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Hi i'm new here. My name is Renor Arisa. I am half elf, half drow. Outcast of Rivendell i am making my way to Lothlorien. Anyone wish to acompany me?
Hi Renor arisa,
Welcome to PT. I need to clarify if you intent this thread to continue on as a RPG or storyboard so we can move it to the right location in the forum. Read Smilie
taknea whol dosst al'doer. (thankyou for your welcome)

where do i rp then?
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Renor arisa.

If you wish to Roleplay, could you please limit it to the Roleplaying Guild. One of our biggest problems at the moment is the proliferation of new RPG threads that have popped up here, there and everywhere; most of which peter out after only a few posts.

We will soon be moving all such threads to the RPG Guild, and closing any that have been inactive for more than a few weeks.
The best thing to do, Renor arisa, is read the guideline posted in the Role Playing Guild forum then start your thread again in there with the same title. Once you have done that we (the Council) can delete this thread.
will do
Oh, and by the way, don't post in any other language but English, or the Council will hunt you down. So no singing strange Zimbabwean songs from two thousnd hundred million hundred million hundred million nanoseconds ago!!!!!
I am half elf, half drow
And what's a drow? But welcome, by the way. And why did you choose that particular username? (Sorry, I'm just curious about these things).
Welcome to PT Renor! Have fun, and if you're into RPG's then I'll be seeing you around a lot. Big Smile Smilie
And what's a drow?
A Drow is a non-Tolkienian Dark Elf who lives underground; the Drow normally are genetically evil in modern fantasy literature. Tolkien's Dark Elves were all those Elves who never saw the light of the Two Trees. Eol was one of Tolkien's Dark Elves and if he wasn't evil, he was at least bent.

If you cross a Drow with an Elf, you should get a Grey Elf, but not necessarily a Sindar. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie