u enjoy urselves here at PT. (oh, and follow Ar-37's usually works.)
A big welcome to Thrain and Lady_celebrian. Waving Hello Smilie
welcome, welcome hope you will enjoy your stay! Smile Smilie Smile Smilie Smile Smilie