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Ok, well, say its an obbsession, but whenever I read any of the LOTR Books, I think of the theme, the one that goes de de da de da dum... And I cannot think of the name, nor can I find it anywhere. Help if possible?

Hehe. Give us a little bit more information and we might be able to help. Happy Elf Smilie
Where is the theme from? From the LOTR movies? MacGyver? Teletubbies? And when is it played?
de de da de da dum?

That's probably the sound of Gimli belching and farting in TTT.
My bad, thought this was about LOTR, wait it is. I meant the LOTR Theme, from the movies. I dunno what it is called, but it always seems to be played during and when the heroes (Aragorn,Legolas, and Gimli) are doing something, or are about to, just to set the mood. One place that I think of is during the Battle for Helms Deep, after that wall has been breached, Legolas jumps on an orc shield and slides down the stairs to save Aragorn and Gimli from oncoming Uruk-Hai. Yeah, sorry it is so vague...
I think what you mean might be the fellowship theme, although this very melody is also played when aragorn & co. run round searching for merry and pip on the tt soundtrack.... I think it is played when the fellowship leave rivendell going towards caradhras, and returns towards the end of the breaking of the fellowship when the three remaining ones decide to help merry and pippin, as far as I know... (on the soundtrack: "the ring goes south" and "breaking of the fellowship")