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A few years ago I went on a camp to Halls Gap and we made a game called 'Fistycuffs'. Me and my friends have played this frequently and have had great fun with it.
I wrote up some rules so if you want them sent to you via attachment just email me at and I will email them to you.
If you also have made up a game post it here.

Merci, Jenkins.
A few years back, some nice people made a game called "Delete the unnecessary threads" and that game is very popular nowadays. I think that the game should be played with this thread also. You can look at the rules of the game on this site or you can mail me at Have fun!

Keep playing,
Ok, that was really uncalled for Aragorn, please have a little more patience and understanding!!!!
Thanks Jenkins. Happy Elf Smilie And LA86: Be nice! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Any new games should be posted in the The Ivy Bush Tavern with the rest of the games, not here. Happy Elf Smilie
But this isn't even a game. This should rather be in the "Advertisement" thread than in any of the taverns. And what's the use of starting a new thread just to tell people that you have made such-and-such game and if you want to play contact me at so-and-so e-mail? I don't see any sense in it. And I don't think it deserves the treatment of a whole new thread. Anyways, I'll try to be a bit nicer in the future (if I can help it! *evilgrin*)!
And the award for 'Trying but Failing' goes to.....

Actually, LA, I think you are right. This isn't a PT game to be played on PT as far as I can see but at the moment I don't have time to move it. Another CM can if they wish. Or leave it... whatever.

However, if the rules are posted here and the game played here it can stay.