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Hi guys!I haven't been here for a while...I really don't have much time for PT.I love it but there is no time for that Very Sad Smilie .And now that school will start again i won't have any time at all!Did anyone miss me Wink Smilie.
see ya

Actually, I saw an old post of yours today and thought "Hmm, haven't seen him in a while now, where did he go?" Glad to hear you haven't dumped us, PT will be here when you have time. Smile Smilie
See ya around then, Elrohir. Hope you do well in school!

And as Ama said we'll still be here when classes end.
Elrohir, your worth is not judged by the frequency of your visits-glad you are still here. Don't let school overwhelm you-just do the best you can, and that is enough because no one can do better than their best. Just rest assured that you will accomplish great things this year-if you put your mind into your studies as well as you do here, you will succeed. Wink Smilie
I know just what you mean, Elrohir. When I first joined the site I was able to regularly get in here for 3 hours or so a day. Since Christmas, however, I've struggled to find the time to get in for more than an hour. Now I'm finding work and family committments are taking up more and more of what spare time I did used to have. I struggle now just to keep up to date with the forums and have no time for helping improving other aspects of the site. I hope you still manage to nip in every now and again, though, if only to let us all know how you are.
Aye aye. I too know that grave problem. My school starts tomorow and i dread to think what devius tasks they shall putt me on just to make me see less of all these nice faces at PT. Orc Sad Smilie
"I'm sorry I didn't do my homework but I just HAD to spend all evening on Planet-Tolkien."

Hmmmmm...... would the teachers accept that excuse?
I sure hope so, for I'm not planning to stop join PT as much as I do now......

I'm at school right now and I'm actually missing my Dutch class!! Just for you guys. Wink Smilie

Wish I could get in the chat though. Sad Smilie

(Stupid keyboard/mouse.... I wish I was home)
Naughty, naughty, Gildor!

Please note - PT does not condone the missing of classes even for such a good reason.

Wiggle Smilie
During the holidays I spend all day on PT...But now that school started i'll try to go every day on PT...
I'm glad that you understood me... Smile Smilie

Hey Elrohir, im in the same boat as you are. Im at uni and I have 9 assignments due in 12 weeks and they are all 2000 words or more. So yeah, i know how you feel. So it's hello and goodbye im afraid. I guess i'll see you when i have the chance.
Yes your school work should come first, but when you do need a break, you are always welcome here at Planet'Tolkien. Teacher Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Know the feeling, mi lad. Had to quit for about two years, but took up my sword again yesterday, although i have to scrape together the tiny spells of time left to keep up with everything here at PT.

Just think this way: one post a day keeps Mordor at bay! Smoke Smilie
I think that should be on a t shirt.
I nearly had to give it up but I solved that problem, well partly by writing in the journal and that was good excercise for my writing. And writing on certain posts helped with research so.....well so far so good.
I wish that one post a day would keep other things at bay .....or stay....sigh.
I seriously should follow suit here and leave for a while...but I really don't want to! Uni is trying to kill me...and prereq's are a pain. But I'm surviving! And yeah, I agree. That should be a T-shirt!
oh Laurelome,
If you left how dreadful that would be. Perhaps just once a week and do several posts.
I love reading what you have to share, your presence is a delicate perfume. So.........if there is anyway to stay on and not be too stretched it would be wonderful. Juggling Smilie
Oh dear, PT, Pt! I'd love to just be a little electron living on you, but no! Next year I'll be a junior, meaning the most importnant year of high school is about to come blah blah blah... AND I'm doing the IB program, which is supposed to be rigorous and challenging. Which I do hope to pass with good results. And I've gotten myself caught up in a ton of extra-ciricular activities this year, three of which, it seems, CAN't survive without a fairy to hold it all together... Oh Valar! Forgive the neglect towards your holy temples and idols! I would blow a kiss for PT every morning and hope the winds of Manwe carry them far around the world. Forgive me, Valar!
I haven't had time for PT for years, but still I'm here.

Take that, Father Time!

Oh Valar! Forgive the neglect towards your holy temples and idols! I would blow a kiss for PT every morning and hope the winds of Manwe carry them far around the world. Forgive me, Valar!

Blasphemy! The Valar do not require temples.
Cloveress, I was sure you were older than you are! Good luck with this school year and visit when you can because your company is enjoyable but remember that PT will still be here while your youth and junior year come but once.

I usually have time but energy is in short supply.