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If you've recently seen a film or dvd which you like give it a mention or if it was terrible say why, without giving too many spoilers.

Of course, certificates apply and I wouldn't want to be seen as encouraging anyone to watch a film that wasn't suitable.

I recently watched Shawn of the Dead - a black comedy with shades of Dawn (and Day) of the Dead and 28 Days Later. Great British comedy with actors from Black Books and Spaced and Green Wing - 3 nicely off beat Brit comedies.

I loved the way the main characters managed to miss what was happening around them.... Oh how I laughed!

Gladiator : although they're messing up Roman history completely (what? a Republic after Marcus Aurelius' death??), this is a good flick. Enough violence and action to keep the boys awake, enough tear-jerking to keep the girls awake, and some decent acting from Russell Crowe, who makes this movie in fact quite believable.

And if for some reason you don't like Crowe, well then watch the movie anyway as Crowe goes to the Elysium in the end as well. Ave!

I also saw ROTK on DVD recently, but i really can't recommend that flick to anyone : bad bad bad!
hero:,noun;the worst movie evermade,as a comparison see Elmer Goes to Cleveland and A Bird Took a Dump on my Car
Actually I have a couple films to recommend. Even though this is kinda an old movie it's a great mystery for all yo udetectives out there! Serching Smilie It's called Gosford Park and it has Clive Owen, Maggie Smith and a couple other great actors in it. It's about a murder in an old vacation house in Britain where a bunch of snobby rich ppl have come to have their regular "get-together."(it's actually just a way to get closer to the rich guy who owns the house. Practically none of these ppl work so they get an "allowance" from him every year or so.) They all bring their servants to the summer house and the servants play a big role in the mystery. They're the eyes and ears of the mansion because the rich ppl don't even acknowledge the fact that someone is there. It's really well done and the movie is almost split up into certain types of scenes: the scenes with the "upstairs ppl" (wealthy) and the scenes with the "downstairs ppl (servants)." The one with all the money, and owns the summer house, is murdered one night and it seems like everyone has a motive. It's a movie you have to see once or twice to really understand but it's well worth it. All the actors are great and the characters all have some cool twists to them. Big Smile Smilie It's a movie you have to think about so I really like it. (And if you don't like thinking very much, it gives you a headache or something, I wouldn't reccommend watching it.)
I must disagree with Ar-edain37 on his view of Hero. In my opinion, this was Jet Li's best film, and definetely one of the best films of the year. It is first and foremost an art film that makes such beautiful and vivid images through the brilliant cinematography, but it is also a magnificent martial arts film with amazing coreography. The way the story is laid out if very unorthodox, and the director made the movie that much more interesting by doing so. I compare it to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, except 10x more beautiful and visually stunning. If you haven't seen Hero yet,!

Along the same path as Hero, another Asian film: Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman, is also an incredible movie. If any of you are martial arts films fanatics, you are familiar with the Zatoichi series that has been running since the 1970s. The series is accurate with time, and the blind swordsman is now an old fraile man on the outside, but a brave and strong warrior on the inside. The fighting was very, oh....Tarintino-esque, with over exagerated violence in some parts, that kind of added a cheesy, yet effective flavor. The plot is very strong, and it is pizzazed by the hilarious Japanese humour incorpated into the film. The thing about Zatoichi that sticks out the most is the music, and how the film itself synchronizes with the music, I don't want to give anything away, so all I can say is go see it. But you might have a hard time finding it since it is only playing in the smaller art theaters.

Lastly, on a different note, Garden State, writen, acted, and directed by Zach Branff, is an amazing movie. The characterization really portrays true life and how one can find beauty in the littlest things. I don't want to give anything away, but the movie is hilarious, dramatic, and just over all - magnificent. See it!

I wouldn't really recomend *the passion of the Christ* to anyone, i watched it over my weekend off. There is nothing wrong with it plot wise, It follows Jesus's death almost word for word from the new testament, But the brutality, violence and senseless cruelty portrayed in this film was enough to turn my stomach. We all know that Christ suffered badly, but Mel Gibson takes it way beyond what is realistic and necessary, No man, the son of God or no, could physically take that sort of punishment and still be able to walk with a cross on his shoulders. I think Mel needs to consider where these sorts of films showing such vivid cruelty are taking us as a race.
I haven't heard a good review of that film, not that I have wanted to see it anyway.

I watched Starsky and Hutch on Saturday night. Lots of swearing, so beware the certificate! But a very funny film. I rmember the original series and was a bit apprehensive about it but it was good. Different enough not to be just a rehash. Ben Stiller was very funny..... both leads were funny. Not sure about Snoop whatsit as Huggy Bear though. Good entertainment, good laughs and a nice touch at the end......

Hey Rhodry, nice avatar. Happy Elf Smilie

This afternoon I went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It was one great big comic book story from my childhood and was very much fun. I won't say it was camp, like the Adam West Batman movie and TV programs, because the script while one huge cliche wasn't filled with a bunch of smaller ones.

I can't really say how breath taking and crisp the visuals were for in this theater I couldn't sit in the back, but had to sit about six rows from the front, which was much too close for my eyes and neck because it was a huge screen. And I didn't have trouble with the rear speakers blowing me out of my seat in this one.

I liked the story which was more like a Saturday Matinee Serial, except you didn't have to wait until next week to see how the hero/heroine got out of the cliff-hanger. I don't know if I'll go see it again and may not buy the DVD, but I will watch for it when it comes on TV and if I rented movies, this is one I'd look for.
I've got to agree with Grondy. I loved Sky Captain. I just got back from Princess Diaries 2 and all i've got to say is what a dumb movie. It was funny, but it was way too long. If u want to see some cute guys or John Rhys-Davies, it would be good, but i honestly thought it needed to be lots shorter.
Well...... I've seen two films this holidays. And I'm seeing another two. I've seen Thunderbirds. Well, all I can say is it's weird. If you've watched the puppet series, that is. Well, I think all the characters were better, except Tintin and there WAS no son of Brains. But the Hood was cool. BEUM BEUM!!!!!! (Bad guy music!) and by the way, if you like PINK, you'll love Lady Penelope. But not many people here like pink, I guess. Neither do I. And Parker! The bad dude's bodyguard: "I warn you, I know kung fu, karate, and tai quan do!" (or something like that). Lady Penlope: "And I know Parker." Parker punches the guy in the face. The guy: "Ow! You broke my nose!" Parker: "Yes, that was the intention of the manouvre." And then they have this great big fight. And there was this bit where this bad dude girl was guarding this thingy and Parker put up his fists and then said: "Sorry, can't hit a lady." And then Tintin said: "Allow me." And don't get the idea that it's just lots of fighting. Cause it's not. But anyway, you said not too much trailors.
I'll be back when I've seen Garfield and Shark Tale.
I would reccomend Hellboy, Hidalgo, and The Punisher. Those movies rock. I loved all of them. They were really good
If you are like me and really enjoy making fun of bad movies, then Hercules in New York is perfect for you. It is Arnold the Terminators (or Governators) first movie where he was not dubbed and it is so bad. Oh how we laughed! Just notice what Zevs' thunder bolts are made of, Arnies hair and Oscar winning actor performance, the sounds on mt Olympus... Big Laugh Smilie

If you want to see movies because they are good, not because they are bad:
Bruce Almighty is brilliant, Shrek 1 and 2 is a must-see. The Shawshank Redemption (or is it Shankshaw? I can never ever remember.. ) is wonderful. Fight Club is the first movie I didn't have anything bad to say about, my jaw hit the floor several times, great movie!
If you want to see movies because they are good, not because they are bad:
Bruce Almighty is brilliant, Shrek 1 and 2 is a must-see. The Shawshank Redemption (or is it Shankshaw? I can never ever remember.. ) is wonderful. Fight Club is the first movie I didn't have anything bad to say about, my jaw hit the floor several times, great movie!

