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Go on - you know you want to tell us!

What wonderful, weird, wacky or downright 'orrible presents did you all get this year?
I got a Rune casting set,showing different casts meaning different things,the most interesting one seems to concern reincarnations of the past and future.Also a celtic knot tapastry and English Claymore sword.
Nothing. I did get financial support, but for the rest gifts came in companionship of loved ones.
Eh, let's see. A got a new watch, the Lord of the Rings : Return of the King PC game, and a few other smaller gifts.

Oi! You dinna tell us what you got, Vee! Come on now, spill the beans!

RotK EE, Elf, a whole stack of books, tarot cards, clothes, and even a cold! Big Smile Smilie How wonderful!
Me and my 5 sibs got a 14ft trampoline (whoohooo!!!) and a foosball table from my folks and my gramma.
My hubby's Dad and Evil Stepmom got us:

1. A toothbrush and toothepaste whose expiration dates were both February 2004...which, oddly, I recall seeing under the sink in their guest bathroom,
2. A small jar of dehydrated coffee crystals, like the kind you get from cheap hotels,
3. A knockoff Louis Vuitton faux-leather wallet(for me) that his Dad purchased in South Korea while working there off and on this past year, which is made of nogahyde, but is otherwise attractive, which turns out to be the best part of their gifts,
4. A very small First Aide kit that closely resembles the kind you get on cruises and the like, with scratches and dings all over it.

I swear to God, I am not kidding. Now, coming from someone with very humble means, I would have felt a lot more grateful, I'm sure. But these people earn roughly $180,000 a year-he works for Boeing, she is a Real Estate agent in the nicer part of town. Now, is it me, or is something not right with this picture? My hubby only has one brother, there's not a lot of people to give gifts to as his Stepmom has two estranged children that only talk to her once a year, so it is not volume of gifts to be given out. They own two VERY nice Harley motorcycles, a 1965 Corvette that is in near-mint condition, a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe, a 2004 Chevrolet truck, and a gorgeous home that's probably worth over $400,000...pool, spa, etc. etc. etc.-Have I lost my mind? Is this just my ungratefulness talking, or is this tacky as all he**? At least the kiddies did better, but not by much...

Sorry, maybe I should just get over it... So Angry Smilie

Well, you wanted to know, V-HEY! You need to tell us what was bestowed on you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oi! You dinna tell us what you got, Vee! Come on now, spill the beans!


OK... I'll tell you. Are you sitting comfortably?

The cutest, tiniest dragon pendant ever!
Four tiny trolls with coloured hair.
A pair of black, hairy slippers with talons.
A rainbow maker - stick it to a window in direct sunlight, solar powered motor turns a crystal and voila - rainbows!
Two Lord of the Rings calendars - one dark, one light.
Tolkien LotR 50th Anniversay desk diary
A number of dvds...

That'll do for now.

Adreia posted

Was it a real, life sized, living, breathing, dancing elf?

I think Laurelindhhepindhepoo wins the prize for weird and downright 'orrible present of 2004.
Too much to go into here, so I’ll I’m going to say is my wife and I made out like bandits this X-mas! Best X-mas in quite a while as a matter of fact, I guess we were due!
Christmas Smilie
If I didn't know better, I'd say that Santa had wrapped mrs Santas cheap over-night travelling bag and sent it to Lady Ls house by mistake.

I only got good presents this year. I got the sowing machine I wanted and some really cool lime coloured towels, gorgeous colour! And I was so happy grandma remembered that I mentioned I wanted black knitted socks! And I got ROTK EE. But the best part is something very very very few of you have ever head of, but I got the 4th Pondus book and the Riskhospitalet book, both signed with drawings, so now I have Turid-Laila and Dr. Kalinka saying my name with ’verlies signature under. Happy! And I got the cutest happy white wooden cat, which I have now named Sindal II. And other stuff. Smile Smilie
I received a box of Frango Mints, a freshly baked batch of peanut butter cookies while I watched and smelled, a home-cooked ham dinner, the laundry done, the garbage taken out, my apartment cleaned, the living room rearranged, and best of all, a lovely visit with Megan and Daymon, my daughter and grandson . Happy Elf Smilie

