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Heres a simple thing... If you had to choose TWO items out of all your belongings, and ONLY two items...

The first item was going to be totally and utterly destroyed, whereas you get to keep the second item forever...

What two items would they be?

These must be physical items, that you really do posess.

I'll go first:
Item 1, to be destroyed - Probably the "Pocket Poker" machine, a small handheld game for playing poker on.
Item 2, to be kept - My bright, shiny, silver laptop. Yes, I am aware this makes me into a saad muppet..
ohhh I WANT A LAPTOP SO BAD!!! anyways...

item 1: hmmmm...... probably my the used cd because i hate it very much..

item 2: my computer!! for sure!! well its a family computer, but still!!
1.My poems.(salvaged)
2.My purse.(destroyed, with the exception of my wallet)

Boring! Dead Smilie
This thread seems rather appropriate at the moment as with my girlfriend having just moved in I've had to make room for a few of her possessions..... What do I keep? What do I dump.

Well, she was told she goes before the computers, so I guess I'd be keeping them.
I got rid of my Pool table, though, so bye bye pool table.
item 1- (to be utterly destroyed) umm my c.d cases (i have to much and no pace for them)
item 2- (to be kept) of course my books! cant live without them (i've got a whole library)
item 1: i would destroy my horrid horrid algebra 2 book from last year. my mom wants to save it tho, for reasons unbeknownst to me

item 2: i would save my Bible. Its got all i ever really need to know written in Its pages by my Lord and Saviour Who truly loves me!
Item 1: A Westlife CD that I sadly possess. It tarnishes my image of being a rock fan!!!

Item 2: A picture I have of a certain someone
Well by my side... I have to say that "my precious" are two things:

1. To be destroyed the evil things of this world.

2. To be keep it.. My Tarot Cards... Because I'm a good oracle.
1. to be destroyed: my checkbook
2. to save: my mp3 player
1. (Too Keep) A stuffed animal tiger that my boyfriend gave me a week before he died
2. (Too Go) My Shoes (I've Always Been a "Nature Girl")

Honarary mention (The net so i an go on PT Orc Grinning Smilie )

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie

See Y'all Kiss Smilie
LOL! Big Laugh Smilie
1. (To go) My Maths book!
2. (To keep) Let's say... My precioussss... The old LOTR translation.

1. That old pair of socks that still rests (for reasons unbeknown to me) in my dresser drawer.

2. I would keep my notebooks, they have all the stories that I have written.
1. (to go) my sister's evil... hmm... let's call it a dog, though I think 'thing' would be more accurate
2. (to keep) my Silmarillion copy (wouldn't give it for anything in the world, preciousss!)
THIS IS SO DIFFICULT!!!!!! Jumping Flame Smilie
1. (to keep) my notebook/drawing book/picture album (whew! that's a lot of things in one!)

2. (to lose,burn, destroy, blow up....) my 7th grade yearbook. Probably one of the worst years of my life.... Very Sad Smilie

And even though this is not allowed, if I could keep one more thing it would be my baby blanket that I'm so attached to that I never go on any trip without it!
(I'm sorry if this is too much! I HAVE TO HAVE MY BLANKEY!!!!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie )
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