I'm with Amarie on all of those (and, btw, it's Shawshank, so you got it right the first time! hehe)... I'd like to add some to the list: Usual Suspects, The Butterfly Effect, Seven, Trainspotting, Lola Rennt, Before Sunrise, Dogma, Vanilla Sky (though I'm very curious to see the original "Abra los ojos" by Pedro Almodovar)...

As soon as I remember some more good movies, I'll let you all know!
I'd like to recommend Donnie Darko to everyone, mainly due to that fact that it's a brilliant film (one of the best I've seen) and that hardly anyone seems to have even heard of it. Go and see it. Now.
Very very true! I've only seen it once but I NEED to see it again.
I have that on dvd but I haven't watched it. Saving it for a weekend with a friend..... going to watch that, er.... something else....... and er......... something else...... Will report back afterwards.
***************DONNIE DARKO SPOILER**************

I have it on DVD too, I wouldn't say it's the best film I've seen but I do enjoy watching it, though it does have some humungus gaping holes, how does a plummeting jet liner engine create a time warp?

The engine doesn't create the time warp, it in fact travels through it, meaning that the time warp was already there when the engine fell. No explanation of the creation of the time warp is offered.
Equilibrium, Snatch, Ice Age, Meet Joe Black, Not Another Teen Movie, about every Jim Carrey movie... and the list goes on!
Just spent a few days watching/rewatching Groundhog day, great film, could easily be boring and
because of the natrual slant of it, repitious, but it's a great movie, I love watching phil progress from an egocentrical, arrogent charactor to a man who truely cares for the people around him in the town. I especially like how he spends so much time trying to woo Rita but because he is being so obviously dishonnest she rejects him time and again. But when he finally changes he doesn't have to do a thing to woo her, she is natrually attracted to him.
I agree with Bugy on the movie Equilbrium. I'm usually not a fan of movies that aren't necessarily Big-budget, a.k.a. "B" movies, but I loved this one. I recommend the second Matrix movie, at least for other people, because I just love Keanu Reeves, but the first one takes too long to get going, and

*Matrix Revolution Spoiler!*

everybody dies in the third one. WHY, OH WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE!? Neo?! I don't normally like movies where the Hero dies, but, like someone else already said, Gladiator is a great movie, too. If you haven't seen it, you should see the old, 1970-something movie, Brian's Song. Oh, yeah, if you haven't seen 50 First Dates, you should, it's hilarious.

The Butterfly Effect.. i loved that movie!! I thought it was pretty sad at the ending though.. well it was actually pretty sad throughout the whole film cause of just what he is going through.. goodness..
I LOVE KEANU REEVES TOO!!!!!! In Love Smilie Therefore I love the Matrix (1 and 2, I haven't seen the 3rd one yet.......), Something's Gotta Give and Much Ado About Nothing. The other movie he was in when he was younger was Bill and Ted's Excellent Adveture. That was a funny movie but don't watch it if you like the type of movies with meaningful plots and lots of in-depth characters. It's not that kind of movie so don't rent it unless you're looking for some mindless comedy (no offense to Keanu Orc Smiling Smilie ). A reccent movie that I saw that was ABSOULUTLEY FABULOUS was Ladder 49 with John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix. Its' a great inspirational film about the lives of firefighters. It's hilarious at times, tense at others and really dramatic when it needs to be. I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone but needless to say you'll want to see this one at least once. It's a MUST-SEE!!!!!! Disturbed Smilie Wolf Smilie
I watched Donny Darko - strange film but interesting.....

Also watched The Last Samuri - Mmmmmmmmmm, Tom Cruise! Good film.
Donnie Darko is great! I especially like Grandma Death(that will be me soon enough), but I did not like the bunny suit, it's freaky!

I'm with you, Vee-The Last Samurai is very good, which surprised me because I do not like Tom Cruise that much(I apologize to the whole lot of you Tom fanatics that are about to hunt me down and kill me!). His performance was exceptional, all things considered.