(My daughter just got a permanent job after being unemployed for 6 months due to her last job being out-sourced to Asia.) Jumping Flame Smilie
Oh that is really good news Grondmaster!!! Congrats!
awww poor Laurelindhe! you are in our thoughts!
lol V-no, the movie Elf, with Will Ferrell. He's such a great actor, so funny Big Laugh Smilie
Oh well Adreia - you can't win 'em all.

Let me see - what else did I get...

A little music box that played Love Story
A die with things like 'make a cuppa', 'ironing', 'shopping', put your feet up etc...
A string of rope lights
Several books
Candle sticks and candles
Vanilla bath stuff
Electric cordless rechargeable screwdriver
A little wizard
Some eyeballs
er...eyeballs, V?
Yes. Eyeballs. Four - two rubber balls with eyeballs on as well as two rolling eyeballs.

Not as good as the rubber chickens JtC got which when squeeze extrude egg like squishy stuff.
I got a new Computer, a leather jacket, TT EE, ROTK EE, FOTR ST, a bunch of other CD's and an awesome calculator...and money, but that is going towards my trip to Japan.
Wow, sounds like everyone had fun over their Christmas break! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
I went to Florida for Christmas (no snow!!!) and stayed with my grandparents and aunt, uncle and their kids. It was sooo much, even though I didn't get much because both parents were recently laid off, the greatest gift was just being with my family and having fun. Christmas Smilie
We played charades Christmas night, and my aunt and I decided to be mean and put "Humpty Dumpty" down as one of the things the male team had to act out... guess what my poor grandpa was doing trying to convey the message to my brothers and cousins!
I'm glad everyone had fun,
HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way Pary Smilie
Let's see.....

Wine and plum cake.... that was delicious! I missed out on the ice cream because I was too lazy (and busy) to go out with my family! (My nearly 3 year old neice wanted to see Santa, so they took her to the church nearby. See got to see Santa and also got to eat loads of ice cream, as I came to know later!!).

Apart from that, I just hung up the phone with my ISP, my new DSL connection should be mine to use in about an hour's time.... no more dial-up!! I actually booked it on 24th, so it's a christman present.... only I have to pay for it out of my own pockets! But I give myself such treats from time to time!! Big Smile Smilie
Quite a few bits... among them:-
A crate of beer from my son (Halica)
DVD of Troy and PC game Medievil Total War from my parents (along with loads of other bits including JRR's Letters)
DVD's of King Arthur, El Mariarchi, Desparado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico and several books from my wife.
Well that's good or even great for all of you! I Teacher Smilie Well I recieved a new organizer,(not the notebook type!) a huge pocket english dictionary, tagalog dictionary, a not-to-be-trusted book biography of Charles Darwin, two nonsense picture frames Dead Smilie (why give a gift like that when you know the person has no time for taking pictures!) and two books of Harry Potter, Sorcerer 's stone and Chamber of secrets. Well believe it or not Potter books are great. Paranoid Smilie (I don't know why Potter, better asked that person!)! But Lord of the Rings is far better than that!
Wink Smilie
Oh, I forgot to mention that a friend gifted me Half-Life 2 Big Smile Smilie
I got a new skateboard, and Sienfeld seasons 1-3. yay!
A Middle Earth tapestry (from hubby), HOME (from my parents), ROTK EE (from sis), and a partridge in a pear tree.

Very successful Christmas. Smile Smilie
Two types of perfume, fancy and natural body wash and lotion, a hard to find Celine Dion CD and Sting one too, clothes and underwears (weeee!), chocolates and books (Life of Pi and Stand By Me). Wiggle Smilie It was a merry Christmas!
Four sets of Pjs and a nice blanket

Jumping Flame Smilie