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so I guess being a new noob and all, and since the manual did say I should post a "hi I'm new" thread in the Prancing Pony tavern and I couldn't find "the other threads for doing so" I'm posting a thread

so what should I say, HI, and don't poke me too hard, I'm made of the same stuff as you... mostly

I'm still trying to figure this whole thing with locations and stuff out so bare with me if I sometimes don't make any sense and don't know what's going on...
Well, Welcome to our PT family! Enjoy your time here! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Bienvenidos Swizec to our loving(kinda) pt family! all the people here are very nice and will help you with just about anything you need! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hi THERE Smile Smilie WELCOME TO PT !!! Hope you have a nice time here Smile Smilie Share and Enjoy Elf Winking Smilie
Welcome to PT, swizec. We are very happy to have you join our happy family. Take part and enjoy!
Smile Smilie
Hi! have fun here! i sure do when i have time, schools started grrrrrrrr. o well.
Welcome Swizec. Enjoy your stay, ask when you need help, and share your Tolkien experiences with us. Happy Elf Smilie
I'll say welcome too, though I'm not nearly as old a member as the the way, Elrose, I was under the impression you were an adult, you still go to school? It must be that avatar of yours...
gosh, wow, I feel loved :P

I'll try not to be too newbish and to uh... stay here very very long
Welcome Swizec and Cloveress and any other newbies hiding in the shadows. Show yourselves!

We don't bite. Well... not much...

Ohhhhh*squeals* I love these warm welcomes!! Big Smile Smilie They make me feel so...........warm.
lol Smile Smilie welcome to the others to since i haven't seen their hi threads.
I've been rather slacking at greeting our newcomers of late, so here's a big happy welcome from Val to all of our new members I haven't greeted yet. I hope you all enjoy yourselves here. Waving Hello Smilie
For any newer newbies reading this: In the future a better place to initially say "Hi, I'm new," can be found under Introduce yourself!, which is under Website Talk on the forum's Message Board Home page. Happy Elf Smilie

This is no biggie, it just makes the site better organized. We will probably move this thread there if the Council Members ever get the oft requested 'Move Thread' tool.