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I have moved Loni's new thread here from General Discussion under Tolkien.

Please limit the number of times you post to this thread to ONCE, unless you change countries, for we already have a
Hows the weather in your neck of the woods? thread. - Thank you.

Loni posted Sunday 6th March 2005 (09:47pm)
In this thread, you tell us what time it is (e.g. 10.44am), what season it is (e.g. Summer), and what country this is in. Loni lives in New Zealand.

Eruwen posted Sunday 6th March 2005 (11:42pm)
You should have started, Loni. Well, it's 3:44pm and technically Winter, but it's 74 degrees outside here in San Francisco...
It is 5:30 PM Sunday (1:30 AM GMT Monday) and the outside temp in this upper left hand corner of the contiguous USA is 58 F on this still not much like winter day.
8:16 pm Mountain Time here in Arizona, USA...and though it is still technically winter for fourteen more days, in my mind it is 77 degrees, sunny, and always spring...
(Hey, why can't we post twice in this thread, Grondy? Just not too soon.)

It's 6.23.23 over here in jolly old NZ. And it's Summer. But the weather thinks it's England. IT's uncommonly rainy and cold for summer. But the cicadas are still chirping.
time: 3.50 pm
season: winter
weather: cloudy and windy
temperature: -2 ’C
location: italy
Time - 20.15

Season - Spring - 15 degrees but it is nighttime

Town - Chelmsford, in the UK
time: 3:28 pm 12 hour 15:28 military
season: Spring
weather: sunny
temperature: (I will go with what the standard for the world is and not my rebel countries farenheight) 23 c
location: Virginia, United States of America
It's 11:35 am here, Spring season, cloudy weather with rain coming up, and a temperature of about 15’ C.
21:18 here...

It rained all day yesterday; some beginning for this Summer... Sad Smilie

Yet today it was better: sunny and over 25 degrees...

Bucharest, Romania
8:50 pm.
Stang, Austria
Waving Hello Smilie
12:11 a.m. in Detroit Michigan Eastern Standard Time
it is dark and starry
0:00, CST (CDT, technically,) Thursday (because I got disconnected as I hit save; this has been happening a lot lately) high summer, N of Austin, TX, USA. Oops, confusion explained: I need to learn to read. Not sure if it's a bug or no; I'm a) a newbie, too, and b) on dial-up.

I got disconnected as I hit save

Is that a bug it has been happening to me alot too?
it is 14:29
Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Temperature: 80’F 27’C
Conditions: Fair
Winds: VAR 6 MPH VAR 10 KPH
Relative Humidity: 50%
Barometer: 30.08 Falling
Visibility: 10.00 Miles 16.09 Kilometers
Feels Like: 81’F n/a
(ok so i copied it from the Weather Channel's Website)

I got disconnected as I hit save

is that a bug it has been happeing to me alot too?

it has also been happening to me...
it is 4:20pm on a really hot and humid thursday afternoon in the city of Monterrey in Mexico, which is located in a valley surrounded by beautiful and high mountains.
Ah, it's about 5:34 PM. It is waning summer where I am, and I live in Ohio. In a small town near Akron and Canton, so insignificant compared to those, that it isn't on most maps. Sad Smilie
16:02 here in the Pacific Northwest.
7:19 pm
Pennsylvania, USA
(also, it's the 28th of July, not the 29th...)
it`s 03:30 AM, 6 august 2005, Saturday
it was raining for about 3-4 hours.. the temperature is somewhere between 15-25 degrees C. (i`m not sure)
10:18 AM on a b-e-a-utiful Summer day for the state of New York... (Has that been happening a lot lately?) ... I'd say it's a good 75 degrees out already. It's a good tanning day!
Here in Utah (for those of u who have no idea where it is, it's in the US) it is a total downpour, summer and 12:49. A great day for puddle jumping.
7:46AM in Bogot’, Colombia.
18:06 (6:06PM for all you crazy people) in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Europe, CET)
12:58pm and foggy, here near the coast of San Francisco.
6:40 am in Komsomolsk-na-Amure, Russia.