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Hello, guys it's been awhile since my last post and I decided to stop by and say hello.Smile Smilie
Hello and welcome back.
welcome back Mike!!! see ya round Merry Christmas Smilie
Thanx, y'all! I'll try and be more active around here Smile Smilie
Well, I think I'm back! So welcome back to me Wink Smilie

Btw, I started my second year at PT about 5 hours ago Wink Smilie
hi to the both Big Smile Smilie
Welcome back, Floyd. It's been awhile...see you around!
Hi Floyd, many happy returns of the year. Happy Elf Smilie
Hehehe... glad to see someone remembers me around here Wink Smilie
Hi Floyd, welcome back. I've posted that question of yours in the General Discussion section.
Welcome back Mike627 although it's a bit late - sorry.

And welcome back Floyd!

Hi Floyd, welcome back. I've posted that question of yours in the General Discussion section.

Thank you! *bows*
Well I can say I am back, but then who knows what happens next before I can find the energy to visit this site... I don't want to disappoint. Tiger told me to at least drop by more often: honey, here I am!

Yes I do miss you folks, but know you are in my thoughts. Tigger Smilie
Ah welcome back to you Rhapsody Smile Smilie
Hey Rhapsody! The first time I saw you was in the Maglor thread. I searched Maglor on Google and it just turned up. But sadly, I haven't been able to see you much again these few months. Even though we never got around to chatting (indeed I hardly know you and you hardly know me) I'm glad to see you back.

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Cloverless, yeah I have been writing a lot of material involving this F’anorian, well other F’anorians as well. Don't tell me that I missed out on a talk about him!

I am trying, maybe not daily, but more often to check in Smile Smilie
Hello Rhapsody, we did miss you, and we are glad you have returned. Happy Elf Smilie
I am doing my best Grondmaster! It surely feels like coming home!