One of my all-time fav's is The Shipping News with Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett, and Rhys Ifans, among others. Great cast, excellent story. Runs the full spectrum of emotions and is very entertaining. If you have not seen it, try watching it one of the coming cold winter(or warm summer, depending on your hemisphere)nights.
I still haven't forced myself to fire up my DVD player to watch Matrix Revolution and I've had it since it came out. I'm worried that if I watch it, it will sour me so badly that I will never again want to watch the first two, which I thought were excellent. One of theses days I'll be bored out of my mind and then maybe I watch it. Chicken Smilie
One of my all-time fav's is The Shipping News with Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett, and Rhys Ifans, among others. Great cast, excellent story. Runs the full spectrum of emotions and is very entertaining. If you have not seen it, try watching it one of the coming cold winter(or warm summer, depending on your hemisphere)nights.

Ah yes- I knew I had seen another film recently - this one! It is a good film. The acting is superb. One teeny weeny warning though - it does contain strong reference at one point to what I will only describe as 'abuse' so if that upsets you be warned.

Grondy - I have done something similar with Farscape (TV series) in that I haven't watched the last two episodes not because it might spoil the rest for me but because until I watch them it hasn't finished. Does that make sense?
not because it might spoil the rest for me but because until I watch them it hasn't finished. Does that make sense?
Yes, it makes perfect sense to me. Smile Smilie

Saw Troy a couple of days ago, nice movie. Made me wanna read the original text, cause it seemed a little too kind to be a greek and roman mythology/story. Sean Bean was there too, I didn't know that untill he appeared and made me happy. Ama likes mr Bean, yes she does precioussss.
Boondock Saints all the way! ;D
SEAN BEAN ALL THE WAY!!!! Wiggle Smilie Big Smile Smilie Happy Elf Smilie
I LOVE the movie Troy, Amarie! Wasn't Sean Bean just perfect as Odysseus? First of all, I've always had an obsession with Greek heroes, particularly Odysseus, so it was wonderful that my favorite actor played him. It was great to see that they didn't totally take Odysseus out, which I thought they would to make room for all the "big name" actors. Also, I now have a mad obsession with Hector of Troy. He's so noble! Anyway, it was really cool that this movie came out when it did because my English class just covered the Illiad and the Odyssey and the movie is VERY close to the original Homeric and Greek texts. However, in the movie they take out all the god's and godesses' meddlings in the matter, which I found nice. Sometimes all this "Zeus or Apollo or Poseidon made it so...." gets really annoying and it's great to just hear the flat out history.
Speaking of history, has anyone heard that they are making a move about Alexander the Great? I absoulutely ADORE Alexander as a Greek hero (he's up there with Odysseus) and I was so happy to hear that they were finally acknowledging him as a great leader. ( They always say how wonderful Caesar is and it bugs me. Did anyone know that Caeser wept upon seeing a statue of Alexander because he felt like he had done nothing by his age whereas Alexander had already conquered most of the known world?) The only problem.....THEYV'E GOT HIM ALL WRONG!!!!!!!! So Angry Smilie (From what I can tell at least, the movie hasn't actually come out yet.)
They say in the movie that he was a conqueror, (true) a warrior, (true) a king, (true) and a lover! (NOT SO TRUE) Historians dispute whether Alexander was GAY! His father had to try and get him INTERESTED in women! Where does this fit in???? Exclamation Smilie Also, he's played by Colin Farrel! He's about the least bit close to Alexander you can get! 1. He has an Irish accent 2. In the movie, he has long, wavy blonde hair (Alexander had black, short, unkempt hair) 3. He has light skin (Alexander was from Macedonia, an area near Greece and Turkey, therefore, he'd most likely have tan skin) and 4. Colin Farrel is tall, a trait that was NOT in Alexander's family. How's that for messing up a historic idol? Anyway, where did this topic start? Oh yeah, Troy. Dunce Smilie Guess I shouldn't ramble like that... If anyone sees Alexander before I do, tell me about it! I want to know if it's any good and if I should risk the blasphemy of seeing it. Sorry about my ravings Amarie! Big Smile Smilie
Wasn't Sean Bean just perfect as Odysseus?

