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hey guys what if we organize a day where everybody gets on the PT chat room man i would be like a family reuion without the fights. So what do you all think when should we do it cause I know people that i would LOVE to meet (Plastic to name one)
Sounds like a good idea to me Smile Smilie I'm there! Err... Like... Usual... Disturbed Smilie
PLASTIC!!!!! People who are in any of the legends that we tell newbbies!!!! Please come I want to meet you all

I have been here for almost 6 months (Wow that long!?!) And i havent seen you
Yes, i think thats a good idea. I have been here for quite some time, and i still havent meet Plastic.
Guys, what exactly IS the purpose of this chatroom? I don't get it. Cause you can have a fightfreefamilyreunion on the normal chatroom, #tolkien.
This is'nt a different Channel This is everybody going onto #tolkien at the same time so we can see everybody like old friends and stuff. I was think the people say the best day to do it and we plan it.
Heh, I left here like a year ago, that's why you've never met me. occassionally I pop in to check up on stuff, but you'll pertty much never find me in the chatroom, even when I was here every day I wasn't there. Still, maybe one day....
Besides, Val always tells me to sit down and stop disturbing the class
I've never seen sqwerl in chatroom , though i'm sure it'd be fun.

Pop in sometime mate , check #hell if you use mIRC Wink Smilie
(Oh well, the guy doesn't even check his own website, how can you expect him to pop in?)

Besides, Val always tells me to sit down and stop disturbing the class

Yessssss. I read that and you deserve it too Wink Smilie

Nice to meet you Plastic Smile Smilie
*tackle hugs Aragorn_estel*

Sounds like fun, I'll come, well, be there like always... Angel Smilie Disturbed Smilie
I'm for it but plz plz let it be in December only!
yeah, let's do it in dec... not that i'm picky cuz i'm always on anyway...
this'll be interesting, and its good so now i can meet more people! and also, yes make it december
Who's plastic? and when can i beat him? uhhh i mean meet him. Smile Smilie