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this might not work as many LOTR words are hard to ryme with another LOTR word but that is the point of this, to rhyme a LOTR word with another word then give another word for the next to rhyme.


YAAAYYY!!!!!!!!! i'll post one soon, my library time is running out

why didnt i put this in the Ivy Bush?
Losgar (and since I'm feeling persnickety today, shouldn't a rhyme for Quenya contain the psuedo-’ element? Maybe Nenya instead, or did you spoonerise it like I did when I called Celebrimbor "Curufinwe" (I really hate when I do that, but I do it all the time with those two?) Of course, this may be a side effect of my loathing of slant rhyme (oxymoron, IMHO) and love of feminine rhyme.)

Most words, especially Quenya and Sindarin ones, tend to be compounds, so hopefully this game has more legs than the Gondolin Times Crossword Puzzle I'm too intimidated to reattempt at the moment (waiting for crossword creator software to cheat for me, but I've never made ANY crossword puzzle so my reach definitely exceeds what I can grasp on this one.)

With that in mind, I'll forgo Umbardacil/Hyarmendacil/etc. for what I think quite a nice one, despite the fact that only one really good candidate comes to mind:


wouldn't it be more fun (?) if the next word has a connection to the previous/answered word

yes Morambar, you are right. and Tuesday yes it probably would be funner like that (and also harder) how exactly would they be related? language? or ringwaith then Sauron or something?


I may need a word list for this one, lol. And I thought Tirith/Cirith was too hard (I almost put "Cirith" but then it's a gimme.) Clarification: the new word you supply after answering is supposed to be related to the answer you matched to the previous rhyme, like Elrose did here? Or is it I have to find a Rohirrim (or horse, or War of the Ring, or something) word that rhymes with Eorl (in which case I'll just give up now?) it does prevent my doing things like posting Tirith; if anyone knows of a good feminine rhyme besides Cirith, please lemme know, 'cos I ain't found it yet. OK, I'm beat (and I think I'm beat) good night, ya'll (even if the sun does come up in half an hour, but that's meant bedtime for me since fifth grade.)
i think it means what i did because if not....i dont think very many people will be able to participate
OK, it's been a week and a half; I give. You win, Elrose, tell us what it is (I'm dying to know) and give us another, link optional.
Best I can come up with is Urthel which then would lead me to:

Barahir if I understand the rules, which I probably don't.
boromir maybe?

something easy:
Reckon. I couldn't think of a link for Gwaihir, or I'd've been here sooner.

Huor, then.

And from Huor, we head to...

Earendil continuing in the "lets not stall the thread" vein. Come ooooooon feminine rhyme....
Und’miel is the best I could come up with in the feminine gender, though I probably mispronounce it. Valandil probably fits better though. He was Isildur's youngest son and third King of Arnor.

No, no, feminine RHYME. I was aiming for Elindil. I had somehow convinced myself that rhymed; I plead sleep-dep. That, and a casual pronunciation for which any of the Noldor would have me beaten. I also can't seem to think Earendil as a four syllable word, even though I know it must be. Why I'm doing this mea culpa I haven't a clue; under the circumstances I think I'm safe from Grondy. Although it's worth noting that Tolkiens source for Earendil is Earendel from Anglo-Saxon, and I wanna say he originally spelled it this way (though I'm too tired to dig out LT2 and check.)

OK, enough of that

Belegost, naturally followed by

Nogrod and the faint hope of a feminine (not just the last syllable, or masculine) rhyme.

Ha Ha Ha Smilie more lousy (?) idea from moi after giving an answer why not give the next word starting with the letter A.... until we've exhausted all words in A then proceed to B Scrolling Eyes Smilie ALPHABETIZING. that way we have a sort of handy catalog Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie or did i confuzzle Elf Confused Smilie all again?


Afternoon, Tuesday (I kill myself; a legend in my own mind.) I think you just like making difficult things more complicated, but maybe that's just me. I sooooo wanted Angrod, sigh. If we're gonna go that way, may I suggest we all think of an answer before we post a clue. No sense setting folks up for trouble.

I'll go with Aradan. I assume we're staying with A, so I need two words that rhyme and start with A, the first of which is connected to the heir of Marach. Hmmm...

OK, it took me a second, but


Well, I'm inclined to agree, Grondy (you hadn't figured that our I bet; ) the old way was certainly easier (or at least less difficult.) Of course, I don't make the rules, just (usually) try to observe them.
I liked it better the old way, but nevermind. Play it your way for a while to see if it remains do-able and continues to have a following.


am not sure how vowel with a circumflex is exactly pronounced so feel free to rectify

HI guys and especially Morambar. the intent was not to make this more difficult. just wanted to make this a substantial/useful thread for the tolkien rhyming community Big Laugh Smilie

sos i suggest scratch my first suggestion of answer being related to so and so. BUT i'd really push for the next word given to start with the letter A. your answers may not start with A, as long as it rhymes. THAT IS IF ELROSE agrees to all my suggestions Teacher Smilie
of course Tuesday!
So, if I have understood correctly the rules are that the word you ryhme does not have to start with the same letter as the previous word. the next word you give DOES When this is not possible we move to the next letter of the alphabet. the words should be related. if you would like to change the rules, espescially the relating part, please say so. also, dont wait for me to decide as i am often gone for long periods of time.

i am going to say that it is prounounced beth as in breath.



okies thankies elrose. yeah next word to be rhymed doesn't have to be related to any past present or future Orc Sad Smilie Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Elf Smilie Juggling Smilie word

OK, works for me, on both counts. I don't really mind one or the other restrictions, but both was just too much for my tiny tiny brain. If Akallebeth was Quenya I might have a clue, but since it's Aduniac I haven't a clue. They rhyme when I say them, but that doesn't really mean much. Speaking of Elven tongues, I'm expected a slight departure into them form my next proposal.

Udun for Adun, and next A word is:


the circumflected 'e' in Akallebeth is pronounced (as far as i know) as the 'eh' in german mehr
dont hold me to that tho!! :P
ok i can think of a rymhe and as it has been so long im goin to post anyway, if we drop it again i won't revive it.