When I saw him I thought: Oh God, I hope they make a film the about the Odyssey with Sean Bean!!!

There was a strange lack of gods and higher powers in Troy, but if I hadn't known they were suppose to be more active (like in Achilles case! ), I wouldn't have missed them at all. Good movie, honour and respect for your enemy. And I liked the cryb Hectors baby slept in btw, shaped like a boat. Got to start early to become a good sailer! Smile Smilie
Yay!!!! A fellow fan of Keanu!

People, you should watch:

The Ring.
Because: If you pay attention to every little detail, it will FREAK YOU OUT!

The Rainman.
Because: It's funny, sad, and very sweet! I love it!

That's all I've got for now...

I recently finally got around to seeing Kevin Costner’s Open Range, I’m not a big Costner fan by any means, but I thought this was an excellent film, and Robert Duvall was brilliant as always!

I also recently saw the romantic comedy 50 First Dates that I would also recommend. I was very surprised by how good this film actually was! Even though it’s a comedy, the film is actually far deeper than I thought it would be, and deals with a pretty serious issue. Heart warming, funny, and thought provoking, kudo’s to you Mr. Sandler!
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! I love 50 First Dates!!!!!! It's so funny and Adam Sandler plays such a sweet guy!!!!!!! Elk Grinning Smilie You're right Elfstone it is a good comedy about a serious issue. I started thinking about a lot of the topics they talk about in the movie and the concepts can be kinda frightening......... Super Scared Smilie Well, not while watching the movie is it scary, it's just if you REALLY look into certain parts of the movie it COULD be scary to have the type of life that Drew Barrymore's character has. I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone so I'll just say that this is the perfect romantic comedy even if you're not a date! Big Smile Smilie
I just saw THUNDERBIRDS!!!!!!! I was going with my big brother, hwo i a fan of the series, and I was expecting him to go "HEY, THAT'S WRONG!!!" every two seconds, but on that front it wasn't too bad. And the people who fly the thunderbirds, the tracy kiddies, they aren't poncy old boring people like they were in the series. So yeah. I don't know whether to recommend or not. But it's a possibility for people who like that stuff.
I have a question, and it'd be VERY helpful if someone could answer it:
I know there's a difference in American and European VHS tapes, but if I were to send someone in England a DVD, they'd be able to watch it right? Or would I have to order a special DVD for them?
Good question. I shall ask my father, who is a pom. We live in NZ. If he knows, I shall tell you.
I expect the European DVD player is different because it plays via the TV set which is actually where the difference lies. I ordered the VHS of Neil Gaiman's mini-series Neverwhere from Britain because I couldn't get it in the US and much to my chagrin, I couldn't play it. I imagine the computer DVD players are compatable, though I'm probably wrong.
Hey Grondmaster, you've read Neil Gaimen's Neverwhere? My sister read that book and she absolutley loved it. They actually sell the BBC version here in the US and I thinks it's the same as the one in Britain. We have it and it's really good but like anything some character visions get shattered. But it's very true to the book and the 2 badguys are actually really good actors. We bought the DVD at the store Best Buy so if you're version still doesn't work, try shopping there. Big Smile Smilie
Me Dad doesn't know. And who wants to know the greatest movie of all time? The Scarlet Pimpernel. THE greatest. All of you must watch it. It is compulsory. Just don't read the book. It's eeeeeeeeeew. Baroness Orczy CAN NOT WRITE!!!! But the movie is sooooooooo cool. Watch it! Now!
Well, everyone, you should see Walking Tall. Two reasons:

1. The ROCK takes off his shirt.
2. It's funny...and the Rock takes off his shirt.

It's good, and it has eyecandy!

