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Thread: I'm a "new" citizen of Gondor!

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Hi! How have you been? I'm a "new" citizen of Gondor... I used to be fgonzalezdeotoyadn But I change my username to a name that fit on Planet Tolkien... Elrohir Alcarin-Tasartir. My name is Felipe and I'm from Bogot’, Colombia.

I wish you very good luck and always take care,

Felipe a.k.a. Elrohir Alcarin-Tasartir.
Hello and welcome, Elrohir! I greet you from Lothlorien! The name's Heidi, and I'm in Canada. Welcome and welcome!! Pary Smilie Juggling Smilie Welcome to pt! You'll have tons of fun here!

Btw, we'd better move this thread along somewhere else before Grondy comes and says it's out of order....
Hey, welcome to our PT family, have fun! Juggling Smilie
Elen s’la l’menn' omentielvo!

anyways, hi and all that, I'm new too, but I say hi from Lothlorien
Hi to you too Swizec, did I say hi before to you? Never mind, I'll just say hi and welcome again... They have the best welcoming commitees in PT, you'll see when the other members come... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Howdy and welcome to both! I missed a whole "Introduce Yourself" thread; it's all wotmanias fault. Enjoy your stay; the more the merrier. Or Merryer, as the case may be.
Hi Feliepe Smile Smilie WELCOME to PT Jumping Flame Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Hope you have lots of FUN !!! Share and Enjoy Elf Winking Smilie
Greetings! youre name sounds soooo familiar, it has something to do with Elrond right? I thought when i first saw it that it would be his brother but that would be Elros right? and dont even ask about my name....Elrose looks better than Elros.
anyway, Welcome and Enjoy both of you! Be good! Cat Smilie
Oh yeah, Elrose, forgot to tell you something I know you've been dying to hear :

I looooooove your new Avatar....... Pixie Smilie

it's not really you, is it?
it's not really you, is it?

No, it's a photograph of Ch’ Guevara after his Ascension.
of course its me.....or it might be Cat never can tell with us....and it might somwhat ressemble Ch’ Guevara but it is not. most assuredly.
I see... you must be really obssessed with that guy (I read your journal). Dunce Smilie Imagine wanting a beard like that (thought it's quite becoming), or such a great mane of hair (could be Aslan if it was golden). You really can't tell.....