Acheron: Hey thanks, I'll have to look for Neverwhere again. I saw it on PBS TV a few years ago and then bought the book; I think Neil wrote the book based on his screenplay. I fell in love with the movie/book and of course Lady Door.

Loni: I loved The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy when I was a boy in highschool some fifty years ago and read quite a few of her books. You are right about her writing though, but she has a good plot and characters, still she can't hold a candle to Rafael Sabatini (Scaramouche, Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk, etc.). I also used to listen to The Scarlet Pimpernel on the radio.
Even though this is neither dvd nor film, i really enjoy Wilbur Smith's books. He has written 30 novels, and i haven't been disappointed with one! Everytime i finish another of his novels i can't decide if it's my favorite : I own 9 of his novels of his immaculate novels and i highly recommend them, but i must warn you his novels are filled with violence, gore, and dun dun dun, sex!

I'll name a few if anyone is interested... since quite a few of his books tie into each other i'll tag them. they're is no point getting just reading 1 part of a 2 or 3 part story.....right?

-When the Lions Feed (a1)
-The Sound of Thunder (a2)

-River God (b1)
-The Seventh Scroll (b2)
-Warlock (b*)

-Birds of Prey(c1)
-Monsoon (c2)
-Blue Horizon (c3)

*Highly recommended either read 2nd or 3rd... i recommend 3rd
I'M IN HEAVEN!!!!!!! People who have heard of the Scarlet Pimpernel!!!!!! I love you all!!!!!! In Love Smilie So the one you guys saw was the movie with Sir Ian McKellan as Chauvelin, right? That's the one that I've seen so far. And if you guys haven't heard the musical you MUST MUST MUST listen to it! It's SO good. The original Broadway version is in my opinion the best, and only one you need to hear. Nevertheless there is no way to really ruin the Scarlet Pimpernel (well there is but let's not discuss that...... Sad Smilie ) so if you want to check out all the versions of it you're sure to like one of them.
They seek him here,
They seek him there,
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere;
That demned illusive Pimpernel.
YAY!!!!!! So you have heard the musical, Grondy? Or did you just pick that up from the book? That's actually the one thing that is the most consistent with the book, movie and musical. No mattter what things they may change, it seems like whoever makes a version of the Scarlet Pimpernel always includes that little rhyme from Sir Percy Blakeney. Big Smile Smilie
Hey ppl another FABULOUS movie I just saw is Don't Say a Word with Michael Douglass and mi Favorito...SEAN BEAN!!!!! YAY! Kiss Smilie I wuv my Sean Bean! Well anyway its a great mystery and it really keeps you guessing. At times its a little confusing but it gets cleared up pretty quickly. What I really like is the fact that you can pity the characters without it getting really sappy and boring. The bad guys are kinda hard to forgive but you can still tell that the're human. I hate when a director makes the bad guy totally evil because then its not believable! It's just like :You must hate the bad guy and he has NO redeeming qualities so just watch him wreak havoc. Bor-RING! I like in-depth characters instead. And if you rent it, really watch the tramatized girl played by Brittany Murphey. Now that's talent! So check it out if you haven't! But......"Rule number 1 is.......don't say a word...."
hehe..... Very Evil Smilie
Icefangs, I really like your reason for appreciating Walking Tall, your first reason alone made me want to see it!

**Laurelindhe likes the Rock, precious. He big hunka' man!**

I've seen "Don't Say A Word", and all-in-all, pretty good. "I'll Never Te-ell." Spooky!

A great older film that no one here has probably heard of is The World According to Garp, with Robin Williams and John Lithgow(as a transvestite). It is funny and sad and shocking and all of the things that make for a great film, though I will say it is definitely on the adult side, with some language and references to certain adult activities. One of my personal favorites, though.
I think I kind of have to agree with that. No offense to those who like it though. Everyone once in a while you really do need to go see a mindless movie! Big Laugh Smilie Just kidding again!
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